How to Read MORE Books for LESS Money

First of all, I want to apologise for the cheesy title of this post. I honestly didn’t know how to word it better whilst still getting my point across. So, before you exit this post, let me make it clear to you now: I am NOT selling you anything in this post, nor will I profit or benefit in ANY way if you choose to take my advice in this post.

These are just some tricks I have picked up lately that have helped me read as much as I like without breaking the bank. Because I love, love, love reading with all my heart, but let’s face it: books are not cheap. And if you like reading as often as I do (I’m currently on my 47th book of the year, #justsaying 😜), you’ll know that a fun hobby can easily into a huge money drain – but no more!

thesmalladventurer reading books

Today’s post is all about the ways I manage to get my hands on allllll the books I could possibly want without putting myself into debt. Don’t worry, every trick I’m going to share with you is completely legal – at least, I think they are?! 😅😂

Anyway, if you’re wondering how to increase your reading, but don’t have the money to go out and buy a new book every week – or even every month – then stick around and I’ll show you how I save $$$ and still read as much as I want!Read More »


How to Slowly Chip Away at Your To Do List

No matter how much I try to organise my time better, there are times where it feels like my to do list is never-ending. This can get overwhelming – especially when certain health issues flare up, which can stop from me from being productive at all for a dew days.

However, I am slowly figuring out how to deal with a to do list that has grown to a scary long length, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite tips with all of you.


After all, cleaning and organising IS inevitable as an adult, so any advice that I can give to other people to help make it be less of a chore – and perhaps even a bit enjoyable – I am certainly going to pass along!

So here are some of the things that I personally do during my organising/cleaning/decluttering days that help me be more productive. I hope they help you despise these unavoidable parts of growing up even just a *little* bit less 😂



This one may seem pretty obvious, but it’s something a lot of people don’t bother doing: actually write down your to-do list. In fact, keep one going at all times, because there ARE going to be times when you realise there’s a task that needs to be done, but you don’t be able to do then and there, and when you finally have some spare time to do it, you will have forgotten what it was.

It happens to everyone, but noting things down as you think of them will help eliminate this problem. Plus, the mere act of crossing things off your to do list as you do them is a wonderful and motivating feeling that will only encourage you more while you’re working on those tasks.Read More »

Friends Storylines That Would Be A Lot Different in 2019

Like most people in the world, I adore the TV show Friends. It honestly seemed like it was always playing in the background when I was younger, and I’ve watched the entire series from start to finish many times since becoming an adult.

Like most things that were created a few decades ago, not every part of Friends has aged well. This is because we as humans are always evolving and asking ourselves if what we are doing is enough, or right.

Growing up in an era that is focused on making the world a more acceptable place has made me look at things such as Friends in a different way. Whilst I still love Friends and will continue to watch it forever, I can’t help but wonder how certain storylines would be different if Friends had come out within the last few years – which is exactly what this post is about!


Whilst going through my latest watch-through of Friends, I noted down certain events that I think would have been done differently if Friends had been made post-2010. Don’t get me wrong, I know the show is a comedy and not everything has to be so serious, but I think other shows such as Will & Grace cover both topics perfectly, so it is possible!

Let me know your thoughts on these storylines – and any others I didn’t include – and how they would be different nowadays in the comments below 👇Read More »