Ice Cream-Themed Christmas Gift Guide

Unless you are brand-spanking-new around these parts, you should very much know by now that I love things shaped like other things – especially if they’re shaped like FOOD! So really, this gift guide is for me, except I already have the second item 😅😂

I actually wasn’t sure whether I’d share any gift guides this year as SO MANY PEOPLE do them, but when I polled you guys on Instagram, the majority of you said you loved them, so I thought I better do at least one! And here it is ☺️

If you’d like to see more gift guides – and have specific ideas in mind – then feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do! Otherwise, continue to the bottom of this post where I share the guides I posted last year, as they may be what you’re looking for! Happy shopping 🎁

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The Revelation of Being Kind | World Kindness Day

Did YOU know that November 13 is World Kindness Day?! Because I didn’t when I first started to write this post, but I love that it worked out that way!

I actually got the idea to write this post because of something that keeps happening to me over and over again, both online and in real life: people are frequently surprised and taken aback by my kindness.

smiley face confetti thesmalladventurer diy project


Whilst it’s great to know that I’m making people happy, it’s also kind of worrying me about how the other people in their life are treating them, if one simple comment from me is enough to make their day.

Is kindness REALLY that hard to come by these days? Do other people NOT offer up advice or a compliment as soon as it pops into their head? Am I WEIRD for trying to be nice?

I am so surprised at what a revelation a simple act of kindness is to some people, and that in itself is kind of concerning.


Honestly, all I really do is offer a better alternative to my customers who are unsure of what to order at my work, or leave a nice comment on a blog or Instagram post, but the way some people have reacted to those things has left me stunned.Read More »

The Ultimate List of Unique Fillings to Enhance Your Cupcakes

Like anyone with a massive sweet tooth, I LOVE experimenting with new flavours and combinations! I also love the idea of desserts having a “surprise” element to them, which is I’ve been writing a list of things to put inside cupcakes for over a year now.

I planned to try them all slowly, one at a time, but as the list continued to grow, I realised it would take me years to get through them all! So, I whipped up a dozen or so cupcakes, and experimented with most of my ideas – and was pleasantly pleased with the results!

I didn’t try ALL the things I’ll be sharing in this list (and I’ll let you know which ones I didn’t try) simply because I didn’t have the ingredient on hand at the time, or because I only thought of them AFTER I made these cupcakes, but anyway.

sprinkle filled cupcakes thesmalladventurer

Now, let it be known that I am not a party thrower – or even a party GOER – by any means, but I still feel like cupcakes are the best party food as they are super easy to make, eat, and enhance!

Plus, I love the idea of whipping up a few batches of cupcakes and filling each one with something different but decorating them all the same, so it’s like a lucky dip and you get a fun, tasty surprise when you bite into them 😋 Enough chattering, let’s get onto the list!Read More »