In June…

The first six months of the year are now GONE! Whilst it wasn’t an overall bad month, there were certainly some tough points, and I’m not sure how the rest of the year is going to end up honestly.

In terms of COVID-19, well… I’m from Victoria, Australia, and we’re not doing too well down here. Cases are rising again, people aren’t doing the right thing in terms of social distancing, and – I honestly can’t even believe I am typing this again – people have even begun to panic buy again. It’s actual madness.

Just as things seemed to go back to a “new normal”, others had to ruin it and think that the pandemic was over and now heavy restrictions are most likely going to be put in place again, and I am not looking forward to that. I am crossing all my fingers in hopes that my work doesn’t get closed this time around because my mental health will NOT cope with that!

Work has always been my only way of getting out of the house and seeing human beings, and if that gets taken away, I honestly don’t know what I am going to do with myself – OR how I am going to pay my bills. It’s scary to think about. Anyway, let’s get onto June’s recap! ✨


♡ I got sent some products (you can see a few of them here) from one of my favourite baking companies – Dollar Sweets – for me to use in future recipe posts, which I am really excited about. I’ve been in brainstorming stage for a while now because I want them to be perfect, but they should be on the blog soon! 🙊

♡ If you’ve been keeping up with my hair adventures throughout 2020, you may know that in February I went back to bleach blonde – which I was pre-2015 – but I bleached a few too many times close together to get it ready for a party, and HEAPS of it ended up falling out. Every time I washed it, more would fall out, and it was terrifying. So I decided to let it grow out, but my dark regrowth looked awful next to my bleached hair, so I dyed my hair dark brown so you won’t be able to tell as much.

Guess what? Even MORE of my hair fell out when I dyed it brown! So, I cut it to shoulder length and now wear a hat at work (because there are some SUPER short bits at the back that stick up 😳), and beanies everywhere else. I’m mostly upset because I’m loving the dark brown hair and want to keep it this colour, but I really need to let my hair grow out before it all falls out!

♡ I went on Discord pretty much every night this month, which included many 2-3am bed times 😅  (Surprisingly, despite all my late nights, I only had six seizures this month!) My friends and I finished our Star Wars movie marathon on Discord this month, but I honestly think I’m going to re-watch the sequels again by myself VERY soon, as I’ve seen the others multiple times – including the non-Skywalker ones – but have only seen the sequels twice each, despite loving them, no matter what anyone thinks.

♡ One of the best things that happened this month is the great weight loss that I’ve achieved! I mentioned in some posts earlier this year how my last medication made me gain 10kg+ (I mean, I was at a size I have never been ANYWHERE NEAR before, and I was NOT happy about it). It also did some horrible things to my mental health – and then it ultimately stopped working, so my neurologist was more than happy to take me off it, and gave me a new one that is also an appetite suppressant. Not only have I lost the weight I gained, but I’ve lost even more than I thought I would, and I’m now at a weight that I haven’t been at for a VERY long time!

I’ve still got more to lose before I’ll be completely happy, but I fit comfortably in everything I own now – I actually have to wear belts now with all my pants and shorts! People around me have been commenting on it, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. One girl at my work went a few months without seeing me, and then when we worked together for the first time in a while, she overheard me talking about my weight loss and said she had noticed it but wasn’t sure if it was okay to bring it up, and I said it was more than okay because it was something I was working on.

mlVOljU8YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Enamel Pin Collection

She said when she had first arrived she thought, “oh, she looks really good today”, then got closer and thought “wow, she has dropped in size!” and that was a huge confidence boost for me. Whilst I know the weight gain was out of my control – as is this weight loss, technically – I am still feeling so much better now than I was at the beginning of the year, and I am looking forward to seeing how much more I change in a few months!


DIY Strawberry Beret Makeover

The Powerpuff Girls’ Iconic Dresses Jelly Cups

DIY “Admit One” Ticket Place Cards

Trying Out Marshmallow Club’s Marshmallow 101 Online Course


♡ WATCHED: Movies that AREN’T Star Wars: Extraction (LOVED IT SO MUCH!), The Hannah Montana Movie (yes, with the boys on Discord 😂 I honestly don’t think I’d seen it before!), Guns Akimbo (Daniel Radcliffe with an American accent sounds like he is dubbed, other than that it was good), Cats (BAD, loved the Taylor Swift song obviously though), Rush Hour (never seen it before, I liked Jackie Chan’s character), and Honey I Shrunk The Kids (enjoyed it, very funny). Movies that ARE Star Wars: Rogue One (appreciated it a lot more this time around, as everyone didn’t talk all throughout it), Solo (still love it, wish they made the other two), The Force Awakens (love), The Last Jedi (also love), The Rise of the Skywalker (just rip my heart out why don’t you).

♡ BOUGHT: Two new clutches in gold and silver (I was with my friend when I bought these and I asked her, “Why am I buying these? I don’t even like gold” and she said “because you’re a collector, Indya” 😂), red jeans (first time I’ve bought skinny jeans in a LONG time – but thanks to my weight loss, they fit!), this beanie in lava red and fuchsia which I’ve been wearing everywhere, and a super pretty red velvet heart scarf hanger from Daiso (they don’t have an online website unfortunately, but here’s a photo of something similar in another colour).

