In April…

We’re in the fifth month of the year, guys. The FIFTH. That means we’re almost halfway through! That’s insane! I’m almost 25 😨 People still mistake for a teenager, for crying out loud.

Time is just a terrifying thing, and writing these posts will always make me more aware of how fast it moves, but they also are the only thing that helps me reflect on the month that has passed, and all the things that I was able to do within that month, and I did quite a lot in April!

Before I dive into the post though, I made a quick note that I forgot to include in last month’s post that at the end of March, a really nice customer told me after I served him that he loved my attitude. He said that he was a chef and knows many people who have bad attitudes and who can get very angry but that I was great, so that was awesome ☺️

Now, enough bragging about how good at my job I am, let me tell you about April! πŸ‘‡



β™‘ Seizures are going awfully, as usual. I had 10 this month, which is three more than last month. I mentioned last month that my neurologist thinks that my new medication is worsening my seizures, and then decided to increase my dosage – and now I had more. Still, 7-10 a month is average for me, so it might not be the medication, it might just be me. I still had my commonly occurring 3 seizures in one day as well, so that was fun πŸ™„ Increasing my dosage also made me really nauseous for a few days, but luckily that passed. Other than that, nothing new to report.

β™‘ Went to an Emo Nite at a club with a group of friends on the second of the month, which was super fun! It was the second time I’ve been to one of them, and it definitely won’t be the last. Whilst I listen to a huuuuuge range of music, some of my favourite artists fit under the “emo” umbrella, such as Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, A Day to Remember, Escape the Fate, etc. We even saw Kim Dracula there which was awesome, but we didn’t go say hi πŸ˜…

β™‘ I was lucky enough to get out of the house quite a bit this month! Lots of lunch and shopping dates with Amelia (which means bye bye money πŸ’Έ). I also went to the Lastlings concent in Melbourne with Amelia and a few other friends which was AMAZING – Amy is just *breathtaking*, and SO talented! Afterwards, I went to another bar/club with two others which was a lot of fun ☺️

β™‘ Because I had SO many shopping trips with Amelia, I knew I had to do some de-clutters – and boy did I! I’ve donated, I think, at least 10 bags of belongings to Savers, and have more to go. I’ve also moved into a smaller bedroom in our unit, so some of my furniture will be going too.

β™‘ I actually got to visit Sovereign Hill this month, but due to my seizures, I cannot remember much of my trip at all πŸ™ƒ I remember the candy being super expensive and not that good πŸ˜… BUT I did get to see a gold pour demonstration – which I actually remember – and that was pretty cool!

β™‘ Dollar Sweets sent along a package of their latest products for me to try! I’ll eventually share them on my Instagram, and hopefully incorporate a few of them into some recipes, but for now I’ll just link them for those who live in Australia. Their new products are available at Woolworths. I got sent a pack of their food colours, vanilla extract (which will ALWAYS be my favourite flavour, despite my extensive collection), lemon baking filling, raspberry baking filling, edible birthday cake icing sheet, and some black fondant – but there’s even MORE new, fun goodies to play around with! Just go check out the baking aisle at your local Woolworths store!

β™‘ I also went bouldering for the first time this month, and then multiple times after that! It’s super hard, and whilst I’m not scared of heights, and I AM scared of falling and smashing my teeth on the rocks πŸ˜‚ I have zeeeeero strength in my arms, so pulling myself up is quite difficult, and some of the levels are super difficult for super short people like me, but it’s fun to hang out with the people who go. It’s part of tradition for everyone to go to McDonald’s afterwards too, which is also super fun. It’s been very enjoyable.

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In March…

Goodbye, March! πŸ‘‹ I’m sad to see it go because it ended on a high note for me (it was quite a busy month actually, hence why this post is a little late), but it also had some bumps along the way that I’ll fill you in on during this post. I have a whopping FIVE DAY WEEKEND and I have no idea what I’m going to dow with myself 😰 so *hopefully* I’m able to think of some things to create!

It’s funny giving last month’s review post a quick read and seeing that we went into lockdown again, and this month – in my state – we get rid of pretty much all restrictions, even masks (except on public transport)! I have to wear make-up to work again which is annoying, but I am SO glad that my chin is going to finally be given the chance to breathe and this random acne that I’ve never had in my LIFE can go away πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰

Apparently I’m not the only one who has suffered from acne caused by mask-wearing – it’s even been dubbed “maskne”, Google it! – but that still doesn’t make me feel any better, because I have never had an acne problem, except for the few times I’ve accidentally slept in my make-up, so this has been a HUGE self esteem issue for me. Now, of course, the masks are off and you can see it, but hopefully it will go away soon!

