In November…

Despite sharing more blog posts, November was (apparently) a lot less interesting than October. Very little happened despite me working and making things to share on the blog – and of course watching, buying, and listening to a lot of things, which I’ll share below as usual.

This year we DID decide to break our usual Christmas rules and put our tree up early. We usually put our tree up on December 1st, but since we didn’t really celebrate Christmas last year (thank you, awful epilepsy meds!), we decided to start the celebrations early this year.

As I’ve already mentioned on the blog and on Instagram, I’ve bought almost 30 new ornaments this year. Before we even put up our tree, we knew we would need a tree with more tips – which I have linked below – but it turns out that one couldn’t find all our ornaments either.

So, for this year, our tree only has our new ornaments, plus a few (but not all) of our older novelty ones, but NONE of our regular baubles. The theme is purely novelty food and/or geeky ornaments, and they’re in rainbow order too.

We donated our other tree to a thrift store, but next year we’re thinking of getting an even bigger tree, or a medium sized one to go in the office so we can put our geeky ornaments on that one, as that’s where our Pokemon and Marvel items live. Hopefully we’ll live in a bigger place by then, but we’ll see.

Either way, I am SUPER happy with the tree, even if I couldn’t fit all our ornaments on it! It’s in the lounge room, and I just love sitting next to it and admiring all the fun and unique ornaments that are on it 😍 They’re just so “us”!



β™‘ I was lucky enough to receive a package from Dollar Sweets to celebrate Fairy Bread Day – which was on November 24th – to help raise money for the online mental health service Reach Out. The sent me two Chocolate 100s and 100s (which are DELICIOUS!), a bag of Bright Sprinkles, two bags of their iconic 100s and 1000s, and a box of Dollar 5s – which is what made me fall in love with their brand *AND* first start my sprinkle collection years ago!

β™‘ I shared my DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Tree Ornament to Reddit and received over 2k upvotes. I’ve never posted to the Marvel subreddit before, and there’s a LOT of really great art shared on there, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it, so it was really nice to get such a good response!

β™‘ I shared a photo of my Scooby Doo Minimalistic Character Jello/Jelly Cups to a jelly/jello specific Facebook group and got over 380 likes! For a TV show that finished 50 years ago, that’s pretty good πŸ™Œ

β™‘ In terms of seizures, this month I had 7, which is actually one LESS than last month. I know I should be happy about that, but one of them was so bad it gave me an unbearable headache for about 3-4 days that no amount of painkillers would stop and I just wanted to cry the entire time.

That kind of headache is usually caused by multiple seizures within one day, so I’m not sure why it happened, so.. I’m honestly not counting this month as a win. I was in so much pain.


β™‘ Geeky Christmas Tree Ornament Guide

β™‘ 15 Creative Ways to Use Mini Christmas Tree Baubles

β™‘ DIY Conversation Heart Place Cards

β™‘ DIY Brooklyn Nine Nine Christmas Ornaments

β™‘ Scooby Doo Minimalistic Character Jelly/Jello Cups

β™‘ DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape Christmas Tree Ornament

β™‘ DIY Peppermint Tic Tac Clutch


β™‘ BOUGHT: Blue and purple t-shirts from Dotti; long sleeve dark red shirt from Ally; light green bag from Rubi; new white Christmas tree, Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years Books, a The Child (from The Mandalorian) light, fuchsia shorts, and fuchsia blazer from Kmart; two pink scarf holders; a Darth Vader Christmas stocking from Big W; Paint-Your-Own The Child from The Mandalorian from The Reject Shop; Hallmark Spider-Man Christmas tree ornament (can’t find a proper link, but this is what it looks like); Dollar Sweets Silver Luxe Sprinkles, Coles Trees/Snowflakes/100s & 1000s Sprinkles, Coles Stockings with Red and Green Sprinkles, The Simpsons Duff Beer mug (can’t find an exact link once again, but it looks like this), Reindeer Pez Dispenser, and Santa Pez Dispenser from Coles Supermarket; thrifted a couple of books; another Hallmark Spider-Man Christmas tree ornament AND a Hallmark Buzz Lightyear Christmas tree ornament from Aldi (since they’re specials, there’s no proper links, but here’s how Spider-Man looks, and here’s Buzz); Pokemon Sapphire from Cash Converters; a Friends Peephole Frame and a Coca Cola t-shirt from Target; Friends Central Perk Lip Balm from Big W; “donut disturb” eye mask, candy scented lip balm, fruit scented lip balm, dino bath fizzies from The Reject Shop; cereal bowl clutch from Can’t Clutch This; Mr. Potato Head and a large tin SpongeBob bauble from ALDI; and hoop earrings in black, white, dark green, blue, and purple from Lovisa.

