Things You Need To Be Buying From Daiso

It’s official: I am obsessed with shopping at Daiso. Everything is super CUTE and super CHEAP, I just can’t help it. There are so many items that I was paying $10, $20, $30 for that are available at Daiso for their iconic price of $2.80. It really is a goldmine of a store.

I regularly share my weekly finds over on my Instagram Stories, but I thought I’d finally write an actual post about this wonderful place so those who haven’t been to one yet can find out just what’s so great about this unique little store. Spoiler alert: it’s everything.



Not only do they have all the typical office supplies – scissors, pencils, pens, sticky notes, paper, glue, staplers, sticky tape, etc –  but they also have a TON of super cute office supplies available, too.

Think sticky notes shaped like baked goods, sharpeners in unique designs, a vast range of washi tape, and so much more! Their selection is guaranteed to make keeping track of all your tasks a lot more fun 🙊

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Good Things From A Rough Week

Not every day can be great, and I know that. I do my best to try to focus on the positives, to think rationally about the bad things that do happen, and to continue being the happy, positive girl that you all know and love 😉

But, that can be hard sometimes. I came crashing down pretty hard on Tuesday after having some unexpected seizures. My epilepsy has been acting up this month, with my seizures changing from ones where I don’t remember anything and can’t do normal activities whilst they’re happening, to ones that I DO remember and am aware of them happening, but that also caused a part of my body to tingle or go numb during those seizures.

I’ve never had seizures like that before, so it was pretty scary. Then a few days passed and I thought I was in the clear, until Tuesday. I had a seizure within 10 minutes of starting work. I don’t actually remember it at all, but I did discovered these text messages I sent to Daniel during it.


It’s very scary seeing evidence that there was a time where I did and said things that I have zero memory of now. Who knows what I said to my bosses or customers, or how I acted. I’m very lucky to have a workplace who is understanding of my condition, but it still sucks knowing that I can’t do anything except take my medication – that is no longer working – and wait for my neurologist appointment in March.

I did not write this post to drag you all down, but merely to keep you all updated. If nothing else, at least I will be able to look back at my own blog posts and recall how this whole thing panned out, and how it finally came to an end. Someday.

Anyway, today’s post is about all the GOOD things that have been happening this month, and all the fun things I have found online recently! I love reading fun posts like this, and I love writing them even more as it warms my heart to try and spread the joy. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ✨Read More »

The Best Movies for Any Galentine’s Day Celebration

I will admit right now that I don’t have many female friends; and I certainly don’t have the huge-but-tight-knit group of gal pals (think Ariana Grande and her 7 Rings friends, etc) that seems so enviable – but I really don’t mind.

I work with plenty of girls who I adore, but we’re all very different people so we don’t really hang out much outside of work (although they do more than I do, as I’m a real homebody). I also have one female friend from primary school who is one of my all-time FAVOURITE people, but she’s super busy doing all sorts of exciting things and – once again – I’m a real homebody, so I don’t go out very often.

But I still love a good movie night, and I love talking about things I love even more, so I thought I’d write about my favourite “chick flicks” that would be PERFECT for a Galentine’s Day celebration, if that’s your kind of thing! Let me know in the comments what YOUR ideal movie would be for a girl’s night in ☺️

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