My Process on How to Do Multiple De-Clutters a Month

As someone with a maximilist decor style, a penchant for shopping, and an ever-increasing list of hobbies, clutter has become my greatest enemy and the thing that never leaves my side. Nevertheless, I am determined to beat it, so this is one battle that shall go on until the end of time – or, until I figure out how to FINALLY get on top of it, I guess.

I have already shared posts about my multiple monthly de-clutters and the new ideas I get on how to organise so many items within a small space, but I’ve never really talked about how it is that I am able to do so many de-clutters within one month. I actually have a system that practically ensures that every time I decide to do a de-clutter, I will come out with at least one entire bag full of items to give away.

rainbow duster declutter clean organise thesmalladventurer

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Usually, it’s 3-4 bags, which means I am making multiple stops to the charity stores every month (that often leads to shopping – especially since some places give you a discount if you donate – so that only continues the cycle 😂). Do keep in mind that this process won’t work for everyone.

I live in a tiny unit and go shopping multiple times a week, so de-cluttering is a NECESSITY, as is the very first step of this post. If you don’t live in a place with limited storage, this exercise may not work for you, but I recommend reading it just in case 😉Anyway, my four-step process to de-cluttering is as followed:


As I’ve said a million times by now, I live in a very small space; a tiny two bedroom unit that I share with my boyfriend (he owns, like, TWO things though as he is a minimalist, so his belongings don’t really factor in here). As a kid I lived in a house that had a dining room that is bigger than the ENTIRE PLACE we live in now! It’s small – which means that I can’t have everything out on display.Read More »

Silicon Moulds 101: How to Effectively Organise, Use, and Clean Your Collection

Oh silicon moulds, how you have improved my life so ☺️ Something I have learnt in the last few years is that good tools and materials make all the difference when it comes to creating!

I’ve already shared some of my favourite tools to use when playing around with fondant, but today’s post is going to focus on one item – silicon moulds – and the best ways to utilise them in the kitchen AND the craft room 😯

I’ve only been creating seriously for a few years, but I’ve already accumulated quite a collection of silicon moulds in that time. My collection consists of ice cube moulds, chocolate moulds, fondant moulds, and more.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of moulds they’re advertised as; if they’re made of silicon, you can use them for almost anything!

silicon mould kitchen storage thesmalladventurerkitchen storage silicon mould organisation thesmalladventurer

This post will feature ideas on how to best organise your collection (which can be quite difficult if they’re all different sizes, like mine), the many ways which you can use each mould, AND how to clean even the most intricate designs with all those hard-to-get places. I hope this post helps someone out there, because I know that I could have used a post like this when I first begun my silicon mould journey!


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My Colourful Home Office Room Tour!

I know I love a LOT of things, but one of my all-time favourite things is being at home. That means quite a lot to me since, as a child, I hated being at home and would do everything in my power to be anywhere else or to have someone come and visit me.

Now I love being at home, and I love putting lots of time into making our space a happy, colourful, fun place to be, which means both decorating and organising have become some of my favourite hobbies ☺️

donut memo board diy project thesmalladventurerdessert pink home office decor thesmalladventurer

I got the idea for this bowl of confetti from this post on Aww Sam where she says she has a drawer full of confetti. My desk doesn’t have any drawers, so I made do with a fish bowl instead. It’s SO much fun to look at! 

Our office has always been my favourite room of the house, but it is tiny so I have to do most of my DIY projects in the lounge room instead.

Due to its small size – and the fact that is houses my collections of mugs, Pokemon items, hole punches, books, ALL my craft supplies, stationery, and more – it is almost ALWAYS cluttered, so I’ve never shared many photos of it.

Until now! I’ve been working hard on making better decisions in terms of what to keep around the house, where everything should be, how to organise everything, and more – and now I finally have an office space that I am happy enough with to share with you all!Read More »