♡ LISTENED TO: I decided to sit down and give all my attention to the entire discography of I Prevail since I love their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, and I am now obsessed with them. My favourite songs of theirs right now are “Let Me Be Sad”, “Every Time You Leave”, “Gasoline”, “Breaking Down”, “Rise Above It”, “Paranoid”, “Come And Get It” and “My Heart I Surrender”. Some other one-off songs I’ve been obsessed with are Bring Me The Horizon’s (AKA my favourite band) song “Parasite Eve”, Linkin Park’s “Heavy”, and AJR’s “Weak”.


♡ Monica interviewed the new host of Blue’s Clues, and my childhood self is in awe🙌

♡ One of my favourite blogs – Auburn Artisan – turned two this month!

♡ Whilst I still can’t figure out how to make a pom pom (despite having THREE different sized pom pom makers!), I still love seeing everyone else’s pom pom creations – such as this adorable penguin pom pom by Handmade Charlotte!

♡ These super cute DIY Resin Citrus Coasters are such a fun way to freshen up your kitchen decor☺️

♡ I’m so in love with this Mini DIY Pride Float by Crafty Lumber Jacks! Especially because epileptics like me and discos/big crowds don’t mix well, but making a float at home makes me feel like I can support and join in Pride Month parades and celebrations at home 🌈

♡ As someone who still loves collection figurines no matter how small at (almost) 24 years old, I LOVE these Lego Display Shelves over on Lovely Indeed! 🙊

Before you go, leave a post of YOURS from this month – or last! -that you would like to me to read, as I’d love some new content to check out!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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12 thoughts on “In June…

  1. What a month, for sure. Ugh. I’m so over it! Glad you’re happy with weight loss. I need to make more of an effort to workout!


  2. I haven’t read one of your posts in forever! I’m slowly going to make my way through your posts to catch up. haha

    The US is in a similar situation but I think it’s worse here because people are so selfish and won’t even wear masks in public because it’s “too uncomfortable”. Whenever I go out it’s always the people in big groups who aren’t wearing masks and just doing whatever they want. So frustrating!

    Wow! You made so many changes with your appearance. Congrats on the weight loss! It’s so difficult to lose weight so that’s a huge achievement! I hope your hair recovers quickly. I’ve been dealing with excessive hair loss the past couple of months and it’s really scary! I’ve been drenching my hair in castor oil and just bought biotin supplements so hopefully, that helps.♥


    • It’s okay, I haven’t written a whole lot lately, and my schedule is quite erratic as I’ve been struggling to feel motivated, so I understand that some readers may have had trouble keeping up with my posts as I haven’t been as on schedule as I used to be.

      Oh yes, the US is in much worse shape, I don’t doubt that. We have far less cases over here (we have around 8000+, compared to the 2.74+ million in the US), so very few people wear masks over here as it’s not a necessity yet, but it is being discussed as a possibility in the future, which I definitely support.

      Yes, I am kind of nervous to see people who I haven’t seen in a while as it may be a shock to them 😅 The hair loss absolutely sucks though, especially the super short bits as they stick up and there’s nothing I can do except hide under hats until it grows back, and use products that will hopefully strengthen it! I’ll keep an eye out for the ones you mentioned. Thank you ☺️


  3. Sounds like quite the month! I’m glad that you’re feeling good about your body and get your medications changed. Here’s to hoping July is happy and safe (and your hair begins to recover – I’ve been there myself!).


  4. Love hearing about all the good things that happened for you in June! I hope July is even better. My husband and I just went through all of the Star Wars movies as well, and we’re currently watching Clone Wars on Disney+. I love that you also watched a ton of throwback films. So cute. And YES! Give your hair a little break, and I bet it’ll be back to new in no time. Congrats on the weight loss too. I bet you feel so much better!


    • Thank you! I’m feeling good about July, so hopefully it doesn’t let me down 😅 Clone Wars is on my to-watch list, but I’m starting with The Mandalorian as it’s shorter, and season two is so close! ☺️ I really do hope my hair grows quickly, there are so many short bits that stick straight up no matter what I do, so I just have to hide under hats every single day and I hate it 😩


  5. Just be glad you aren’t in the US when it comes to COVID! My mental health has deteriorated this past month. We had 50,000 new cases in ONE DAY here yesterday. FIFTY THOUSAND. And people here are still complaining about distancing and wearing masks. It’s so stressful. I’m back at work and we are staff only right now but planning to open to the public in 2 weeks and I’m terrified to be honest.

    But on the positive side, congrats on the weight loss! Medications can be really frustrating when they have those side effects – I’ve been battling one for years. I actually was able to lose about 8 pounds in quarantine, though the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to maintain it due to all the stress from our country going insane, lol. I try to tell myself just sticking with my running and trying to make healthy choices is all good and not to obsess about the scale.


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