The Best Candy Collaborations & New Flavours of 2021 (So Far!)

As we all know, 2021 has been rough. So much has been happening behind the scenes here at The Small Adventurer – hence the lack in posts 😢 – and with my latest update post now being out of date/incorrect with certain things going in life, I’ve decided to just keep my blog for mostly content and for things that have already happened so I don’t feel like I’m lying to you guys when things fall through.

Anyway, even with all the bad things that 2021 has brought with it (I even went through my first earthquake! Which is crazy considering I live in Australia – so of course it was small – but it was so bizarre! I’ve now been through fires, floods and an earthquake!), it’s also brought some cool things as well, such as a few really awesome food company collaborations and some really unique confectionery releases too – which is what today’s post is all about!

I’ve tested and reviewed some really fun and strange company collaborations and just unique flavoured iconic treats and am going to share my thoughts with you all! I had a lot of fun preparing this post because it meant I got to eat a lot of sweets 😋 and the year’s not over yet so hopefully even more fun, delicious things get released before 2021 is over!

Marshmallow Flavoured Maltesers

The initial taste was just a plain Malteaser, but afterwards you are left with a sweet hint of a marshmallow in your mouth, which is what lead me to believe that it was the inside that was flavoured (I think most people would guess that, right?) – but I was wrong.

It actually states on the bag that the CHOCOLATE on the outside is marshmallow flavoured, which I think is a very interesting take, and certainly thinking outside the box, but I think made them have the same issues as the bubblegum M&Ms that I review below: chocolate is a powerful taste, and can overpower any over flavour you’re trying to add, unless you add a lot of it.

You could definitely taste more of the marshmallow with these guys than you could with the bubblegum M&Ms, but still I think these would have been more successful if the middle had been flavoured, or would have had a marshmallow-y, gooey centre. So, a fun idea, but not a very overwhelming end product. 4/10.

Iced Coffee Milk Bottles from Allen x Oak

Allen’s Milk Bottles can’t go wrong in my eyes. I will always love the originals, and last year I was buying their chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla malt versions WEEKLY, and this year they have brought me even more joy: iced coffee flavoured milk bottles! It’s clear that Oak and Allen’s are two companies that are destined to collaborate, and I hope they never stop, as these lollies are just as delicious as Oak’s iced coffee – without keeping you up all night! (Unless you get easily hopped up on sugar, that is.) 8/10.

Bubblegum M&Ms

When I first saw these on the supermarket shelves, I was puzzled. BUBBLEGUM flavoured CHOCOLATE? Obviously, I had to try them. The bright pink packaging is what caught my eye (yes, colourful packaging works on adults too!), and I knew that, no matter the outcome, I had to share my thoughts about this discovered with the world as this is such a unique creation.

Unfortunately, you could barely taste the bubblegum. This may have been on purpose because perhaps too much bubblegum would taste weird with the chocolate. Ultimately, they ended up just being normal M&Ms that tasted slightly sweet when you first put them in your mouth, but that quickly dissolved and you were left with just plain chocolate M&Ms. 3/10

Pokemon x Krispy Kreme Donuts

Long-time readers might be super shocked at the low rating on this considering my love of Pokemon AND donuts, but truth be told, these guys were quite disappointing, especially for the price. Most of them were just dipped in coloured white chocolate – which I could have easily done – or had about a centimetres worth of chocolate pumped inside, despite being claimed to be “filled” with chocolate.

Two others with filled with jam and custard, both of which I don’t like, so that didn’t do much for me. The Bulbasaur one was also… weird. It had a lot of different toppings that looked pretty, but didn’t taste like much. I was most happy with the 6 original glazed donuts that came with them. Luckily, they made for some super cute photos! 4/10

Giant Pokemon Pokedex Rice Krispies Treat

Arnott’s Teevee Snacks x Krispy Kreme:

These snacks have brought me SO MUCH JOY throughout lockdown! I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through it without them! I’ve tried every flavour (and there’s a lot!), and caramel is definitely my favourite. Most of my friends seem to enjoy the strawberry ones the most, but I’m also a huge fan of the multiple chocolate ones – which is interesting, as I’m not usually a chocolate fan, but that seems to have changed throughout our latest lockdown.

