3 DIY Googly Eye Accessories to Wear this Halloween!

I’m going to be honest with you all and say that Halloween is far from my favourite holiday. In fact, it’s probably my least favourite holiday 😅 (Despite having a fun Halloween-themed Pinterest board that’s filled with many projects and recipes that I honestly adore!)

Still, each year I try to encourage myself to create at least ONE Halloween-inspired project since I know many of you love this time of year, so don’t say I never do anything for you 😉

diy project earrings bracelet collar clips halloween thesmalladventurergoogly eyes halloween diy project collar clips thesmalladventurer

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These projects are actually ones that I genuinely love and plan on keeping, which I’m sure won’t be of any surprise to my regular readers as it is well known that I am obsessed with making accessories out of EVERYTHING! 🙌

Today’s post is even more fun-filled than most of my DIY projects as I am going to show you how to make THREE different googly eye accessories! These are all super easy to make, and are the perfect solution if you’re going to a party where dressing up is mandatorybut you do NOT feel like wearing an entire costume 😂

Keep on reading to find out how YOU can make a googly eye charm bracelet, pair of earrings, and/or some collar clips that will make people feel like they’re being watched all night long! 👀Read More »


DIY Krusty Krab/The Chumbucket Place Cards for a SpongeBob Party!

That’s right! I’m back with another fun DIY place card tutorial 🙊 2019 really is the year of the place card over here at The Small Adventurer! This is my fifth place card craft of this year. My very first one was these super cute chocolate bar place cards from back in February 🍫

I will always be a huge SpongeBob fan. It was such a big part of my childhood, and its importance to me hasn’t wavered at all, even as I go into my 23rd year on this Earth. I even included it in my about page here on the blog! So far, I’ve only shared SpongeBob recipes on the blog, but no DIY projects – until now 😏

Whilst I was watching SpongeBob one day, his work name tag caught my eye and I instantly thought: “I could turn that into a place card!” I then remembered the episode called “The Fry Cook Games”, where Patrick starts working for The Chumbucket’s side and gets his own name tag, and realised I could work that design into this project as well.

krusty krab chumbucket name tag place card spongebob thesmalladventurerspongebob dvd thesmalladventurer

Having two different, but still SpongeBob-related design options would make these place cards perfect for any “double” event. For example, if two people are having a joint birthday party, one person’s guests can have the Krusty Krab place cards, and the other person’s guests can have The Chumbucket ones.

You could even use these for a wedding, and have one design for the bride’s side and one for the groom! That might seem crazy to some people, but I actually noted it down in my collection of wedding ideas as soon as I thought of it 😂

If place cards aren’t you’re kind of thing, you could also use these on Halloween or any event where you dress up and go as an employee of the Krusty Krab or The Chumbucket! Just keep on reading to find out how to make them 😊Read More »

DIY Sparkling Heart Emoji Cupcake Toppers

Earlier this month when I shared the super cute DIY Barbie-inspired place cards, you may have seen some foam sparkling heart emojis sitting in the background. I promised a DIY on how to make them was coming soon, and here it is!

I know DIY cake and cupcake toppers are all over the internet right now, but one more tutorial can’t hurt, right? 😜

I’m a huge emoji lover – which probably isn’t a surprise considering how often I use them in my blog posts and Instagram captions – but the sparkling heart emoji is definitely one of my favourites! 🙌

Not only is it both pink and yellow (AKA, my two favourite colours!), but it also shares the love around whilst adding a little bit of sparkle too! What’s not to love?! 💖 Enjoy!

cupcake topper sparkling heart emoji DIY project thesmalladventurersparkling heart emoji DIY project cupcake toppers thesmalladventurer

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♡ Styrofoam hearts (for fellow Australians, I got mine at Spotlight, but I’ve also seen them at random $2 shops too!)
♡ Yellow craft foam sheet
♡ Paintbrush
♡ Pink acrylic paint
♡ Scissors
♡ Pencil
♡ Craft glue
♡ Toothpicks
♡ Block of styrofoam (to place hearts upright while they dry)Read More »