DIY Donut Door Hanging

There’s no denying that sweets have taken over the world. With places such as the Museum of Ice Cream, Sugar Republic, and Dessert Museum, it seems that the whole world has fallen in love with colourful, fun, and sugary goodness!

Desserts have always been a huge love of mine, so I’m certainly not complaining about this latest trend, and seeing these amazing events and exhibitions come to life has inspired me to turn my own home – and life! – into a gallery of sweets.

DIY project thesmalladventurer donut doorway hanging

I’ve already made myself a donut tray, a pop tart tissue box, and filled my house with every dessert-themed home decor piece that I can get my hands on, but it’s just not enough!

So, today I am taking a leaf out of Dessert Museum’s book and making it rain donuts with this super fun doorway hanging DIY 🍩 I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Colourful Baking Shelf Reveal (+ Must-Have Organisational Items for Small Spaces!)

It’s finally here: my baking shelf reveal!!! If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that Daniel and I completely re-did my baking shelf set up for my birthday in September.

We had always talked about changing things or redoing the furniture items that we currently had, but after receiving a HUGE package of sprinkles and other baking items from Dollar Sweets, we realised it was no longer something we could put off.

I had no room for all the things I had, and the shelves we were using at the time were no longer practical. Enter: Kmart! I’ve talked about my favourite finds from Kmart before, which included their shelving.

fairy floss machine thesmalladventurerchocolate fountain mckenzies products sifter

These shelves are only two of seven shelving units that we have from Kmart, and I LOVE them because they are so crisp and white 😍 (Unlike the walls behind them, as I am sure you’ll all notice 😩)

Don’t worry, they’re not just pretty, there’s also practical too! The shelves themselves are quite deep, so you’re able to fit a lot on each shelf, which was very important to me as my collection is always growing.

BUT, without the right organisational pieces, any shelf can easily turn into a chaotic mess, so I made a list of what items I had the most of (ie: food colours, sprinkles, cake pans, and utensils) and figured out what products would help keep everything well organised AND easily accessible.Read More »

My Favourite Kmart Finds of 2018

It’s no secret that Kmart is amazing. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the only one who sees the beauty of its wonderfully low-priced items, but I’m still going to talk about them as if I am.

I really am a huge fan of Kmart. Most of my belongings used to be thrifted (and plenty of them still are! I love thrift shopping), but Kmart has definitely taken over as my go-to place to shop.

Their products are decently quality, amazingly priced, and perfect for my partner and I, who are in our early 20’s, work part-time, and don’t need/can’t afford appliances or furniture items that cost a few hundred dollars each.

So, today I’m going to share some of my all-time favourite purchases from Kmart that we’ve made throughout this year, just in case you aren’t aware of the amazing deals that are available, or are curious about the quality of certain products.

Everything that I list in this post, we own and love – and this is NOT sponsored by Kmart at all, it’s just an honest appreciation post for this wonder-store! ✨

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