The #1 Thing That Helps Me Stay Positive At All Times

The other day I put up a question on my Instagram Stories asking what kind of posts you’d like to see from me other than recipes and DIY projects, and someone asked me to write about how I managed to stay so positive and happy all the time, so here it is!

I’ve written about positivity and happiness a few times in the past, as it is a topic I am passionate about.

For someone who didn’t want to live to see another day a mere 5-6 years ago, and now hates going to sleep at night because it means I’m missing out on precious hours that could be spent being awake and in love with life, I feel like it’s almost my duty to talk about positivity, and help others become happier – but it’s also something I’ve been hesitant to do.

Ferris Wheel Royal Melbourne Show

Why? Because I know what my number one piece of advice would be, and I know how people would react to that advice.

Because I’ve been those people. I’ve heard all the advice. And I know most people won’t believe it’s possible, or even worth trying, but I’m going to share it anyway.Read More »


A Super Successful Saturday

This month has started off really, really well.

If you’ve been following me online for a while, you might be aware of some health issues I have. I first mentioned them on here in March 2017, back when I thought it was just a side effect of anxiety.

I mentioned it again in February, after I had gotten my first test done to determine what’s wrong, but I still hadn’t received any concrete answers – until now.

After finishing off September with one of my worst batches of ‘episodes’ to date, we were finally able to see a specialist this Friday and get some real, definite answers: I have epilepsy.

My “episodes” – or “mind blanks” as I called them – are actually focal seizures (which are quite different from ‘regular’ seizures), and should be treatable with medication, which I was able to get on the same day as my diagnosis.

Ever since that doctor’s appointment, I have felt elated. A huge weight has been taken from my shoulders, and all my worst fears have diminished.

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My Favourite Kmart Finds of 2018

It’s no secret that Kmart is amazing. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the only one who sees the beauty of its wonderfully low-priced items, but I’m still going to talk about them as if I am.

I really am a huge fan of Kmart. Most of my belongings used to be thrifted (and plenty of them still are! I love thrift shopping), but Kmart has definitely taken over as my go-to place to shop.

Their products are decently quality, amazingly priced, and perfect for my partner and I, who are in our early 20’s, work part-time, and don’t need/can’t afford appliances or furniture items that cost a few hundred dollars each.

So, today I’m going to share some of my all-time favourite purchases from Kmart that we’ve made throughout this year, just in case you aren’t aware of the amazing deals that are available, or are curious about the quality of certain products.

Everything that I list in this post, we own and love – and this is NOT sponsored by Kmart at all, it’s just an honest appreciation post for this wonder-store! ✨

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