DIY Back to the Future “Hoverboard” Place Cards

It took some time, but I’m finally BACK with a new post! I’ll go into more detail during my end of month recap post, but just to ease all your minds: everything is fine! I’ve honestly just been too exhausted to do much at all this month, which resulted in a huge gap between today’s post and my last one on November 4th 😅

As I mentioned earlier this month, Daniel graduated from university this month 🎉 and to celebrate, I was going to dedicated this month’s creations to him and his interests, as well as throw him a Back to the Future themed party. Don’t worry I’m still going to do both of those things, but they WILL be more spread out since I didn’t really post much at all this month!

back to the future hoverboard DIY project place card thesmalladventurerbttf hoverboard place card DIY project thesmalladventurer

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I’ve got a list of creations (both food AND craftsthat I want to make that are either inspired by one of Daniel’s interests OR are based on a “graduation” theme, so I plan on making my way through that eventually. However, with Christmas coming up so fast, it’ll most likely be into 2020 that I actually finish all my ideas AND manage to throw the BTTF party!

The reason for the delay in the party is the fact that I want more time to come up with fun things to make for it (these place cards, for example) AND Daniel and I are currently watching all the Star Wars movies together, and we want to finish them before we watch a different movie.

To sum up the last four paragraphs quickly: the content I promised is still coming, it just might take some time 🙊 Now, let’s get onto today’s tutorial on how to make the coolest place cards for your Back to the Future viewing party!


♡ Craft foam sheets in pink, white, green, and yellow
♡ Glue or double-sided tape (I prefer the latter)
♡ Pencil
♡ Scissors
♡ Ruler
♡ Cricut machine and red vinyl OR red letter sticks
♡ Tracing paper and sticky tape (optional)

hoverboard bttf diy project place card thesmalladventurerback to the future thesmalladventurer hoverboard place card

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1. If you’re going to trace your design first, get up an image of a hoverboard on your computer and alter the size to be the size that you want the place cards to be. Tape the tracing paper to your screen, and trace over the hoverboard with a pencil, labelling what colour each section needs to be. Repeat once more.

2. Keep one tracing as your guide, whilst cutting out the second one’s different parts. Put the cut outs in piles of the same colour, then use them to trace around onto the coloured foam, and cut out each piece. If you’re free handing it, then just cut out each section in the correct colour.

3. Using the original tracing as a guide, test out the placement of the foam pieces you just cut out on top of the larger pink foam piece. Once you’re happy with where it’s all sitting, add some tape or glue to the back and stick them down. Repeat these steps until you have as many place cards as needed.

4. Use your ruler to measure how “tall” the yellow pieces are, then either find some red letter stickers that will fit on top of them, or open up Design Space and type out each name you need – in SEPARATE text boxes – and alter the size to ensure they’ll fit on the yellow rectangles.

5. Use your Cricut machine to cut out the names, then peel away the excess vinyl, and use your transfer tape to move the names onto the place cards. Now, you’re done! 🎉

thesmalladventurer diy project bttf

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I honestly think you should all be so proud of me. Regular readers will know of my obsession with place cards, but these are the first place cards I’ve shared since the Pokedex ones back in SEPTEMBER.

That is, unless you count my personalised popcorn box party favours from October… Still, considering I used to share two tutorials for place cards a month, I think this growth is still worth noting!

I still LOVE making place cards, and will happily take any design requests or suggestions. Keep in mind that they don’t HAVE to be geeky, that just makes them more fun 😉 Hope you enjoyed these place cards as much as I do! Now, why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here? 😂

Until next time,
Indya xx

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