DIY Smiley Face Confetti

Can you believe how close Christmas is getting?! In my eyes, as soon as it hits 12am and October 31st becomes November 1st, it’s automatically Christmas season, and I will have a non-stop smile on my face – until the end of December, when I’m weeping whilst putting away all the Christmas decorations.

Anyway, I LOVE this time of year, and I want to try extra hard to spread the cheer and happiness that I feel daily with the rest of the world. So, I thought to myself: what’s something that always makes people happy? Confetti!

diy project smiley face confetti thesmalladventurer

Yes, I am the kind of person whose face becomes covered with a cheesy, teeth-bearing smile from something as simple as seeing a butterfly, or getting a chocolate bar for half price. Therefore, there might be a SLIGHT chance that confetti might NOT make everyone as happy as it makes me, but I doubt it 😜

This adorable smiley face confetti is super easy to make, and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face who sees it. We all know that surrounding ourselves with happy people is a great way to bring more positivity into our own lives, so why not set aside an afternoon to whip up a batch of these happiness-inducing pieces of paper, and help spread some cheer around ☺️Read More »


DIY Sushi Roll Photo Holders

Before we get onto the instructions, I need to share something with you guys: I am quite afraid of clay! I’ve only played with it a few times, but I find it SUPER intimidating.

I am way too paranoid of accidentally poisoning myself with the fumes, or getting some under my nails and then eating afterwards – even though I wear gloves at all times – which is why I haven’t shared many projects using it so far.

However, I am determined to become a pro at it! I’ve seen people create BREATHTAKING creations using clay, and that will be me, even if takes a few months years 😅

the small adventurer photo holder diy

Over on the baking side of my creations, I’ve been playing with fondant a lot – which I consider to be the clay of the baking world – to decorate things such as petit fours and cookies with. I was hoping this would improve my skills with clay as well, but clay is much more difficult!

As you can see, I TRIED to go with a relatively simple design for these photo holders, but I still had trouble making the clay as smooth as I would have liked.

However, for a medium that scares the heck out of me and that I have basically 0% experience in, I am pretty happy with this finished project, and I’m excited to have something I created adding more character to our home decor! Now, enough babbling, let’s get onto the tutorial!Read More »

DIY Donut Door Hanging

There’s no denying that sweets have taken over the world. With places such as the Museum of Ice Cream, Sugar Republic, and Dessert Museum, it seems that the whole world has fallen in love with colourful, fun, and sugary goodness!

Desserts have always been a huge love of mine, so I’m certainly not complaining about this latest trend, and seeing these amazing events and exhibitions come to life has inspired me to turn my own home – and life! – into a gallery of sweets.

DIY project thesmalladventurer donut doorway hanging

I’ve already made myself a donut tray, a pop tart tissue box, and filled my house with every dessert-themed home decor piece that I can get my hands on, but it’s just not enough!

So, today I am taking a leaf out of Dessert Museum’s book and making it rain donuts with this super fun doorway hanging DIY 🍩 I hope you love it as much as I do!

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