DIY Ice Cream Sunglass Case for National Ice Cream Day

Do you guys know what today is? It’s National Ice Cream Day! And July is National Ice Cream Month! How wonderfully sweet is that? I knew I couldn’t let this holiday slip by without celebrating, so I brainstormed an ice cream-themed project, and here is what I ended up with: an ice cream sunglass case!

DIY phone case cover ice cream thesmalladventurer

I’m so glad that National Ice Cream Day/Month falls in July, as it goes perfectly with my plan to have all my creations this month be inspired by my boyfriend Daniel as a way to celebrate his birthday on the 9th. Ice cream is a staple in our house so this is a great holiday to fall around the same time 😋

Each time we go food shopping we pick out a box of ice creams for us to have together after dinner each night (our most recent ones were fairy floss-flavoured, and they are DELICIOUS), and it’s definitely one of my favourite traditions of ours – and we have a lot of traditions!

Not only is this project super cute and fun to make, it’s also really handy as I now have quite the collection of adorable sunglasses that I would hate to see be scratched by having them sit loosely inside my handbag. With this adorable case, that won’t be a problem! So, if you’d like to learn how to make your own ice cream sunglass case, then keep reading 👇Read More »


DIY Rubik’s Cube Pillow

It’s heeeeeeeere! July: the month of awesome – and mostly never-before-featured-on-The-Small-Adventurer – recipes and DIY projects, all inspired by my wonderful boyfriend. It’s his 23rd birthday on the 9th, so I decided to dedicate most, if not all, of this month’s creations to things that he likes, and I have honestly never felt more inspired!

The recipes are definitely my favourite part, and whilst I don’t want to give all of this month’s content away, I do want to say that one recipe is for SOUR GUMMY LOLLIES, and they are amazing. Exactly like the sour gummies you buy from the shop, only better because I designed them to look like an important item from Daniel’s favourite movie – which is a movie that I KNOW a lot of you will love as well!

DIY project Rubik's Cube thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer DIY project Rubik's Cibe

To kick off this month of exciting projects is one of my all-time favourite things to make: pillows! I am honestly kind of obsessed with pillows. Over the last two months I’ve made an Animal Crossing pitfall seed pillow, a donut pillow, a Mario Question Block pillow, and now this Rubik’s cube pillow, which is easily the most tedious one of them all 😂

Now, truth be told that Daniel doesn’t love Rubik’s cubes as much as he does the other things that I’ll be sharing this month, but he is really good at them – AND we have, like, five in our office – so they always remind me of him.

Plus, as you can probably tell from the list above, I am kind of on a mission to make a heap of geeky pillows to go in our office, so this fits in quite well. So, if you’ve got a lot of patience and time on your hands, then read ahead and find out how to make your own Rubik’s Cube pillow ☺️Read More »

DIY Sailor Scout Chokers for Sailor Moon’s Birthday

Hey, all you Sailor Moon fans out there! June 30th is here already (Where has the year gone?!?), which means it’s time to celebrate the birthday of the ever-powerful Sailor Moon – as well as her daughter, Chibi Moon, since they have the same birthday!

Now, you may have noticed that this post doesn’t feature the chokers that either one of them wear, but hear me out… I actually stitched the ribbon for both their chokers, but didn’t manage to get my hands on a heart OR a semi-circle cookie cutter, so I wasn’t able to finish making their chokers.

However, I am working on making my own cookie cutters soon (which I’ll definitely do a DIY tutorial for on here!) so that shouldn’t be a problem in the future! Now that that apology is out of the way, let’s get onto making the chokers of four of my favourite fictional female characters: Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter!

Sailor Moon Scout chokers DIY thesmalladventurerSailor Moon DIY project thesmalladventurerRead More »