The Ultimate List of Unique Fillings to Enhance Your Cupcakes

Like anyone with a massive sweet tooth, I LOVE experimenting with new flavours and combinations! I also love the idea of desserts having a “surprise” element to them, which is I’ve been writing a list of things to put inside cupcakes for over a year now.

I planned to try them all slowly, one at a time, but as the list continued to grow, I realised it would take me years to get through them all! So, I whipped up a dozen or so cupcakes, and experimented with most of my ideas – and was pleasantly pleased with the results!

I didn’t try ALL the things I’ll be sharing in this list (and I’ll let you know which ones I didn’t try) simply because I didn’t have the ingredient on hand at the time, or because I only thought of them AFTER I made these cupcakes, but anyway.

sprinkle filled cupcakes thesmalladventurer

Now, let it be known that I am not a party thrower – or even a party GOER – by any means, but I still feel like cupcakes are the best party food as they are super easy to make, eat, and enhance!

Plus, I love the idea of whipping up a few batches of cupcakes and filling each one with something different but decorating them all the same, so it’s like a lucky dip and you get a fun, tasty surprise when you bite into them 😋 Enough chattering, let’s get onto the list!Read More »


Multiple Ways to Use Flavour Extracts & Essences

Aside from food colours, flavours are some of my favourite baking items to collect! I have acquired an awesome range of different flavours that are really fun to play around with in the kitchen when I’m creating.

I thought I’d write a little post about the many ways you can use these delicious little bottles of flavour goodness, as you may not have thought about some of these yet!

You can get a better look at all the flavours I have in my baking shelf reveal, so feel free to let me know if there’s any flavours that you’d like to see in a recipe, as I really don’t use them enough 😋



We’ll start with the most obvious one: icing. Everyone who is at all familiar with baking would be aware that you can add a few drops of a flavour essence or extract to a bowl of buttercream or royal icing to give it a bit of a kick.

You can also add flavour to fondant by kneading some drops of essence or extract into it, much like you would if you were trying to colour it (let me know if you’d like a post on how to colour fondant – or any other tips for working with it!). Read More »

Fran Fine Outfit Cookies for The Nanny’s 25th Anniversary

Dear readers, I have fallen in love!

With what, you may ask? Well, with TWO things: The Nanny, and painting on fondant!

If you pay any attention to my Instagram Stories (which, for my own nerves, I pretend that no one does… Until I get people responding to my Stories and sending me messages and then I realise OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH ME BLABBER ON ABOUT STUFF?! But anyway), you will be well aware that I have recently started watching The Nanny.

fran fine cookies the small adventurerthe nanny fran fine outfit cookies thesmalladventurer

At the time of writing this I am almost finished with season four, and boy has this show sucked me in! I am addicted to it; I watch it every moment I can. I even bring my laptop into the kitchen with me now so I can watch it whilst I wash the dishes and bake 😅 I have shed many tears over this show, and NEED to know how it ends.

The end of season three/beginning of season four particularly got me (AKA the plane scene, and after it!!!!), but the episode with Nigel and the boat also tugged at my heartstrings furiously – but it’s not just the Fran and Max storylines that I love about this show.


I honestly love all the characters. I think the kids are hilarious and great actors, and I’m really loving the development between Niles and CC. Of course, some of the show’s best lines come from when he’s being mean to her, but I also screamed when they kissed, and teared up when they danced together after attending an event.Read More »