My Unique Novelty Plate Collection

It has been FAR too long since I’ve shared a good collection post! Considering how many things I collect, I honestly don’t post about them very much on here at all.

All three collection posts from last year were all baking themed – which is certainly appropriate – but I mostly collect things that don’t get used, such as home decor items that are more to LOOK at, not touch 🙊

So, I finally rounded up all my novelty plates, dusted them off, and spent one afternoon last weekend figuring out just how the heck I was going to photograph them all and put this post together!

I eventually decided to split up all my plates into the stores that I bought them from so you can keep track of where they’re from. If they’re still available, I’ll link directly to them. If not, I’ll just link to the store itself. I always recommend checking in-store anyway, as you never know what you might find!

dusk travel plate collection series thesmalladventurer

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These are definitely the most expensive plates of my collection, even though I got them on clearance. I saw these plates every. single. day. after work as I would pass Dusk, and my heart would ache for the Paris plate. Paris has always held a large piece of my heart, despite the fact that I’ve never been there. I’ve always owned many home decor items with the Eiffel Tower on it – I still do, in fact – and when they finally got marked down, I bit the bullet and went in.Read More »

My Food Flavour Extract Collection + Review!

After weeks of saying I’d be sharing this post eventually, it’s finally here: my food flavour extract collection! Back in August I shared my food colour collection as my collections are some of my favourite kind of posts to share, plus it was great to be able to view each brand overall rather than doing a review post for each item as that would have taken FOREVER.

Annoyingly, since it took so long for me to test each item after I had already taken the photos, I have now acquired more flavours that won’t be included in this post – AND more colours that aren’t included in the food colour post – but I’ll be sure to update both collections once I have tested them all. Now, let’s get onto the collection!

queen fine foods flavour extract thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods flavour essences thesmalladventurer

Queen Fine Foods: Always My Favourite

Just like I said in my food colour post – and every time I ever mention Queen Fine Foods – this is my FAVOURITE brand for a multitude of reasons.

They’re an Australian brand, they have a range of great products, their prices are ridiculously cheap for how great they are, and all the conversations I’ve had with their social media team have shown me just how lovely, passionate, and creative they are ☺️

I have 13 of their flavour extracts and essences (some of which were gifted – mostly the limited edition ones) and I am yet to be disappointed in ANY of them! They can be used in cakes, icings, jelly, soft AND hard candy, drinks, and more.

My favourite flavour that they have released so far is definitely their salted caramel one – which I used recently in my flavoured sugar cubes – but each one has an amazing, strong taste that is sure to liven up your creations 😋

Other recipes in which I use their flavour extracts here on the blog include: my Giant Popcorn Box Cake, Homemade Gummy Bears, Triple-Flavoured Pokemon Centre Cake, Salted Caramel “Choc Chip Cookie” Meringues, Cactus Gummy Candy, Strawberry Fudge Treats, and my Squidward Tentacles’ “Bold and Brash” palette knife cake.Read More »

Silicon Moulds 101: How to Effectively Organise, Use, and Clean Your Collection

Oh silicon moulds, how you have improved my life so ☺️ Something I have learnt in the last few years is that good tools and materials make all the difference when it comes to creating!

I’ve already shared some of my favourite tools to use when playing around with fondant, but today’s post is going to focus on one item – silicon moulds – and the best ways to utilise them in the kitchen AND the craft room 😯

I’ve only been creating seriously for a few years, but I’ve already accumulated quite a collection of silicon moulds in that time. My collection consists of ice cube moulds, chocolate moulds, fondant moulds, and more.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of moulds they’re advertised as; if they’re made of silicon, you can use them for almost anything!

silicon mould kitchen storage thesmalladventurerkitchen storage silicon mould organisation thesmalladventurer

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This post will feature ideas on how to best organise your collection (which can be quite difficult if they’re all different sizes, like mine), the many ways which you can use each mould, AND how to clean even the most intricate designs with all those hard-to-get places. I hope this post helps someone out there, because I know that I could have used a post like this when I first begun my silicon mould journey!


Read More »