This month’s tidbits include a quite a few medical things (including another 3am hospital visit!), a rollercoaster of a job interview, and lots of hanging out with friends πŸ‘­ but enough of the previews, keep reading for the actual details! πŸ‘‡



β™‘ Whilst my seizure tally was only 7, my overall seizure news this month is bad. I had an appointment with my neurologist and he said that the latest medication that I’ve been on for the past few months (which is the third one I’m on, I’m staying on the other two because they’re helping, but not 100%) only seems to be worsening my seizures. Not only that, but that we are running out of medications to put me on, so.. there may not be any cure for my seizures. I might have to live with them forever. Yay.

β™‘ In other medical news, I woke up with a blinding pain in my stomach/abdominal area at 3am. Daniel took me to the hospital. They asked me some questions, after an hour or two of waiting in the waiting room, they sent me home without any tests. I still have no idea what happened. But, because I was awake at such a strange time, I did have two seizures. πŸ˜• If I didn’t have that horrible pain, my monthly tally might have been two less.

β™‘ I got a call back for a full time job at an optometrist. The first interview was over the phone and it went SO well; she LOVED me. She actually told me to throw out my current uniform! I got a second interview in-store which was with three different people and it was clear straight away that it wasn’t going and they didn’t like me, and I just did not know why. I got an email saying I didn’t get the job, but no reason saying why, just that they “wish me well”. I was so confused and upset. I never get any interviews, and after that first one went so well, I was very excited, so that was a huge let down.

β™‘ My best friend and I went out to the Pancake Parlour TWICE this month because she’s obsessed with the place (she went at least two other times that month with other people). I got a spider – which is a soft drink with ice cream – both times because they are delicious πŸ˜‹ I also tried their cinnamon apple pancakes which were nice, but I don’t anything beats maple or golden syrup.

β™‘ Last weekend I went over to a friend’s house with some other friends to have lunch together whilst they also tried to make homemade cocktails, before we all met up with some other people at a bar near the city to go dancing. Then, the next day, Daniel and I drove an hour to go to a birthday lunch for a friend of mine from my first high school, so it was quite a busy weekend!

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In February…

And just like that, another month of the year is gone! This month went extra quick since it’s such a short one, AND Victoria – the state I live in – was put in another lockdown briefly due to some ongoing COVID outbreaks.

The lockdown was only for five days, but my work closed down for a little bit longer, and then I didn’t have work for a few more days after that because of the weekend, so I was stuck at home for what felt like forever and yet also made the month go by really fast – now here we are.

It’s really weird to think that earlier this month there were rules forbidding me to even leave my house, now we can have up to 30 people in our house if we want to (not that our tiny unit could fit that many, it can barely fit us! πŸ˜‚). It sure has been a strange month. We’re already two months into 2021; I’m only seven months away from turning 25, which is just insane to me.

This month wasn’t as great as I had hoped it would be, to be honest, but it wasn’t awful either. We had some things change – that I’ll go onto explain soon – in our day to day life that we are still adjusting to, that got changed again, and will be changed yet AGAIN in the future, but that’s just life. I’ll stop rambling now and get onto this month’s tidbits!



β™‘ Daniel started this new, full-time job on the first of this month, which was very exciting. It was quite a change adapting to a 6am-10pm sleeping schedule (for the both of us) instead of our usual 12am bedtime, then awake whenever we need to. Due to him starting so early, I get dropped off at my work sometimes a couple of hours early, so I’ve been getting a lot of reading done. That is, until he switched to working at home until further notice due to COVID and other reasons, so now we still get up early, but I don’t need to leave for work so early, so it’s even stranger being awake and at home without having anything to do πŸ˜… but Daniel is enjoying his job, which is good. He does miss actually going into work, but he won’t be working from home forever, so that’s good.

β™‘ This month’s seizure tally is really good! I only had 7. I was actually just about to write how over the moon I was because I thought that was the lowest it has been in years, but it turns out I had seven back in November.. πŸ˜• But, it’s still five less than last month, so that’s something.

β™‘ On the topic of seizures, my neurologist and some other people at one of the hospitals I go to have asked me if I want to sign up for a trial as it’s been almost three years now of trying medications and having no luck, and I have been on the waiting list to get the ball rolling for brain surgery and still haven’t even BEGUN to see if that is a possibility, so a trial is another option. I always said I’d be up for it, but now that I’ve been asked and they’ve told me more about it, sent me the information and a consent form, I’m not so sure about it.

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