In July…

Well, this month was both very eventful and very uneventful for me personally, as the state I live in went into much harsher lockdown restrictions. One of the new rules was that wearing face masks became mandatory. Luckily, we had bought a box them only two days before, as cases were rising rapidly and we were expecting them to become mandatory, and we didn’t want to have to scramble to find some and risk getting fined.

We were never against wearing them at all, as it’s clearly the right thing to do, but that first day we wore them when we were out food shopping was terrifying. We were SO out of breath after a few hours of walking around and talking whilst wearing them. Do keep in mind that my partner and I are not very healthy; Daniel already has breathing issues, although he is much fitter than me. I am disgustingly unfit, and people don’t believe it unless I am forced to prove it by running, lifting something, or even walking up steps. I am out of breath within seconds, so that first day wearing a mask was quite an eye-opener for the both of us.

We honestly thought we were going to have to get our groceries delivered to us because we couldn’t handle the masks, but the next time we went grocery shopping was fine, and it has been ever since. It must have just taken our bodies a day to get used to wearing the masks, but now it’s the new norm! Honestly though, that’s not even a thought in my mind now, as the biggest change this month is that my work closed down, and I have no idea when it will open back up again 😞


♡ So yes, the one thing I have been dreading all year, finally happened: my work closed. The second wave of coronavirus that hit our state was too much to handle so we shut. I have been out of a job most of this month, hence the increased content on the blog – and the increased time I actually spent on each creation too, not that you guys see that part. I actually re-made most of the things I shared on here more than once, as I wasn’t happy with them the first time around, and I had the time to do make them again – so I did!

Daniel and I both expected me to wake up the day after my last work shift and be a complete mess, but I wasn’t, which was strange. For the next week I waited to hit rock bottom – because I might appear colourful and positive online, but I am more than often not at home – but it never came. I’ve just been keeping busy, giving myself projects, staying on top of house work, etc.

I had to apply for help from the government, and have to start looking for jobs next month, which is a little scary. Since I have epilepsy, I have to do things differently to everyone else. I have to work with different people to find a job suited to my abilities to ensure I’m not going to be put in an environment that I won’t be able to handle. In a way, this could be a great, because my goal for this year was to get a full time job, but I knew it was going to be hard as no one was going to want someone with epilepsy.

This way, the people will already know that I have epilepsy, but it still breaks my heart to think that I might get another job before I even get to say goodbye to my other job that I love so much. But I shouldn’t worry too much, as I’m sure it will be a long process, and the chances of anyone getting a job right now – much less me, someone with no skills AND epilepsy – are very slim, to say the least 😅 Daniel’s got a university degree and hasn’t been able to get a job all year, even before half the country shut down.

♡ A lollipop company called Sweetie Darling Candy that I follow on Instagram offered to send me some of their lollipops after I shared on my Instagram that I collect lollipops as home decor items, so that was very sweet of them – pun intended 😜 You can see a photo of the pretty n’ pink lollipops that they sent just below.

♡ At the very start of the month – BEFORE cases started rising like crazy and when we went into stage 3 lockdown –  I stayed the night at my friend’s house, which I haven’t done in YEARS. I haven’t stayed at anyone’s house in years. We got take out for dinner, watched a funny movie, and then stayed up watching Gossip Girl and talking about all our crazy high school stories until 1am. It was so much fun, and only made not being able to see her for who knows how long that much harder 😔


♡ Speaking of my epilepsy, it really reared its ugly head this month. I had ten seizures this month, which is four more than last month. Three of those seizures were on the same day, within three hours! That really brought me down, and gave me a lot of headaches throughout the month. I did get put a new medication a few days ago though, which means I am now on three medications (wow, there’s just something about that number this month, isn’t there?), which means I’m now up to 10 pills a day – and that will get increased in a few weeks. However, I have a 1 in 4 chance of being allergic to this new medication, due to a previous medication that I was allergic to. Guess we’ll wait and see what happens with it!


Starry Night Sky No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

DIY Box of Candy Earrings (Using REAL Candy!)

DIY Guardians of the Galaxy-Inspired Mix Tape Place Cards

Sour Candy-Filled with Tutti Frutti Sprinkles

Minimalistic SpongeBob SquarePants Character Jelly Cups


♡ WATCHED: Movies – Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Deadpool 2 (seen them all multiple times, and will continue to re-watch them for the rest of my life), Three Identical Strangers (documentary on Netflix. SO interesting AND heartbreaking! Totally worth the watch!), Hustle (very funny), and Suicide Squad (decided to give this a go, even though people hated it, as I like most movies. I definitely didn’t hate this movie, but it was pretty boring. I liked Will Smith’s character though, thought Cara Delevingne did a good job, and already liked Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn as I’ve seen Birds of Prey).

TV Shows – Currently making my way through Gossip Girl and 30 Rock. I am yet to finish either, and I am LOVING them both! GG keeps shocking me (my best friend keeps getting endless Snapchats whenever I’m truly shocked to my core, as she’s seen it before, and is currently re-watching it now), and 30 Rock is what Daniel and I watch with dinner. He also makes us watch a few episodes whenever I’m having a bad day as it makes me laugh and cringe so badly sometimes that I actually have to leave the room 🙈🙊

♡ BOUGHT: Three new clutches from Colette in pink, red and yellow; Queen’s new Flamingo Fantasy flavour and Fabulous Flamingo sprinkles; four metal stools in hopes of using them for a future DIY project; and Daniel also pre-ordered Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Captain America with Mjölnir Pop Vinyls for me. I also ordered even more novelty bags to join my collection (that post DESPERATELY needs an update!), but I’ll wait until they arrive before I show you them!