I do think it’s important for me to note that the “original glazed” flavoured ones don’t taste like original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts (and as someone who has multiple original glazed donuts per week thanks to Woolworths now making them so easy to access, I would know), but they’re still really good. I know these guys won’t last forever, but man I wish they would! 10/10.

The Pickle Rick Mint Maxibon from Peters Maxibon and Rick and Morty:

This interesting sounding treat is a mint ice cream sandwich with sporadic cookie pieces, covered in a white-chocolated-dyed-green shell, pressed between the Maxibon ice cream sandwich biscuit. Whilst it’s only available from 7/11 here in Australia so it’s a little annoying to get for someone like me who doesn’t drive, I WAS super impressed by the price.

Usually things from 7/11 are super expensive due to the convenience, but I bought two and it only came to $5. The fact that it’s ALSO Rick and Morty brand made the price even more impressive – and that’s not something to dismiss when it comes to fun candy collaborations.

The white chocolate shell was easily my favourite part of the entire treat. I could eat that thing again and again and again. The ice cream wasn’t actually super minty, and for someone who loves all things minty, that was a little disappointing, but it was still good. But it was the novelty of it all that really made it for me.

I wasn’t expecting to even find one considering it’s Rick and Morty, and I’ve never had a Maxibon before so I didn’t realise they were ice cream sandwiches until I opened it, which I LOVE. I’d honestly buy another just to eat that white chocolate shell again, it was SO good. 6/10

Rick & Morty Minimalistic Character Jelly/Jello Cups

Golden Gaytime x Coco Pops cereal:

Whilst the second you open the packet of this cereal you are overcome with a wonderful smell, that’s where the good stuff stops in my opinion. I was so confused by the taste of this cereal I had to look up what Golden Gaytime ice creams were meant to taste like to see what they were trying to achieve here, as it’d been a little while since I had one.

It hasn’t been that long since I’ve had Coco Pops though, so if you’re a big fan of Coco Pops, don’t get these. They don’t taste like Coco Pops at all. There’s nothing chocolate-y about them. You get about 5 chocolate pieces for 300 vanilla pieces, and you really can’t taste the chocolate amongst all that vanilla.

After discovering that Golden Gaytime ice cream is actually a vanilla ice cream, I understood why this cereal tasted to vanilla, but why so overbearingly vanilla? What’s with the ratio? Also, everyone’s favourite part of Golden Gaytime is the toffee outside, yet there’s no hint of that in this cereal. It’s just a big bowl of vanilla cereal and milk, and I need a lot more flavour to overpower my milk as I’m really not a huge fan of milk.

Now, these two companies HAVE also collaborated on an ice cream that looks very chocolate-y and far more appealing, so I haven’t completely written this collaboration off yet. These ARE two amazing companies, so I hope to try this ice cream in the future and discover that it’s everything I dreamed it to be. 2/10

Whilst I haven’t been head-over-heels for every one of these creations, they have still been super fun to see on the supermarket shelves AND to try! I love seeing companies getting creative and working together, and I can’t wait to see what else gets released throughout the rest of the year.

If there’s ever a product that gets released that you’d like to see me review – or use in a recipe or DIY! – then be sure to let me know, and I’ll do my best to make that happen. Just make sure I can access it here in Australia – or just shoot me an email at and you can send it TO me if you really want to see it featured here on The Small Adventurer 😉

Until next time,
Indya xx

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8 thoughts on “The Best Candy Collaborations & New Flavours of 2021 (So Far!)

  1. It’s very interesting when you start to think outside the box about mixing flavours. For example, when sea salt chocolate was first launch I that it was a terrible idea now everybody loves a bit of salted caramel.


  2. Very interesting! Thank you for collating this list. This is great for someone like me who munch candies everyday.


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