Homemade Halloween Themed Gummy Candy

Don’t fret, my one-Halloween-post-a-year is here! One of our local supermarkets had some super cute Halloween themed silicon moulds that I bought instantly even though I had zero intention to actually use.

However, I eventually fell in love with everyone else’s love of Halloween – even amongst all the darkness that 2020 brought along with it – that I decided to actually use them for something, so here we are!

This recipe was actually a huuuuuge pain πŸ™„ You’d think by now I’d be an expert at all things gummy AND jello, but nope, these guys took quite a few tries and I almost threw in the towel because over here in Australia we really just don’t care about Halloween πŸ˜…

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But a good 90% (or more!) of my readers and followers are from America, so this is for you guys! I swear one day I will put a lot more effort into planning better Halloween content in advance. I want to actually paint and carve pumpkins one year – AND make costumes too! I mean, you all must love this holiday for a reason, right?! Anyway, let’s get onto the recipe πŸ‘‡



β™‘ 3 tablespoons gelatine power
β™‘ 250ml boiling water
β™‘ 1-3 flavour extracts of your choice
β™‘ 4 tbsp sugar
β™‘ Three pipettes
β™‘ Pumpkin, witch hat, and bat shaped silicon moulds (mine are from Coles)
β™‘ AmeriColor AmeriMist food colour in Electric PurpleElectric Orange, and Super Black.


1. Put your silicon moulds onto trays and make sure there’s room for them in your fridge. Lightly coat them with spray oil. Place your gelatine powder and sugar into a metal bowl. Boil 250ml of water and pour it into the bowl, and mix until everything is dissolved.

2. Pour out 80ml of the mixture into a ramekin. Add 1-2 drops of Electric Orange colour and the recommended amount of flavour extract of your choice (you may want to add more flavour though, since we are using a LOT of gelatine powder), then mix in well. Use a pipette to pipe into your pumpkin silicon moulds, but only fill the moulds about 80-90% of the way.

3. Pour out another 80ml of mixture into a separate, clean ramekin. If it has cooled down, boil a tablespoon or two of water and stir it through the mixture. Add a few drops of Electric Purple food colour, depending on how dark you want you want your witches hats, then add your chosen flavour extract. Use a pipette to pipe into your witch hats silicon moulds, only filling them about 80-90% of the way again.

4. If the remaining mixture is cool, boil another tablespoon or two of water and stir it in. Add 2-3 drops of Super Black food colour, then your chosen flavour extract, and stir. Use another pipette to pipe the mixture into your bat moulds until they are 80-90% filled.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is halloween-themed-gummy-candy-thesmalladventurer.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is halloween-gummies-witch-hats-thesmalladventurer.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is witch-hat-halloween-gummy-candy-thesmalladventurer.png

Neon Pink n’ Purple Halloween Petit Fours

5. Place the tray/s with your silicons moulds in the fridge until they are set. Since they are so small, it shouldn’t take more than 30-60 minutes, but you can keep them in longer to be sure. After that, you are finished! You now have some super cute n’ firm fit-for-Halloween gummy candies πŸ˜‹ πŸ¦‡


Okay guys, that’s it: Halloween is now over in my eyes which means one thing… Christmas is here! Considering how much Christmas means to me, I am really lacking on Christmas content here on the blog, but I really hope to change that this year.

I have a lot of fun DIY projects planned for this year – some that I’ve already started – and if there’s any gift guides or any other kind of posts that you’d like to see, then feel free to let me know in the comments below! πŸ‘‡ I don’t want to disappoint anyone during this magical time of year ☺️

Until next time,
Indya xx

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22 thoughts on “Homemade Halloween Themed Gummy Candy

  1. Well even if these were a pain to get right they came out amazing! I love the wizard hat. I’m much more into Christmas myself but I do love Halloween because I love costumes and getting dressed up – and the flavors of fall with all of the pumpkin and apple flavored things we have here!


  2. I need some fun molds to try the wonderful stuff you share! I’ve been spending so much time at home, and it’s such a great opportunity to experiment with fun, new recipes. These are going on my list!


  3. I don’t do Halloween either and don’t see the appeal lol.Good to know that Oz doesn’t give 2 hoots about it either lol. I love the little bats and can’t wait to see what you have in store for Christmas.


    • Hahah, it’s nice to see someone else who understands πŸ˜‚ I do like to see something that brings people together though, especially this year! But I am MUCH more excited about Christmas πŸ™Œ I just hope everything I have planned actually works!


  4. Those are super fun. We are in love with all things Halloween here, year-round, so I’m tempted to get my hands on those silicone moulds. I think that it helps that here in Canada, Halloween is a BIG deal even outside of our overly Halloween-obsessed household lol


    • Thank you, I’m glad you like them ☺️ Haha, that’s so strange for me to comprehend since I don’t know anyone who does *anything* to celebrate Halloween over here πŸ˜… One year I might try carving pumpkins though, just so I can say that I have given it a go!


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