♡ LISTENED TO: THE NEW TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Favourite songs right now are Invisible String, Exile, This Is Me Trying, Hoax and The 1. I also really like The Chicks’ new album. I’ve always been a huge fan of theirs (I’ll never NOT belt out Not Ready to Make Nice whenever I hear it!), and this album is definitely my favourite. At the moment I really like Gaslighter, March March, Sleep At Night, Tights On My Boat, and Hope It’s Something Good. Some other random songs I’m into include How You Like That by BLACKPINK, Past Life by Selena Gomez and and Trevor Daniel, and To Be Young by Anne-Marie and Doja Cat.


♡ It may or may not have been Monica’s Captain America shield pie that she posted at the start of the month that inspired my Captain America movie marathon 🙊

♡ A quick and easy way to make something serious and necessary a bit more fun: give your mask a makeover!

♡ If you can’t decide what colour your dessert should be, why not just make it ALL of them? 🌈

♡ I’ve never been one for going outside, but this gorgeous DIY colourful striped porch may be enough to change my mind!

♡ You can make your own rulers? And paperclips? ANY colour you want? This office supply/stationery nerd’s dream just came true! 🙌

♡ Can I just throw parties for a living? There are just SO many adorable party favour ideas out there now. Case in point: these DIY mini coolers!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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18 thoughts on “In July…

  1. Yes, many of us have to be creative in looking for activities that are fun, not boring and still make our bodies healthy avoid pandemics


    • I’ve always had a million hobbies, so I’ve been pretty lucky in that aspect, as I haven’t had felt bored since going into lockdown, but I HAVE felt quite lonely as I’ve only recently gotten back into contact with a lot of my friends, and now I can’t see them yet again 😅 Hopefully you’ve been able to keep busy and keep your mind off of things during this tough time!


  2. Oh God! Take care, and don’t stress out a lot about job, you will find something nice soon! Maybe august is going to be a good month. Just praying COVID19 starts dwindling soon.


    • It’s hard not to stress as I was there for over 5 years. I have a lot of great friends there, and they looked after me throughout a lot of really rough patches in my life, including homelessness and being diagnosed with epilepsy, so it’s quite a big chapter in my life that may be ending 😭 I’m just going to try not to focus on it though, and take each day as it comes.


    • Thank you very much! The work thing is very sad, but I always knew it would come to an end eventually, I couldn’t stay there forever. Maybe this is just how it had to be, who knows. My epilepsy will always be a challenge unfortunately; I’ve just got to hope that my new medication will be able to help. We’ll just have to see what August has in store for me!


  3. It is sad to read about what happened to your employment. I am also on the same boat as you. One of my clients has stopped sending work because she herself lost her work. Everything is like a chain reaction. Hope and pray that the next few months will be better for everyone. Stay safe always!


    • It is really sad to hear about everyone losing work. We just had further restrictions put in place over here, and another 250 000 people have temporarily been put out of work in the state that I live in. It’s for the safety of everyone that lives here – and it’s not for very long, only 6 weeks, and they’ll be eligible for government money – and I think it’s the right decision, but it’s still so scary and sad. I can imagine how they’re all feeling, as I was in their shoes just a few weeks ago. I hope everything calms down sooner rather than later. Thank you, I hope you’re staying safe too 😊


  4. Good to read that how beautifully u had summed up all. The employment and epilepsy part was sad. I’m facing the same in the case of my freelance… Hopefully, the coming months will be fine.


    • Thank you 😊 Unfortunately, this year has had many challenges, for everyone all around the world. I’ll always have epilepsy to battle, but COVID-19 has brought many other hurdles that I never expected, and it has definitely made each day a new surprise – and not a good one. But we’ve just got to hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel at some point!


  5. I remember the first time I had to wear a mask was when I was in Korea and the air quality was very bad so I wore one to prevent toxins. When I arrived at my school (it’s located on a hill!) I was sweating and out of breath! I thought I was out of shape but I’m completely healthy, it’s just the mask! haha

    Gossip Girl is the BEST! That was my show when I was in high school. I rewatched it with my younger sister a few years ago and man it does get shocking sometimes! haha ♥


    • Okay, I feel SO much better after this comment 😂 I was honestly mortified at myself! I couldn’t believe how unfit I was! I felt horrible about myself after that first time wearing one! Thank you for letting me know it happened to you too ahah. It’s like second nature now though, since we have to wear one whenever in public. I’m not sure what the rules are about going to your mailbox or taking your bins out, but I wear one then too because I don’t want to get in trouble aha 🙊

      In high school I started watching it SO many times, but it’s so long I always stopped around season 3. However, now I am a pro TV show binge-watcher, and I am LOVING it! I should have it finished next month 😊


  6. Wishing you well during this difficult time. So many uncertainties at the moment. I have to believe we are going through all this for a reason and things are going to get better soon.


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