Tips & Tricks To Decrease Mess and Clutter Around The House

Having a tidy and organised place to live in feels like an unachievable goal, but I am yet to give up on it. I am determined to make our space one that projects the feeling of calmness rather than chaos.

As both our lives and belongings are always changing and expanding, our habits need to be altered often as well. What we were doing a few months ago might not fit into our schedule anymore, or they might not be keeping certain things under control like they used to.


I enjoy sharing my new tricks on these topics as I learn them, as I figure there are probably a lot of people like me out there who are just baffled by their own mess sometimes. I’m constantly asking myself, “Where is all this stuff coming from?”. 

Whilst I DO know the answer to that question (which is: I like to shop), I also know that isn’t something that will be changing anytime soon. Instead, I look for other solutions to keep that problem contained. Here are some of those changes that I have made recently:



I like to break up the problems I have into two categories: mess and clutter. By definition, these are pretty much the same thing, but that’s not how I see it. They both mean “untidy”, but mess also means “dirty”.

So, when I’m talking about mess, I’m talking about things that need to be thrown out, but haven’t been. When I’m talking about clutter, I mean things that need to be organised better, or things that are being left in places other than their “home”.

Identifying which problem you have – whether it’s one or the other, or both – will help you with fixing those problems later on.Read More »


Tools & Gadgets That Are Really Helpful When Using Fondant

In case you’re brand new around here, I love playing around with fondant. I honestly think it’s a genius item to use in the kitchen as it is SO much fun to play with.

I have put it on EVERYTHING, including cookies, jelly, Rice Krispies treats, large cakes, small cakes, cake pops, sour gummies, whoopie pies, marshmallows, AND cheesecakes! Whew. So, as you can tell, I really like fondant.

To me, it’s like edible clay; it can turn a regular dessert into a piece of art, as long as you have the right tools – which is where this post comes in! The more I work with fondant, the more I learn about it, and discover new tips and tricks on how to truly unlock its potential.

fondant decorating tools equipment thesmalladventurer

Today, I shall be sharing that knowledge with you all. I’ve received countless comments and messages from people who say they’re too nervous to use fondant with their desserts, or that they have tried to use it and it ended terribly.

To anyone who fits into those categories, I must remind you of The Small Adventurer motto: “If I can do it, you can too!” With these items – and a little bit of practice – you will be making desserts that deserve to be placed in an art gallery in no time! 🙌Read More »

How to Slowly Chip Away at Your To Do List

No matter how much I try to organise my time better, there are times where it feels like my to do list is never-ending. This can get overwhelming – especially when certain health issues flare up, which can stop from me from being productive at all for a dew days.

However, I am slowly figuring out how to deal with a to do list that has grown to a scary long length, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite tips with all of you.


After all, cleaning and organising IS inevitable as an adult, so any advice that I can give to other people to help make it be less of a chore – and perhaps even a bit enjoyable – I am certainly going to pass along!

So here are some of the things that I personally do during my organising/cleaning/decluttering days that help me be more productive. I hope they help you despise these unavoidable parts of growing up even just a *little* bit less 😂



This one may seem pretty obvious, but it’s something a lot of people don’t bother doing: actually write down your to-do list. In fact, keep one going at all times, because there ARE going to be times when you realise there’s a task that needs to be done, but you don’t be able to do then and there, and when you finally have some spare time to do it, you will have forgotten what it was.

It happens to everyone, but noting things down as you think of them will help eliminate this problem. Plus, the mere act of crossing things off your to do list as you do them is a wonderful and motivating feeling that will only encourage you more while you’re working on those tasks.Read More »