Homemade Bubblegum Gummy Bears

Is there any candy that is quite as iconic as a gummy bear? I personally don’t think so. They’re such adorable and delicious little treats 🙊

Ever since I made that resin gummy bear bracelet last month, I wanted to try my hand at making actual gummy bears, so I did!

It took a few tries until I got the taste and consistency that suited my own preference, but there’s plenty of room for wiggle room if need be.

For instance, these gummy bears are not as firm as store bought ones as I didn’t want the gelatine powder to overpower the flavour extract, so they more so resemble jelly (or jell-o, if you’re American!).

queen fine foods bubble gum gummy bears thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods bubble gum flavour extra food colour thesmalladventurer

If you’d like yours to be more solid, you can always up the quantity of gelatine, I just recommend making these in advance if you’re going to use them for a special occasion to ensure that the finished product is exactly to you’re liking.

Also, in case anyone’s wondering, I did NOT use the same mould that I used for the resin bracelet because that would be dangerous as heck – instead, I bought one mould and cut it in half. I use one half for crafts, and the other for recipes! Now, let’s get onto how YOU can make some of these tiny cuties yourself 😋Read More »


“Licorice Allsorts” Black Velvet Cake Petit Fours

Considering I have never liked the taste of them, I sure do make a lot of things inspired by licorice allsorts! I just love how fun and colourful they are, and you should all know by now how much I love things-that-look-like-other-things 🙌

I also love petit fours because they are adorable and there’s so many possibilities when it comes to design and filling! The first petit four recipe I shared on here were the Deadpool “puzzle” ones in May last year, which I LOVED making. Who said playing with your food was bad?! It’s so much fun! 🙊

I also shared some neon Halloween ones in October, and as much as I loved both designs, I realised I was focused too much on the look of the petit fours, and not spending enough time on the actual taste. I knew that had to change, so I did some brainstorming and this is what I came up with!

These petit fours are a little more creative than vanilla cake with some fondant on top. In fact, they’re made up of three different components: rich black velvet cake, delicious whipped cream, and some super colourful fondant! I’m sure you’re going to love them 😉

thesmalladventurer petit fours licorice allsortspetit fours thesmalladventurer licorice allsortsRead More »

Sour “Ditto” Jelly Slice for Pokemon Day

Today is officially my favourite day of the year: it’s Pokemon Day! Every year, February 27th is known as Pokemon Day as it marks the anniversary of the original release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan.

As a diehard Pokemon far for my entire life, I clearly had to make something to mark such an occasion – but don’t worry, this recipe is easily adaptable for those of you who aren’t into Pokemon!

I’ve mentioned before that jelly is a staple in The Small Adventurer household. It’s one of Daniel’s favourite things to eat AND it’s something super easy for me to whip up so that it’s ready for him when he finishes work! (How 50s-housewife does THAT sound? 😂)

I’ve tested out another kind of jelly slice on here before, but when I found that you could just add plain cream to jelly and it would set in two separate layers as if by MAGIC, I knew I had to give it a try for myself, so I did!

strawberry sour jelly slice ditto pokemon day thesmalladventurerpokemon day ditto strawberry jelly slice thesmalladventurer

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But I wanted to make it more unique, so I decided to add some citric acid to see if I could create sour jelly – and it worked! I was so surprised AND delighted, as Daniel and I are both big fans of anything sour 😋

This recipe is SUPER simple to make, and can be easily tweaked to suit any kind of theme or colour palette that you’re going for! Just choose what kind of flavour jelly you’d like (and add some food colouring if you want it a different colour!), some cream, and a fun-shaped cookie cutter and you’re good to go! 😊Read More »