Starry Night Sky No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

This post features some products that I was sent in exchange for a review. No other compensation was given, nor were any specific links or words requested. 

After a rough few weeks – which I’ll fill you in on in my monthly recap – I finally have a new recipe post for you all, and one I’m really happy with! ☺️ Back in May, one of my favourite baking brands, Dollar Sweets, asked if they could send me some of their products to test out and review which I obviously said yes to!

As you can tell, I took my sweet time brainstorming ideas on what to make 😅 and even longer on actually making one of my ideas, as life in 2020 sure knows how to throw a lot of hurdles at you, which I’m sure you all understand quite well, as unfortunate as that is 🙃 Don’t worry though, because I have finally brought one of my ideas to life (and I have more fun, delicious ideas on their way too!), and at a perfect time too 😋

gold leaf dollar sweets gold spray chocolar mirror glaze thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer chocolate cheesecake night sky gold leaf dollar sweets

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For those who may be new around here, I usually try to base my July content on the likes of my long-term boyfriend Daniel. July is his birthday 🎉 – and we celebrate birthdays all month long around here! – and today’s post will mark THREE years in a row that I’ve shared a cheesecake recipe in July because he loves cheesecake 🍰 This was my first time making a chocolate cheesecake, and I’m super happy with how it came out! Now, enough talking, let’s get onto the recipe 👇



♡ 200g Choc Ripple biscuits
♡ 60g butter, melted
♡ 450g cream cheese, room temperature
♡ 250g milk chocolate
♡ 400g can of sweetened condensed milk
♡ 2/3 cup icing sugar
♡ 1 tsp coffee flavour extract
♡ Edible gold leaf (gifted from Dollar Sweets)
♡ Silver and gold spray (gifted from Dollar Sweets)
♡ Chocolate mirror glaze (I used Dollar Sweets, this was NOT gifted, just something I wanted to try!)

Other items:

♡ Ziploc bag(s)
♡ Spatula
♡ Powder free, food safe gloves
♡ Rolling pin
♡ 8 inch/20cm springform pan
♡ 20cm (or slightly larger) cake board
♡ Stand mix
♡ Microwave safe bowl
♡ Angled spatula
♡ Tweezers, used for food only
♡ Baking paper
♡ Spray oil (optional)


1. To make the crust, place the biscuits into your Ziploc bag(s), and use a rolling pin – or the end of your spatula – and crush until you’re left with fine crumbs. Place 60g melted butter into a bowl and mix with cookie crumbs until well combined.

2. Spray your cake pan with some spray oil for good measure before lining it with your baking paper. With gloves or spatula, press your crust into the bottom of your springform pan. Refrigerate the crust while you make the filling.

3. In a large bowl beat cream cheese, icing sugar, condensed milk, and coffee flavour until thoroughly combined. Chop the 250g chocolate, melt in the microwave in 30 second pulses, or on the stove using a double boiler.

dollar sweets gold leaf chocolate cheesecake thesmalladventurerchocolate cheesecake gold leaf dollar sweets gold spray thesmalladventurerchocolate mirror glaze dollar sweets chocolate cheesecake thesmalladventurer

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4. Combined the melted chocolate and rest of the ingredients together, then pour the filling into the pan and place in the fridge for 6 hours. Wash all the utensils you used whilst your cheesecake sets.

5. After at least six hours, take your cheesecake out of the fridge. Carefully remove the outside of your pan, then use your angled spatula to separate the cake from the bottom of the pan, and place it onto the cake board.

6. Get your bottle of chocolate mirror glaze, remove the protective layer underneath the cap, and squeeze out a decent amount of the glaze. Spread out the glaze as evenly as possible using your angled spatula. Pour out more glaze and continue to spread it around the top and sides of your cheesecake with your angled spatula until you have an even coverage.

7. Open your gold leaf, but be warned that it sticks to EVERYTHING, so have some extra baking or tissue paper laying underneath as it won’t stick to that. Using your tweezers, tear off some random pieces of your gold leaf and place them randomly on your cheesecake.

If you find that the entire piece of gold leaf seems to move as one, tear off a small piece of baking or tissue paper and hold that in your other hand (the one you’re NOT holding tweezers in), place that over the majority of your gold leaf piece and hold it down, then use the tweezers to pull small pieces off.

thesmalladventurer gold leaf dollar sweets chocolate cheesecakegold leaf night sky chocolate cheesecake thesmalladventurerreview dollar sweets silver spray gold spray thesmalladventurer

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8. Once you’re happy with the placement of your golf leaf, grab your gold and silver spray bottles. Get relatively close to your cake, and spray as much – or as little – as you’d like with both colours! Now, you have a cake that’s as gorgeous and sparkly as the night sky ✨

As superficial as this may make me sound, I have always gone for looks over practicality. When it comes to fashion, I’ve always chosen style over comfort. Once I was finished with this cake, after I took the photos I was so happy with it, I told myself I didn’t care if the decorations tasted horrible because it was so pretty, but I have great news for you all: you can’t taste the gold leaf or the sprays at all!

I was afraid the leaf and spray would leave a strange texture or taste, but they didn’t at all. They left a gorgeous look, but all you can taste is the delicious chocolate glaze, which is honestly to die for. I’ve never tried a glaze before, which is why I didn’t want to immediately dive into the deep end and attempt to make one myself, but I will sometime in the future because this one was SO good 🙌

I am so, so happy with how this cake turned out. I’ve had a lot of disappointments this year, so it was nice to have something go right for a change. Thank you again to Dollar Sweets for sending me your Golf Leaf sheets, Silver Spray, and Gold Spray. ☺️ I had so much fun using them in this recipe, and this definitely won’t be the last time they’re featured in one of my recipes – but I’ve got a lot of other fun items to use in future recipes first 😉

Until next time,
Indya xx

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  1. Oh, wow! I’ve never seen this glaze before. Super-convenient! And I adore all the sparkle! This is lovely and looks really delicious!


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