In October…

Just like that, another month is GONE! If you remember the starting to last’s month’s recap, because I lost a lot of shifts, I wasn’t able to pay rent. Well, I didn’t make enough to pay it again this month, and I am losing a lot of shifts in November so I won’t be able to pay it on time in December either, which means it’s going to be a tight Christmas

Onto some good news, October contained quite a bit of medical things that went well but I’ll go into more detail below – and November will be similar too. I am slowly getting all the pieces in line to being able to get brain surgery for my epilepsy should I need and/or want it, which is a good thing, even though it sounds like it isn’t. Anyway, let’s get onto the month that was October!


♡ I ended up beating my record of seizure free days from last month. As of writing this, I am now four weeks and one day seizure free – and I’m not even on the “normal” dosage of my new medication yet! What that means is, I’ve increased how much I take every two weeks, and I’ve got one more to go. You have to start on a low amount of this medication as the side effects affect most people, I am pretty sure, and they’re super strange.

There’s been nights I’ve stumbled whilst walking, had slurred speech and sounded drunk, was so tired I fell asleep almost instantly, or had an energy boost. However, I had more nights where NOTHING happened, so I’m still taking the medication. My neurologist said it’s pretty much up to me, as I (and Daniel) will know if the side effects are too much to handle, but I’d definitely take these things over seizures.


♡ I got a surprise package from Queen Fine Foods that is pictured above, and I honestly teared up whilst opening it! Queen have always been my favourite brand (which you can tell by the fact that I ALWAYS use their products and rave about them in my food postsand I love them even more now that I know how sweet the people working their are ☺️

This package came at a perfect time too, as I was having quite a rough day. Whilst I’ve already tried the icing flavour (which I actually really liked, despite not being a huge fan of ginger!), I am hoping to try the other products ASAP, and maybe writing review posts on them. If there’s a particular item you’re interested in and would like to know how good it is, et me know in the comments!

♡ As I mentioned in last month’s recap post, after a LOT of back and forth with the hospital, I finally had a scan booked for October, which went well. It was a PET Scan, so I had to get an injection, lie down in a dark room with my eyes open for 30 minutes, and then put in a machine for about 15 minutes. The injection had to go directly into my vein, which I was nervous about as I had never had one into a vein before, but I really couldn’t feel it at all!

It actually hurt so little, and happened so quickly, that I asked if that was all and the guy doing it said “yep, that’s the only prick of the day – besides me” which made Daniel and I laugh a LOT. You can tell when I find something really funny because I snort and it’s super embarrassing 😂 Daniel and I both turn to humour when things get tough, and even though neither of us were worried about this scan, that little joke really improved the day.

The worst part was actually being in the machine, which I expected. Although it wasn’t as bad as my MRI – which is a very LOUD machine that takes a lot longer than a PET scan, plus I was sick when I had that done – it still wasn’t very fun. The woman who got me set up (which, in this case, means strapped my legs and arms down, and taped my head down too) didn’t say anything about the test other than the fact that I wasn’t allowed to move – which I knew – so I was kind of freaking out when I heard all the noises the machine made.

I knew it would make SOME noises, but they were all so different, and at some points I could hear that stereotypical “things have gone wrong in the lab!” repetitive alarm sound, but once again, it was just the machine. Another thing I didn’t know was going to happen was being wheeled in and out of the machine constantly throughout the test as that did NOT happen during my MRI!

Anyway, I survived, and we had the results the next day. This test pointed to the same area that my MRI did, which is good news. From what I understand, I need all of the tests and scans I am going to have to all point to the same area before I can have brain surgery, as they need to be 100% sure of where the seizures are coming from before they go slicing into my brain 😅


♡ WATCHED: All of Rick and Morty. Daniel and I started re-watching it to get ready for the next season, although I’m really annoyed that only half is coming out at first. I’d like to wait until it’s ALL out before I start watching it, but I probably won’t be able to resist. I forgot how much Rick really tugs at my heart strings in this show, so the watch-through was quite emotional! I also finished Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory – which will ALWAYS be one of my favourite shows! I just started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine from the start, as well as the Harry Potter and all the MCU movies.

♡ BOUGHT: Lots of Halloween sprinkles from Coles’ baking range, which I reviewed in a post earlier this month. I also ordered some things online for the graduation party I’m going to throw for Daniel in late November/early December, but I won’t share what just yet so it remains a surprise. For those who don’t follow my Instagram (which, you really should, it’s so much fun), I also bought some lollipops shaped like others things AND some other things shaped like lollipops 🙊

♡ LISTENED TO: Lots of Bring Me The Horizon! I don’t usually buy albums anymore, but Daniel and I have a road trip coming up so I bought their albums amo and That’s The Spirit to bring along with me. I really, really like amo, and I’d actually owned That’s The Spirit but accidentally put it into one of my bags that was going to be donated to a thrift store🙄 I also re-discovered a lot of music that I LOVED a pre-teen and in my early teens, such as My Chemical Romance (who are COMING BACK!), The Academy Is…, A Rocket To The Moon, and The Used. I just LOVE music!

candy necklace love me chain sailor venus thesmalladventurer


♡ DIY Gummy Candy Necklace

DIY Personalised Popcorn Box Party Favours

Duff Beer Can Surprise Balls


♡ I’m still SO in love with these daisy marshmallows that my friend Dani over at Marshmallow Club made. Too cute!

♡ I loved every second of this clip of Sean Hayes talking to a child bug expert on Ellen. Then again, I love anything Sean Hayes does!

♡ Whilst this isn’t a NEW creation, I definitely re-fell in love with these awesome chocolate and fairy floss Ghastly treats. They are PERFECT for Halloween!

♡ Since I am currently attempting to bake everything in a single cookbook, I love, love, loved stumbling across this family who are baking their way through the Friends cookbook and sharing their creations on YouTube. I didn’t even know there was a Friends-inspired cookbook!

♡ I’ve always been honest about my indifference to Halloween, but Sam’s DIY lava lamp costume BLEW ME AWAY, convinced me that she is a literal genius/goddess, and made me think that maybe I should start attempting homemade costumes next year 😯

♡ Speaking of homemade costumes, I also love Studio DIY’s candy necklace costume, and are definitely planning on making it – but to use as a home decor piece instead!

♡ I’d never even heard of “galettes” before seeing Karyn’s recipe for them, but the extreme creativity she managed to showcase in this post – and the fact that they all look SUPER delicious – has certainly made me want to make some one day 😋

Until next time,
Indya xx

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    • Thank you so much ❤️ It’s okay though, luckily Daniel makes enough to be able to cover me until I can pay him back so we don’t upset the real estate. We’re both VERY happy about my lack of seizures 😊 I’m also super excited to hear MCR’s new stuff! Can’t wait to see what they release.


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