Handmade Graduation Gifts: Mini “Diploma” Treats

If you read last week’s DIY post (which you totally should, by the way) you will know that Daniel graduates from university at the end of this month so I am recreating what I do on the blog each July and letting his interests inspire and drive this month’s creations 🙌

I still can’t believe that, in less than a month, Daniel will be FINISHED with university! DONE! No more working nights and weekends whilst going to school all day, ergo having virtually zero time together except for when we stay up way past midnight just so we have time to talk.

DIY graduate gift diploma treat thesmalladventurergraduation treat chocolate diploma thesmalladventurer

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After this, he will (hopefully soon) going into a much less physically enduring job, and therefore his tendonitis hopefully won’t flare up as much! SO MUCH is going to change, but before we jump right into a new chapter of our lives, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that we properly reflect on and celebrate getting through the past 3 years.

Daniel has had virtually no time to himself ever, and he deserves all the celebrating AND relaxation in the world once his exams are finished! I am planning on throwing a Back to the Future viewing party (as that’s his favourite movie, and I like Michael J. Fox) for just us two sometime in December.

Since I am waiting for some things to arrive, need to study the movies, make a lot of “props” for the lounge room, AND plan out some BTTF-themed recipes for the day/night, it’s going to take a while to put together, that’s why I am going to spend this month making other graduation-themed fun things – starting with today’s super easy “diploma” treats – until it’s time for the party.

Before we get started, I feel the need to clarify that I’m using the word “diploma” for SEO purposes mostly, as Daniel is getting university degree, not diploma. Now, let’s celebrate! 🎉


♡ Treats of choice (I used both rolls of conversation hearts, and chocolate wafer biscuits)
♡ White tissue paper
♡ Red string or ribbon
♡ Scissors
♡ Sticky tape


1. If you’re using biscuits, carefully cut or break off a piece to be the length of your choice. If you’re using rolls of circular candy, line up as many as you’d like in a neat roll, so they resemble a roll of quarters.

2. Carefully pick up whichever treat you’re using, and place it on top of the tissue paper at the end closest to you, but leave 5-10mm between the edge of the paper and the treat.

3. Carefully roll the leftover edge around the side of your treat, then roll up the two together until your treat is covered in multiple layers of tissue paper and you cannot see the contents any longer. Cut the remaining tissue paper off, and tape down the end.

diploma treat graduate gift DIY project thesmalladventurertreat graduate party food thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer candy diploma treat graduate

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4. Cut a piece of your red ribbon or string to about 10-15cm long; you can add more later on if need to. Place it around the middle of your wrapped treat, then tie a knot. Wrap it around the treat a few more times to ensure it’s stable, and tie a knot with it once again.

If you cut a piece too short to wrap around multiple times, just wrap it as much as possible, tie a knot, then cut a new piece and repeat until you can pick up the treat without the ribbon falling off – and, just like that, you’re done!

That has GOT TO BE one of the easiest DIY projects I have ever made, but I can guarantee you that the recipient will be over the moon about receiving these!

It is SUCH a sweet thing to celebrate someone’s graduation – of high school, uni/college, anything really – and the fact that you’re willing to think so creatively and actually MAKE something (*even* something so simple!) will mean a lot too.

I also love the fact that it will be a complete surprise to the person eating them what is actually inside these treats, until they open them! There’s no reason for you to stop at two kinds, either. Go all out as you would like and fill them with all the kinds of candy you can think of!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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16 thoughts on “Handmade Graduation Gifts: Mini “Diploma” Treats

  1. These are just way too cute, girlfriend! I have several friends who are graduating, and a couple of photography clients as well, so these would make fabulous gifts for them. Also greatly anticipating all the BTTF viewing party details when the time comes. I know Daniel will just love that!


    • Thank you so much! I still have SO MANY ideas in mind to celebrate for/with him, but we’re waiting until he gets his actual results as he is nervous about celebrating before “officially” graduating. I totally understand that, but he’s gotten amazing marks all three years so I know he will have done great again this time around 🙌 I really want to hurry up and throw the BTTF party for him though! 😂


  2. Congratulations to Daniel! I hope that all this hard work pays off quickly and you two get lots of time together. You have been so supportive and these adorable diplomas are just another example.


    • Thank you so much! I could NOT be prouder of him! Honestly though, it still hasn’t properly sunk in to both of us that he has NO school anymore! It seems unreal! Today was the first day AND night that we’ve had together (without there being something on) in years and it was amazing ✨


  3. These are so cute and simple! I’m also looking forward to all of your Back to the Future projects – I love that movie! Congrats to Daniel!


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