DIY “Choc Chip Cookie” Button Covers

I am sure this won’t shock any of my long-term readers, but I have found yet another way to incorporate my love of sweets into my fashion: button covers!

You may remember back in March last year I made some red lip button covers for Lips Appreciation Day and I instantly fell in love with the idea of having a fun, but temporary way to dress up a plain white shirt 🙌

I’ve seen some other awesome ways to have fun with buttons floating around on the internet – such as ice cream cone buttons, avocado buttons, and even blue eye buttons – but they all involve painting on the actual shirts.

For someone who is an indecisive as I am, that seemed too permanent, which is why I prefer to make button “covers” from fabric such as felt, so you can take them off at the end of the day and swap them out for another fun design the next day!

DIY project button cover makeover choc chip cookie thesmalladventurer

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So yes, you can expect even more of these button covers DIY projects in the future ☺️ If you have any design requests, let me know in the comments! For now, let’s get onto the tutorial 🍪


♡ Shirt of your choice
♡ Dark brown felt
♡ Light brown felt
♡ Dark brown thread
♡ Sewing needle
♡ Pencil
♡ Scissors
♡ Ruler (optional)


1. Using your ruler or by just eye-balling it, figure out how large each “cookie” can be whilst still leaving a decent amount of room between the one below it. Roughly pencil an outline for each circle, then cut within that outline, and make the edges curved and uneven, like a cookie would be. Continue with as many cookie button covers as you will need.

2. Lay out your shirt in front of you, with all the buttons done up. Starting with one cookie as practice, gently fold it in half and use your scissors to cut a very small slice in the middle of the fold, then unfold it. Try to put one of the buttons on the shirt through the slice you just made in the cookie.

button cover makeover DIY project choc chip cookie thesmalladventurerDIY project choc chip cookie button cover makeover thesmalladventurer

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3. If it’s not big enough, fold it again, and make the slice a tiny bit bigger, but not much. Felt does stretch, and once it fits, it’ll be easy to get on and off again. Repeat with your remaining cookies.

4. Lay out all the cookies in front of you. Cut out lots of tiny circles from your dark brown felt (these will be your choc chips!) and play around with the placing of them on your cookies.

5. When you get a good idea of how many choc chips each cookie will have, use your dark brown felt to stitch each chip to the cookie. You should only need one or two stitches per choc chip to keep them in place, BUT keep in mind not to stitch them too close to the slit or it may make it a little difficult to put them onto your shirt later!

Once all your cookies have had their choc chips attached, then you’re done 🎉 You have now a super sweet shirt that’s ALMOST good enough to eat!

Towards the end of March I was feeling really lousy, stuck at home, not knowing when all this madness and sadness would end, and it was awful. I’m not going to lie, it is still awful, but I’ve been trying really hard to use my spare time more efficiently. I have been creating more, writing more, reading more, and it’s all been helping a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my friends a lot. I’m kicking myself for choosing not to see them for so long, then right as I decided to be a better person and put in more effort, all of this happens and it’s no longer an option.

Anyway, I know this won’t last forever. So for now, I’ll just focus on the fact that I can still talk to my friends online, and do all the crafting and creating I can whilst I’m at home ✨

Until next time,
Indya xx

PS. If you’re looking for the PERFECT accessories to go with this fun project, check out this fun DIY choc chip cookie DIY charm bracelet + matching earrings that I shared last year! 🙊

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10 thoughts on “DIY “Choc Chip Cookie” Button Covers

  1. Okay, how adorable are these? Now I want to see you style this fun choco chip cookie button shirt how you would normally wear it! So cute and so “tasty.” Makes me want cookies too haha!


  2. Well this is fun, and I love that it’s not totally permanent! A good way to add something to an otherwise plain shirt.


  3. I was on Facebook when you posted this and almost squealed our loud. They are so cute! What a fun project. I make the best chocolate chip cookies so these are great for me. 😀


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