Christmas Tree Reveal + Our Busy Start to December

I know how much I sound like a broken record at this point, but man, life is crazy. I thought November was hectic enough, but it’s nothing compared to how December has been already. We’re only five days into this month and Daniel and I have already spent three of those days at the doctor/hospital/medical centre, had a house inspection, attended an event in the city, made plans to visit his family four hours away, AND are trying to navigate how to see my own family for Christmas when Daniel works so often.

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All year we’d been telling ourselves how relaxing Dec/Jan/Feb was going to be because Daniel wouldn’t be at school anymore, but it’s SO much crazier, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that we may have actually finally reached adulthood.

From what I understand, being an adult is really just trying to figure out how to do things that are inevitable and feeling like time is going fast every day, and that’s exactly how I feel. For example, every Sunday night I refill my weekly pill case, and I swear it has felt like I’ve done that every single day for the past week. THAT is how fast time is going by!Read More »


The Best TV Dinners (And Shows!) for Those Lazy Nights

First off, I just want to talk about eating dinner in front of the TV, as I know most people frown upon it. Daniel and I did not come from families who ate together every night at the dinner table. Whilst it did happen occasionally, it was not protocol, so it makes sense that it isn’t something we do now as adults.

I know a lot of people find this problematic, but hear us out. I think most families put a lot of importance on eating dinner together as that’s the only time when everyone is home and actually can spend time together. We do not live like that.

Even though we are currently in the busiest time of our lives while we are both at school AND working part-time, we spend every moment that we can together. Even if we’re both doing homework, or Daniel’s on the computer while I’m reading, we’re still usually in the same room and talking most of the time.

We genuinely love spending time together, which is why we do so any chance we get, meaning we don’t have to set aside one hour each night to eat together and make conversation, because we do so all day long.

Instead, our dinner time is set aside for watching our favourite movie and TV shows together, as they are something we both love and bond over. Don’t think that having something playing stunts our conversation, either. We’re constant pause-rs and OMG-let’s-talk-about-what-just-happened kind of people, and we love seeing how each other reacts to certain scenes and plot twists. Anyway, enough talking, let’s get onto the meals and shows!



I had never had pad thai before I tried this frozen meal from Aldi, but man, am I SO incredibly glad that I decided to give it a try, because it is DELICIOUS! I buy this meal without fail every week. Daniel works a lot of nights and due to my only recently diagnosed epilepsy, it hasn’t been safe for me to use the stove or oven whilst he isn’t home. This means I usually stick to microwave meals on those nights, so I have really come to appreciate the variety that is available in frozen meals these days, because my tastebuds get to go all over the world on a weekly basis!

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DIY Donut Door Hanging

There’s no denying that sweets have taken over the world. With places such as the Museum of Ice Cream, Sugar Republic, and Dessert Museum, it seems that the whole world has fallen in love with colourful, fun, and sugary goodness!

Desserts have always been a huge love of mine, so I’m certainly not complaining about this latest trend, and seeing these amazing events and exhibitions come to life has inspired me to turn my own home – and life! – into a gallery of sweets.

DIY project thesmalladventurer donut doorway hanging

I’ve already made myself a donut tray, a pop tart tissue box, and filled my house with every dessert-themed home decor piece that I can get my hands on, but it’s just not enough!

So, today I am taking a leaf out of Dessert Museum’s book and making it rain donuts with this super fun doorway hanging DIY 🍩 I hope you love it as much as I do!

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