DIY Button Makeover ♡ Lips Appreciation Day

Just in case you’re brand new around these parts (if you are, hi! So glad to have you at The Small Adventurer!), here’s a little fact for you: I LOVE making things shaped like lips! Especially red lips! 😍

I just think they’re such a gorgeous, feminine symbol – plus, lipstick was always my favourite make-up product to collect! I have a lipstick in every colour, except for green.

Now, I may not have actually worn the yellow or blue lipsticks that I own, but they were still needed for my collection. Naturally.

thesmalladventurer lips appreciation day button makeoverdiy project lips drink stirrer button makeover lips appreciation day thesmalladventurer

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Anyway, when I realised Lips Appreciation Day was making its way around again, I knew I had to get brainstorming on a fun post to make inspired by it.

Last year Daniel and I made lips-shaped jelly slice pieces (can we appreciate the photo glow up in just one year? Can’t wait to see how much better I get by this time NEXT year!) and they were delicious, but this time around I decided to do a DIY project instead!

This is a SUPER easy project that costs next to nothing, is easily removable and can be altered to go with almost any other novelty holiday that might arise throughout the year!

Now enough blabbering, let me tell you how I made these adorable lip-shaped button covers 😍Read More »


DIY Lucky Charm Marshmallow Nail Decals for St. Patrick’s Day (FREE GRAPHIC DOWNLOADS!)

Here it is, just as promised, a DIY project involving my Cricut machine! Last week I shared a post of all the signs that you should get your own Cricut machine, and a lot of you said you’d like to see more DIY projects using my Cricut machine, and I am nothing if not accommodating 😉

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own nail decals for a while now. Nail art has always been an interest of mine, and now with the combination of a Cricut machine and the wonderful material that is vinyl, I knew a whole new world of nail art was right around the corner!

DIY project lucky charms vinyl nail decals thesmalladventurer

Before we jump into the tutorial, I want to talk about my design inspiration for these decals: Lucky Charms marshmallows! As you may know, I’m from Australia, so we don’t have Lucky Charms here 🙁

BUT I do see this cereal all over social media quite often and have always been in love with the tiny marshmallows that come with it, and when I realised St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, I knew it was the perfect time to make something inspired by them 🙊

So, if YOU want to find out how to make your own Lucky Charms-inspired nail decals with your Cricut machine, keep reading! And yes, I HAVE included the exact graphics that I personally made for my decals as a free download for all of you who wish to give this a try ☺️ Happy crafting!Read More »

Signs You Need to Get a Cricut Machine

Like many decisions in life, buying a Cricut machine is not something that you decide to do on a whim. Due to the high price for the actual machines, as well as the many materials and extra tools that you will require as well, it’s best to think of these machines as investments to ensure you’re fully prepared.

It took me MONTHS to finally bite the bullet and buy a Cricut machine – more specifically, the Explore Air 2 – and there were two major factors that played into the final decision.

Firstly, I was fed up with waiting to see if the Cricut Maker was ever going to become available here in Australia. That was the machine I really wanted, but I didn’t hear any news about it for months, so I gave up hope.

Secondly – and most importantly – AfterPay became available at Spotlight, which is where I bought mine. This meant that I could have the machine straight away, and pay it off in fortnightly increments.

cricut explore air 2 machine thesmalladventurer

That was a MUCH better option that paying $400+ upfront, so that made this really big purchase a lot less scary. However, mere DAYS after I purchased my Explore Air 2, Cricut announced the Maker was now available in Australia.

I was super disappointed, but what’s done is done. I still love my Cricut Explore – even if it does continue to intimidate me, months later – and am going to tell YOU all the signs that you should look out for that point to the verdict that you do, in fact, need a Cricut machine. Then hopefully none of you will feel as indecisive as I was! 😂Read More »