β™‘ WATCHED: The Boys in the Band (SUPER emotional, but it was amazing to see Jim Parsons in such a serious role! I want to see everything he’s ever been in now!), new SpongeBob movie TWICE (loved it, cried, actually excited for the spin off now), The Knight Before Christmas (SO funny! I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time!), Gone Girl (still SO stressful even though I’ve already read the book), Scooby Doo movie (had to after making the jelly cups), The Princess Switch: Switched Again (really NOT the wholesome Christmas movie I was hoping for!), Grease (am officially obsessed with Kenickie), more Gilmore Girls (watched over an entire season in two days, had an unbearable headache afterwards, I could barely do anything), and Taylor Swift’s Folklore The Long Pond Studio Sessions (loved it, learnt a lot about the songs, some were quite surprising, such as: “this is me trying” is about an alcoholic, Joe started to write betty first, epiphany is about a family member of hers going through a horrible war and never talking about it, which she likened to the fact that there’s people going through horrible things in hospitals right now who will never talk about it), AND after I saw a bunch of hilarious memes about Team Rocket I started watching Pokemon again πŸ™Š

β™‘ LISTENED TO: Bring Me The Horizon’s new EP Post Human: Survival Horror. I already loved all their singles, but since they released the released, I’ve been loving Dear Diary, 1×1, and Kingslayer the most! Thanks to Spotify, I discovered some new-to-me songs by and/or featuring Machine Gun Kelly including F**k You, Goodbye by someone called The Kid Laroi, Sick and Tired that also includes Travis Barker and iann dior, and A Little More featuring Victoria Monet. I also starting watching more Gilmore Girls, which played the song Mona Lisa by Grant-Lee Phillips, and I really liked it, so I’ve been listening to that a lot as well.


β™‘ Get snackin’ during your binge watching sesh of The Mandalorian with Monica’s recipe for Baby Yoda spinach and artichoke bites.

β™‘ That’s it: I don’t care if we’re about to hit 40C over here in Australia, I am making these hot chocolate bombs ASAP. πŸ˜‹

β™‘ Make your own Wonder Woman cupcake toppers out of candy. What a beautiful sentence to be able to write!

β™‘ We don’t have Thanksgiving over here, but this DIY can still remind us in a fun – and colourful! – way to be grateful 🌈

β™‘ This photo gives me hope that someday I’ll be able to figure out how to pull ALL my ornaments on my tree and still have it look nice.

β™‘ More elegant people than I always make certain comments about my decor, but Elsie’s Christmas tree proves that you can be gorgeous, elegant, and unique with your decor all at the same time ☺️

Until next time,
Indya xx

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16 thoughts on “In November…

  1. Putting up the Christmas tree early is a great idea, it brings so much cheer and we did that too. So wonderful that you could get new ornaments for the tree and could shop for some great stuff. Love this time of the season especially for these small little pleasures. Happy holidays!


  2. Good for you! I broke the rule too. Why not put the tree up early indeed! My partner complains but what the heck! What make me happy right. πŸ™‚


  3. Got curious with The Knight Before Christmas as I’m looking for new movies to watch just in time for the holidays! Really amused with the Scooby Doo Jello Cups too! Thank you for sharing your tidbits this month. It reminded me that we’ve got so much time in our hands and no better way to spend that time than to do the things we love and invest in what matters to us the most. Glad you’ve made it through the month despite all the pain from the headache you’ve been through. Wishing you better health this month!


    • I didn’t have a lot of high hopes with The Knight Before Christmas, but I really was pleasantly surprised! It has me bursting out loud SO many times πŸ™Š Thank you, I am very thankful that the headaches are gone too! Luckily they haven’t been back this month 😊


  4. I think a lot of people put up their tree early this year. We were all in need of a little joy in our lives and what better way to find that than to embrace the holidays? I just got a new little tabletop tree for my home office, so I have to decide how I want to decorate it. So many options!!


    • Yes, it does seem like a lot of people put their trees up early, which makes me very happy ☺️ People usually get so mad at me for loving Christmas, but I’m glad others (at least those on the internet) at joining in with me this year! I LOVE mini trees πŸ™Š I have, like, six of them?!? But I’ve run out of space on benches and shelves this year so we weren’t able to put them up this year πŸ˜…


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