In March…

My God, March just seemed to drag on forever, didn’t it?! It was such a stressful month, not knowing what was going to happen – but I don’t need to tell any of you that, because everyone is living through the same pandemic.

I can’t help but laugh at myself for thinking 2020 was going to be the year that things were going to change for me, as I had finally decided exactly what I wanted to change, who I wanted back in my life,Β and how I wanted to spend my time. Of course, life had other ideas.


β™‘ Earlier this month, thanks to this pandemic, Daniel’s work was forced to close, which is a huge worry as he made more than twice what I make πŸ˜… Luckily we both have savings, but it’s still extremely stressful as we don’t know how long this will all go on for.

β™‘ The fact that my work is still open is the number one thing keeping me going right now, honestly. Not only is it my only source of income, but it is also my only way to see other people. As I mentioned earlier this month, I only just started talking to and actually seeing people regularly again and I’ve been loving it, so having all these rules put in place that forbid that has been pretty soul crushing, but IΒ knowΒ that it won’t be forever, so I’ve just got to focus on the good things!

β™‘ I also mentioned in a post earlier this month that I was put on a new epilepsy medication that is used as an appetite suppressant in America (as my last medication made me gain weight 😠) and I’ve lost 5kg in a little over 5 weeks so I am over the moon! πŸŽ‰ Although it’s not working too well at fixing my seizures, but the stress of life and lack of sleep may be contributing to that as well πŸ˜•


β™‘ WATCHED:Β This month required a lot of distractions, so Daniel and I watched all the Twilight movies (I’d still die for Jasper and Alice), Pineapple Express, 21 AND 22 Jump Street (two of my favourite movies ever), the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies (I’d only seen the first one),Β and we also started a show called Paradise PD, but I honestly can’t imagine anyone who reads this blog liking that show. It’s an adult comedy show; think Rick & Morty, South Park, that kind of stuff – but a lot more vulgar. Oh, I also started Gilmore Girls. Again. πŸ˜‚

β™‘ READ:Β I am currently making my way through The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton; one of my favourite authors! I’ve been posting some of my favourite quotes and passages from it to my “books” highlight over on my Instagram Stories. I have a Goodreads account, if you’d like to follow or add me!

β™‘ BOUGHT:Β With all the sadness going on in the world, IΒ didΒ treat myself to some new Dollar SweetsΒ products when we went food shopping this week! I got their new chocolate 100s and 1000sΒ andΒ their tutti frutti sprinkles too πŸ˜‹ Let me know if you’ve got any requests or ideas for how I should use them!

β™‘Β LISTENED TO:Β A LOT of Machine Gun Kelly! After watching the masterpiece of his music video for “why are you here” so many times it gave me a seizure (not a joke unfortunately, I didn’t realise how many music videos have continuousΒ flashing colours and lights until I was diagnosed with epilepsy), I decided to listen to everything I could find by him and am now obsessed. I really like “Candy“, “Hollywood Whore“, “I Think I’m OKAY“, and his cover of “Misery Business” with Travis Barker (and a lot more)!



β™‘ How My Word of the Year Shaped 2019 For Me – Last year I set myself a Word of the Year, thinking it would help me make decisions and be in control of how that year would turn out. Little did I know, it would end up having a completely new meaning by the end of it all πŸ‘€

β™‘ 17 Fun & Easy Crafts to do Right Now to Clear Your Mind – With so many people stuck inside right now, I hope that this post helped at least one person NOT be bored, or sad, or stressed – even for a little while βœ‚οΈ



β™‘ This DIY Gold and Rainbow Mirror on A Kailo Chic Life is so beautiful it has actually warmed my heart! πŸ’•

β™‘ As always, Erica from Coming Up Roses (aptly named blog, isn’t it?) has managed to find not just one piece of light amongst all this darkness, but TWENTY-SIX pieces of light! To celebrate her 26th birthday, she is sharing 26 things she is most grateful for, which is beautiful and just what we need right now. However, I’m going to be honest here: the real reason I’m sharing this post is because I am SO in love with her outfit in this post ✨✨✨

β™‘ Aww Sam is recreating vintage recipes and they look INCREDIBLE! I’m actually in awe 😍

β™‘ Kaitlin had to cancel her gender reveal party due to obvious reasons, but that didn’t stop her from having a mini one for just her and her husband – and of course, it was The Office-themed πŸ˜‰

β™‘ These “soap bar” cake pops by Bakerella are super cute and on topic – plus they could easily tweaked to look like Pez candy, too! πŸ™Š

β™‘ My favourite baking company ever – Queen Fine Foods – have re-released one of my FAVOURITE flavours of theirs: Salted Caramel! This flavour is SUPER delicious and I cannot recommend it enough, so if you see it in your supermarket you MUST try it, you will NOT be disappointed πŸ˜‹

(I also recommend their meringue and pavlova powder mix, if you’ve been thinking about trying that! They sent me a box of it to try late last year and I FINALLY got around to it! It works really well, tastes the same as if it were homemade, AND you don’t have to crack any eggs! Win-win-win! πŸ™Œ)

Until next time,
Indya xx

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