Homemade Chocolate-Covered Honeycomb Hearts

Happy Wednesday, guys! I can’t believe we’re already over half way through the month (which means we’re even closer to Christmas! It’s getting harder and harder to NOT talk about it, I just love that time of year so much 🙈), which means we’re almost through with me celebrating my partner’s birthday all month long.

thesmalladventurer heart shaped honeycomb

So far I’ve shared two recipes and two DIY projects inspired by him and I’ve been super happy with the results, but we’re not quite done yet! Today I’m sharing a honeycomb recipe that I tested out then put a little The Small Adventurer-spin onto! Honeycomb is one of Daniel’s favourite treats.

We often get the 400g bag of chocolate-covered honeycomb from Woolworths, and it never lasts more than a day in our house (no judgement about our snacking habits will be tolerated here, so don’t even try! 🙅‍♀️) because we both love it so much.

I’m actually really into trying to make things that we normally buy at the moment, so it was inevitable that we would eventually try making some honeycomb. Anyway, enough talking, let’s get onto the recipe 😋Read More »


DIY Ice Cream Sunglass Case for National Ice Cream Day

Do you guys know what today is? It’s National Ice Cream Day! And July is National Ice Cream Month! How wonderfully sweet is that? I knew I couldn’t let this holiday slip by without celebrating, so I brainstormed an ice cream-themed project, and here is what I ended up with: an ice cream sunglass case!

DIY phone case cover ice cream thesmalladventurer

I’m so glad that National Ice Cream Day/Month falls in July, as it goes perfectly with my plan to have all my creations this month be inspired by my boyfriend Daniel as a way to celebrate his birthday on the 9th. Ice cream is a staple in our house so this is a great holiday to fall around the same time 😋

Each time we go food shopping we pick out a box of ice creams for us to have together after dinner each night (our most recent ones were fairy floss-flavoured, and they are DELICIOUS), and it’s definitely one of my favourite traditions of ours – and we have a lot of traditions!

Not only is this project super cute and fun to make, it’s also really handy as I now have quite the collection of adorable sunglasses that I would hate to see be scratched by having them sit loosely inside my handbag. With this adorable case, that won’t be a problem! So, if you’d like to learn how to make your own ice cream sunglass case, then keep reading 👇Read More »

Marty McFly’s Hoverboard Sour Gummy Candy | Back To The Future Recipe

Welcome to what is perhaps the most creative and best-tasting thing that I have ever created: sour gummy candy that looks like the hoverboard from Back To The Future! Also, before any BTTF nerds (such as my boyfriend!) point it out, I know that the hoverboard isn’t technically Marty’s, as he steals it from a little girl, but after that it’s basically his.

sour gummy candy thesmalladventurer blog hoverboard bttf

If you’re new around here, you may not know that this month’s blog content has been inspired by my partner and best friend in the entire world, Daniel, since July is his birthday month (we’re a celebrate all-month-long kind of couple!). Considering Back to the Future is his all-time favourite movie/trilogy, I knew straight away that I would have had to create something inspired by it, so I did!

Daniel and I are huge fans of a lot of different candies, but Daniel has a particular strong sweet spot for sour gummy candies. Sour straps, pencils, any other shapes – if it’s sour, he’ll love it! I’d been wanting to make my own sour candy ever since I realised they’re just gummies covered in citric acid and sugar, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity, and I’m so glad I finally did it! These guys were SO delicious, I couldn’t stop eating them!

Now, Daniel doesn’t actually like fondant, so I left the fondant decorations off of a few gummy hoverboards so he could enjoy them, but if you’re NOT crazy like him, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy these just as they are 😜 Let’s get onto the recipe!Read More »