Tips and Tricks for Your Monthly De-Clutters

It is no secret – both online and off – that I like to buy things, which I justify by saying that I’m a collector. However, I also live in a tiny unit with my boyfriend, so my constant shopping can become a source of claustrophobia real quick.

This is why I make myself do a de-clutter of the house at least once a month. Since I buy most of my things second hand, it’s easy for me to donate belongings that I no longer want, since I make regular trips to thrift stores anyway.

I’ve posted some surveys, both on Instagram and this blog, about what kind of content you’d like to see more of in 2019, since my epilepsy is making it difficult for me to bake as much as I would like to. A lot of people said they’d love to see more home decor posts, particularly about organising and decluttering, which I am ALL FOR 🙌

Keep an eye out for future posts about collections – how to keep them organised and under control even in confined spaces, for example – but for today, we are going to focus on de-cluttering. I am going to share with you all EXACTLY how I do my monthly de-clutters, and each step that I take to ensure that I am thoroughly examining everything that I own.



I donate 90% of my unwanted items, so I am going to encourage you to donate most things that you find throughout your de-clutter. Thrift shops are wonderful; they ensure that perfectly good items aren’t going to landfill, and they help those who are strapped for cash get regular, every day items for a bargain.

I grew up with second hand items, and even though I’m in a better place financially now, I still love thrift shops will all my heart, and always make sure I donate whatever I can. It might be easier just to throw things in your waste bin, but I really do encourage you to think about how happy you might make another person by donating your goods.

Even things as simple as kitchen utensils can be something someone might not be able to afford on top of their other expenses, but many thrift stores often bunch together a range of them and sell the entire lot for a few dollars, and that can really help someone out through a tough time.

TRY polka dot bin declutter clean organise thesmalladventurer.jpg                          How adorable is my polka dot bin from The Reject Shop?! 🌈

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Sweeten Up Your Home Decor for Decorate With Candy Day!

Yes, today is in fact Decorate With Candy Day. I think I say this more than the average person, but have you ever heard of something so magical?! I honestly think this holiday was made for me. It involves two of my favourite things: decorating AND candy! 😋

It’s certainly no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth, and I’m always up for anything that involves proclaiming my love of sweets, and what a better day to do it than today? ☺️

Keep on reading to learn some of my favourite tricks on how to incorporate my love of sweets into my fashion, home decor, and every day life! I guarantee your life will be a whole lot sweeter afterwards 💕


decorate with candy day thesmalladventurer


I have made it my personal mission to own as much food-shaped decor items as possible. I have THREE sweets-inspired beanbags (a donut, a cupcake, and a macaron!) scattered around the house, which seem to be eye-catchers to anyone who enters our place, but the smaller items are just as awesome. I have lots of things such as novelty lights, cookie jars, and pen holders that are shaped like many of my favourite treats, and I LOVE them!

The trick to finding these kind of pieces is to know where to look. Most of the items I have were thrifted as I am the #thriftshopqueen so make sure you check out your local op shop, but another great place to find food-shaped items in the kid’s section, in any kind of shop! I have a gummy bear night light that I found in Kmart’s baby section a few years ago, and they ALWAYS have a great range of wooden toys that are super gorgeous, and often shaped like food too.

Typo is another great place for novelty items – although I have a rule to only shop there when a sale is on, which means I often miss out on some of the cooler options – but if you’re international you HAVE to check out the websites Perpetual Kid and Uncommon Goods. They are goldmines for quirky items! Just search what kind of items – or what kind of theme – you’re looking for, then apologise to your bank account 😂Read More »

Christmas Tree Reveal + Our Busy Start to December

I know how much I sound like a broken record at this point, but man, life is crazy. I thought November was hectic enough, but it’s nothing compared to how December has been already. We’re only five days into this month and Daniel and I have already spent three of those days at the doctor/hospital/medical centre, had a house inspection, attended an event in the city, made plans to visit his family four hours away, AND are trying to navigate how to see my own family for Christmas when Daniel works so often.

christmas tree thesmalladventurerpizza ornament 2018burger christmas tree ornament thesmalladventurer

All year we’d been telling ourselves how relaxing Dec/Jan/Feb was going to be because Daniel wouldn’t be at school anymore, but it’s SO much crazier, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that we may have actually finally reached adulthood.

From what I understand, being an adult is really just trying to figure out how to do things that are inevitable and feeling like time is going fast every day, and that’s exactly how I feel. For example, every Sunday night I refill my weekly pill case, and I swear it has felt like I’ve done that every single day for the past week. THAT is how fast time is going by!Read More »