In May…

Happy first day of the week AND month! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year?! That’s not terrifying at all! 😅

May was a pretty good month. I had a lot more interactions with friends which I definitely needed (and absolutely loved, of course), work started picking up again which was good because I missed actually SERVING CUSTOMERS, I bought a heap of fun stuff (which I talk about below) – but I also had a few low moments too, which I know everyone would have, as it’s still such an unsure time in everyone’s life right now.

This month will be mine and Daniel’s seventh anniversary! We had hoped to go on a holiday. We’ve only been on two together, but clearly we won’t be doing anything like that anytime soon 😂 so we’ll figure out some way to celebrate whilst at home.


♡ My Discord usage increased a LOT this month! I have been on calls almost every night this month, some that went up to 10 hours and involved staying up past 2am – which I haven’t done in a long time 😅 Unfortunately, doing so had some negative results…

Seizures. Whilst I didn’t have HEAPS of seizures this month, I did still have two more than last month. Three of those happened within 24 hours after I stayed up past 2am twice in one week… Lack of sleep is my biggest trigger, and I have to wake up the next day at 10am to take my seizure medication, so in hindsight that probably wasn’t the best decision making on my behalf.

♡ I posted this photo on Instagram of my new collection of NOT-novelty bags (in case you’ve missed it, I have already shared my novelty bags on the blog, which I update the photos of as needed), and how I wanted the same bag in at least one more colour – can you say #privelegedAF with me? – and then my best friend almost instantly proceeded to buy the bag and have it shipped to me, so you know, I am the luckiest person in the world and do not deserve her at all ❤️

♡ Speaking of that best friend, I actually got to see her just before this month ended! Once the restrictions here in Australia got lifted a bit more – and the two of us were at the end of our ropes in terms of mental health, and really needed some human interaction – we decided to catch up. She actually drove me to another shopping centre that’s not near either of our houses so I could buy the rest of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs (pictured below) toys that the Reject Shop had on clearance for 50c and I was SO happy that I found them all! She is an absolute angel 🙌


YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Popcorn Box Cake with Butter Popcorn Flavoured Icing
(can’t believe it’s been a year since I made this!)

♡ My lovely friend Dani over at Marshmallow Club released her new course Marshmallow 101, which she very kindly offered me to take as she knows I LOVE trying new things, so I am very much looking forward to giving that a go! As someone who has personally tried her marshmallows – she sent some to me as a gift a while ago, because her heart is as sweet as her marshmallows 😭 – I can personally attest that she definitely knows her stuff, so I can’t wait to learn from the best 🙌

If you’ve been wanting to nail the art of the marshmallow, definitely check out her course! Once you purchase it, you get access to all the videos to watch at your own pace, and then you have them to watch forever!

♡ To end a pretty wonderful month already, I was also reached out to by a baking company that I admire very much, and was offered to be sent some products of theirs every 3 months to test out and review. My first package was sent out at the end of last week, so keep an eye on my Instagram Stories as I’m sure I’ll share what’s inside when it arrives! I can’t wait to see what they sent ☺️


DIY Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Place Cards

My Unique Novelty Plate Collection

Red, Gold & Purple: 3-Tiered Sailor Mars Cake


♡ WATCHED: SO much Star Wars! I decided to start watching the movies in chronological order this time, and I got through The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Solo, Rogue One, A New Hope, and The Empire Strikes Back. This was my first time watching Solo and Rogue One. Solo definitely made me like Han Solo a lot more, as I didn’t have a whole lot of love for him until the latest movies, as blasphemous as that may be 😅 I watched my first Studio Ghibli movie this month called Whisper of the Heart, which was pretty cute. I FINALLY watched the last season of The Big Bang Theory, and cried my heart out during the last two episodes. Daniel and I also finished watching Parks and Recreation, and started 30 Rock, which we’re really liking so far!

♡ BOUGHT: The Will & Grace Pop Vinyls that Daniel pre-ordered as anniversary presents for me arrived. I also bought this jumper in fuchsia and lava red, this scarf in fuchsia, new boots in white and red, the NINE Star Wars Mighty Muggs figures which are pictured above, Woody and Buzz Toy Story toys from Kmart because they were marked down and I’m still a child, and a fairy bread and Captain America enamel pins to add to my collection ☺️

♡ LISTENED TO: “Bloody Valentine” by Machine Gun Kelly (AKA my favourite artist of all time right now 😍) over and over again! I love that Megan Fox is in the music video. Can’t believe she is still so stunning after all these years! I also listened to a lot of Iggy Azalea this month; particularly “Started” and “Fancy” as I love the aesthetic of the music videos.


♡ Forget plain stress balls and make your own unique DIY PRETZEL Stress Balls!

♡ Monica making yet another appearance in this section yet again, this time with TWO posts because I can’t choose just one! If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you have to check out her Ben Solo’s “Good Boy” Sweater Cookies AND Darth Maul Cake (This one would NOT have been easy to decorate!)

♡ Celebrate the release of nostalgia-inducing movie Scoob! with this super fun DIY Scoob! Mystery Machine Flower Necklace

♡ I personally think resin and gummy bear moulds were a match made in heaven – and these DIY resin gummy bear paper clips made by Amber only help prove my point, in my opinion!

♡ Head on over to A Kailo Chic Life where Kara teaches you how to give one of the best foods known to man (bread) a leopard print look!

♡ I dare you NOT to smile every time you open your closet doors after you give them this DIY sunburst makeover!

How was May for the rest of you? I truly hope things are getting better for you, and that you’re all finding your light at the end of the tunnel, or your small glimmer of hope to hang onto, as that is all we can focus on right now, and that has always been the motto of The Small Adventurer: “The little things in life should be celebrated the most.” ✨

Until next time,
Indya xx

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10 thoughts on “In May…

  1. I’m glad to hear you have such a good friend and were able to meet up! We are supposed to have some restrictions lifted at the end of this week. I have been at the end of my rope with mental health lately too, and with everything else going on in my country it’s been a pretty dark weekend/week so far.


    • Thank you! I hope you and your mental health are able to catch some breaks this month. I’ve been keeping up with the news from overseas and it has been truly heartbreaking and shocking recently 😔


  2. Hopefully you’re able to enjoy your anniversary at home! Congrats on seven years, that’s really wonderful. Also glad you got the chance to see your friend – any bit of normal these days definitely makes me feel great so I can imagine how nice that must have been.


  3. It really does sound like May was a wonderful month for you, for the most part, and that makes my heart happy. You deserve all the good! I hope and pray that you don’t experience any seizures in the month of June. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying Stars Wars! My husband and I have been as well. We watched all the prequels and are in the 3rd season of Clone Wars now! It’s been so fun to experience this world and learn about it a little more.


    • Thank you so much 😊 Unfortunately I’ll probably always have seizures – I’ve already had one this month – I’ve just got to hope that they’ll continue to decrease, or at least not happen too close together, as that’s when they get really frustrating, as they really mess with my memory then.

      I’ve been a fan of Star Wars for a little while now, but it’s SO much more fun to watch movies with friends! I am yet to watch the TV shows, but they’re next on my list! I put off watching Clone Wars until it was finished, and I’m VERY intrigued now that I know how much everyone loved the ending 🙊


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