Update, Update, Update

Yes, I am still alive! I do apologise for the severe lack of content on this lack over the last few months. You’d think with my state being in constant lockdown, I’d have all the time in the world to create things and write posts for you, but I’ve been taking some time for myself lately to live my life and make decisions that some people find confusing, but that make ME really happy, so ☺️☺️☺️

I do really miss making things for the blog, and I still have a huge list of projects to create, and even some half-made things at home, I’ve just got to go there to finish them… I might/am hopefully moving in with my best friend and her boyfriend at the end of this month/next month, but with lockdown and no chances to look at any places, and already being rejected by one place that we liked, who knows when that will actually happen 😔 Once I move, though, I hope to get posts going more regularly, as we’ll be moving into a nicer, more brightly lit place with better backgrounds and backdrops, which will be heavennnnn for photos!

Until then, we’re 11 days into August, which means we’ve missed some fun days that you could celebrate with some of my older posts: Fool-Proof Ways to Bring Happiness Into Your Life for Happiness Happen Month, DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Pincushion for Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Mini “Watermelon” No-Bake Cheesecakes for Two for Watermelon Day, my entire Sailor Moon category for International Sailor Moon Day, DIY Lighthouse Money Box for Lighthouse Day, How Not to Hate Your Job for Happiness Happens Day, my books category for Book Lovers Day, and Homemade Bubblegum Gummy Bears for Bubblegum Day.


♡ WATCHED: A Kid Like Jake (love, love, LOVE seeing Jim Parsons in more serious roles! Such an important movie too), Always Be My Maybe (so good and funny, I can see why everyone loved it. Randall Park is always fantastic), Gifted (interesting to see both Chris Evans and Jenny Slate in serious roles, but I thought they did great. Mckenna Grace really stole the show though), Invincible (loved it, very shocking, did not expect a lot of it, can’t wait to see more), Seinfeld (FINALLY started watching it and am liking SO much more than I thought I would! Already up to season 6!), watched all 3 seasons of Stranger Things and cried my eyes out the whole time because I loved it, watched Sword Art Online season one and really liked it but decided that I liked that ending and am going to stop there, Loki (the ending really shocked me – well, the Sylvie part), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (I loved the original as a kid and adored the re-make too!), and I’ve also re-started Friends because I’m watching it with someone who hasn’t seen it before, which is ALWAYS the best!

♡ BOUGHT: Mine and Amelia’s favourite store Colette re-opened near my house so we went in as soon as it did and I bought another mini bag (which are PERFECT for clubbing!) and I added another one of these crossbody bags to my rainbow collection (I now have this design in SIX designs!); The Simpsons Krusty O’s puzzle from Universal Store; pre-ordered the Charizard Pop Vinyl, C-3PO Pop Figure Keyring, and R2-D2 Pop Figure Keyring from Zing Pop Culture; reusable pastel cutlery from Kmart; Pickle Rick Stress Ball and an R2-D2 figure from Toy World; Monica/Rachel and Chandler/Joey’s Lego Apartments from LEGO; Al Elric with Kittens, Lust, Roy Mustang, and Ed Elric Pop Vinyls from Pop Cultcha; REVOLUTION x Chandler eyeshadow palette, REVOLUTION x Rachel Lip Gloss, REVOLUTION x Monica Lip Gloss, REVOLUTION x Friends Forever Flawless eyeshadow palette, REVOLUTION x Joey eyeshadow palette from Priceline.

♡ LISTENED TO: Olivia Rodrigo, like everyone else. My favourites are brutal, good 4 u, and deja vu. I also REALLY fell in with Olivia O’Brien, after being a minor fan for a few years. I’ve had Better Than Feeling Lonely, Keep It Movin’, Josslyn, Inhibition, No More Friends ft. Oli Sykes (!!!) and Sad Together on repeat the most. Another girl who has captured my heart (and yes I KNOW I’m late on this one!) is Madison Beer. I’m really loving Baby, Reckless, and Good in Goodbye.

As for random songs, I CANNOT get enough of James Arthur’s September. I want it tattooed on my brain, honestly. Also: Renegade by Big Red Machine ft. Taylor Swift, Love Again by Dua Lipa, Here’s Your Perfect AND Hold You ‘Til We’re Old by Jamie Miller, Need To Know AND Kiss Me More by Doja Cat, Yucky Blucky Fruitcake AND Spookie Coochie by DOECHII, THINK ABOUT ME and WANNA BE by jxdn, Before I Go by Mimi Webb, Happy For You by Lukas Graham, Josh by Peach PPC, Bloody Knuckles by Sleeping With Sirens, and A Girl Like You by Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.


♡ These Marvel Loki God of Mischief Cookies are *almost* too cute to eat! 🙊

10 myths about food that you still believe. I guess I have to apologise to my friend for not believing him about the chewing gum one!

♡ Rick, Morty and the iconic portal made in INCREDIBLE detail out of nothing but paper to celebrate the new season 😯

♡ My friends and I have been having a lot of milkshakes and milk drinks lately – and I’ve been opened up to strawberry flavoured drinks recently, not just chocolate or caramel – which is making me want to try making THIS!

DIY Rugrats costume inspired by Angelica’s doll Cynthia! 😍

♡ Celebrate someone’s graduation in the most delicious way with these soft pretzel grad caps!

♡ The way these DIY badminton birdie cupcake toppers were made is so creative! 🙌

What unexpected friendships have you made during the pandemic?

Things to say yes to (if you want to! 💕).

♡ I just LOVE how bright these closet doors are – and they were a DIY project! 🌈

Until next time,
Indya xx

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