Strawberry & Cream “Gary the Snail” Pinwheel Cookies ♡ SpongeBob SquarePants Recipe

I am always trying to improve my baking skills. In my mind, there are two ways to do this: constantly try new recipes, or continue making the same few recipes until you get them perfect.

I personally go back and forth between these practises, but most of the time, I want to try something new. I want to make as many different things as possible, or as many different versions of something as I can. Example: pinwheel cookies.

Cookies – particularly sugar cookies – are not something that’s new to me. I’ve made them many times before, and I am sure I will continue to make them forever, as I love eating them, and I really want to perfect making AND decorating them.

However, every now and then I like to mix things up, which is why I decided to try a new kind of cookie – the pinwheel cookie. Whilst the recipe I use in this post is the same recipe I use for all my sugar cookies, the method itself changed a bit, which caused me to learn a few things and make a few mistakes along the way.

with gary the nail pinwheel cookies thesmalladventurer

As I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the photos, these cookies are not exactly round, as I tried to make them. I believe this is because I didn’t chill them enough (I go into more detail later on how long I chilled them for, and how long I recommend YOU chill them for 😅).

The colours also smushed together in some areas, which I am chalking up to my incredibly blunt knife and the fact that it crushed the cookies before it started cutting them.

As a perfectionist, it hurts my ego to share a recipe that I am not entirely proud of, but I realised I needed to do it anyway, for the other “me”s out there. I am sharing this recipe – including my advice on how to do better at the areas that I went wrong – for the beginners like me who don’t understand how other people get it right all the time.

I want to show everyone that mistakes do happen and, as unfortunate as they are, they teach us something we didn’t know for next time, because that’s the kind of thing that I need to read every now and then.

I need to see mistakes and not-so-perfect creations so I know it’s not just me, because deep down I DO know it’s not just me, but sometimes I need to hear it from others! Which means that other people need to hear it too, which is exactly what I’m here for. Happy baking!Read More »


Fran Fine Outfit Cookies for The Nanny’s 25th Anniversary

Dear readers, I have fallen in love!

With what, you may ask? Well, with TWO things: The Nanny, and painting on fondant!

If you pay any attention to my Instagram Stories (which, for my own nerves, I pretend that no one does… Until I get people responding to my Stories and sending me messages and then I realise OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH ME BLABBER ON ABOUT STUFF?! But anyway), you will be well aware that I have recently started watching The Nanny.

fran fine cookies the small adventurerthe nanny fran fine outfit cookies thesmalladventurer

At the time of writing this I am almost finished with season four, and boy has this show sucked me in! I am addicted to it; I watch it every moment I can. I even bring my laptop into the kitchen with me now so I can watch it whilst I wash the dishes and bake 😅 I have shed many tears over this show, and NEED to know how it ends.

The end of season three/beginning of season four particularly got me (AKA the plane scene, and after it!!!!), but the episode with Nigel and the boat also tugged at my heartstrings furiously – but it’s not just the Fran and Max storylines that I love about this show.

I honestly love all the characters. I think the kids are hilarious and great actors, and I’m really loving the development between Niles and CC. Of course, some of the show’s best lines come from when he’s being mean to her, but I also screamed when they kissed, and teared up when they danced together after attending an event.Read More »

How To Make Custom Character Cookies Without A Cookie Cutter

Guys, I’m on a bit of a cookie craze at the moment. I follow a lot of people who can do AMAZING things with cookies (The Sprinkle Factory, Vickie Liu, etc) and it makes me want to practice using fondant and royal icing every single day until I become as good as them!

Don’t worry, I’m still going to bake other things so you guys don’t get sick of me just posting cookies 😂 but I WILL share any cool tips and tricks that I learn along the way, which is exactly what this post is about! I’ve already shared how to make your own cookie cutters which is something I LOVE to do.

However, I understand that it can be a bit tedious to some people, especially if you know you’re probably never going to use that cutter again.

the small adventurer cookies pokemon

I’ve been making cookies that look the outfits that some of my favourite characters wear, and I found an easier way to ensure you’re cutting out the right shape without having to make an actual cookie cutter, which I’m going to share with you today!

As you’ll be able to see from the photos, this batch of cookies is inspired by one of my favourite franchises in the world, Pokemon. Don’t fear, though, as this technique will work with any design. I just chose Pokemon as I’ve been watching it again lately, and wanted to practice my fondant skills – which I know aren’t perfect, so go easy on me 😅Read More »