TheSmallAdventurer Turns Two: The Story Behind My Blog Name

My, oh my. I honestly cannot believe it has been two whole years since I started this blog. Two whole years since I shared my very first post, titled The Beginning, and ultimately began this amazing journey that has improved my life in countless ways.

It’s interesting looking back at that first post and seeing what has changed. I was studying a Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services. Little did I know that the school I was was attending would shut down before I finished, and that I would now be in my first year of online university, studying a Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing.

I also mentioned my awful memories problems as being one of the reasons I wanted to start documenting my favourite moments in life, and now I know that I most likely have focal epilepsy, which could be an explanation behind my poor memory.

When you go back and read my first post, it may seem like the overall meaning behind this blog has changed, as I said it was to create a way to document my favourite adventures, yet my last adventure post was back in November, 2017 – but that’s not entirely true, which is why I want to talk about the in-depth meaning of the name ‘The Small Adventurer’ today.

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How to Spring Clean Your Blog

I know all my Australian readers and fellow bloggers are going to look at this title and frown, thinking: Indya, you know we just entered Autumn, right? It’s nowhere near Spring. Yes, don’t worry, I’m aware of what hemisphere I’m in, but I decided to write this post for two reasons. The first one being that most of my readers are actually from America (hey guys!) and other places in the Northern Hemisphere, but I also decided to write it because I think any time is a good time for a Spring clean!


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Why You Need to Get Over Your Fear of Pitching to Brands

Just a few months ago I swore I would never pitch to a brand or business. Despite reading countless posts on how great and important it is to do, I was convinced I’d never do it. What would I say? What if they say no? What if they share the email with all their employees and laugh at me? I instantly became racked with fear at just the thought of contacting a brand in hopes of collaborating, but then something changed.

Why You Need to Get Over Your Fear of Pitching to Brands

I’m not even sure what it was exactly that made me change my mind, but I remember one day thinking that I really, really wanted to work with this specific brand. I browsed their website and found a section about possible collaborations, and I eventually mustered up the courage to send an email.

That first email was pretty bad. Whilst I explained who I was, what I had in mind, and how much I admire their products perfectly well, I didn’t include any links to my blog or social media accounts (doh!), nor did I mention any of my statistic or growth rate (double doh!). Honestly, it’s no wonder they never got back to me. I sounded so naive, plus I wasn’t really offering them anything that was going to benefit them.

It’s unfortunate as I really do love that brand and their products, but I can always try again after some time has passed and my online reach has improved. Since that first blunder, I have gotten a lot better at crafting pitching emails. I make sure that each one is unique as I don’t want it to seem like I’m contacting just anyone in hopes of collaborating, because that’s not what I’m doing. I am taking notes of brands and businesses that I personally admire and reaching out to them.

A lot of them are really big brands that work with much bigger bloggers than me, but I believe in aiming for the best. Believe me, I know how nerve-wracking it is to reach out to the people you admire, but it’s so, so worth it, let me tell you why:

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