In June…

The first six months of the year are now GONE! Whilst it wasn’t an overall bad month, there were certainly some tough points, and I’m not sure how the rest of the year is going to end up honestly.

In terms of COVID-19, well… I’m from Victoria, Australia, and we’re not doing too well down here. Cases are rising again, people aren’t doing the right thing in terms of social distancing, and – I honestly can’t even believe I am typing this again – people have even begun to panic buy again. It’s actual madness.

Just as things seemed to go back to a “new normal”, others had to ruin it and think that the pandemic was over and now heavy restrictions are most likely going to be put in place again, and I am not looking forward to that. I am crossing all my fingers in hopes that my work doesn’t get closed this time around because my mental health will NOT cope with that!

Work has always been my only way of getting out of the house and seeing human beings, and if that gets taken away, I honestly don’t know what I am going to do with myself – OR how I am going to pay my bills. It’s scary to think about. Anyway, let’s get onto June’s recap! ✨


♡ I got sent some products (you can see a few of them here) from one of my favourite baking companies – Dollar Sweets – for me to use in future recipe posts, which I am really excited about. I’ve been in brainstorming stage for a while now because I want them to be perfect, but they should be on the blog soon! 🙊

♡ If you’ve been keeping up with my hair adventures throughout 2020, you may know that in February I went back to bleach blonde – which I was pre-2015 – but I bleached a few too many times close together to get it ready for a party, and HEAPS of it ended up falling out. Every time I washed it, more would fall out, and it was terrifying. So I decided to let it grow out, but my dark regrowth looked awful next to my bleached hair, so I dyed my hair dark brown so you won’t be able to tell as much.

Guess what? Even MORE of my hair fell out when I dyed it brown! So, I cut it to shoulder length and now wear a hat at work (because there are some SUPER short bits at the back that stick up 😳), and beanies everywhere else. I’m mostly upset because I’m loving the dark brown hair and want to keep it this colour, but I really need to let my hair grow out before it all falls out!

♡ I went on Discord pretty much every night this month, which included many 2-3am bed times 😅  (Surprisingly, despite all my late nights, I only had six seizures this month!) My friends and I finished our Star Wars movie marathon on Discord this month, but I honestly think I’m going to re-watch the sequels again by myself VERY soon, as I’ve seen the others multiple times – including the non-Skywalker ones – but have only seen the sequels twice each, despite loving them, no matter what anyone thinks.

♡ One of the best things that happened this month is the great weight loss that I’ve achieved! I mentioned in some posts earlier this year how my last medication made me gain 10kg+ (I mean, I was at a size I have never been ANYWHERE NEAR before, and I was NOT happy about it). It also did some horrible things to my mental health – and then it ultimately stopped working, so my neurologist was more than happy to take me off it, and gave me a new one that is also an appetite suppressant. Not only have I lost the weight I gained, but I’ve lost even more than I thought I would, and I’m now at a weight that I haven’t been at for a VERY long time!Read More »

In May…

Happy first day of the week AND month! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year?! That’s not terrifying at all! 😅

May was a pretty good month. I had a lot more interactions with friends which I definitely needed (and absolutely loved, of course), work started picking up again which was good because I missed actually SERVING CUSTOMERS, I bought a heap of fun stuff (which I talk about below) – but I also had a few low moments too, which I know everyone would have, as it’s still such an unsure time in everyone’s life right now.

This month will be mine and Daniel’s seventh anniversary! We had hoped to go on a holiday. We’ve only been on two together, but clearly we won’t be doing anything like that anytime soon 😂 so we’ll figure out some way to celebrate whilst at home.


♡ My Discord usage increased a LOT this month! I have been on calls almost every night this month, some that went up to 10 hours and involved staying up past 2am – which I haven’t done in a long time 😅 Unfortunately, doing so had some negative results…

Seizures. Whilst I didn’t have HEAPS of seizures this month, I did still have two more than last month. Three of those happened within 24 hours after I stayed up past 2am twice in one week… Lack of sleep is my biggest trigger, and I have to wake up the next day at 10am to take my seizure medication, so in hindsight that probably wasn’t the best decision making on my behalf.

♡ I posted this photo on Instagram of my new collection of NOT-novelty bags (in case you’ve missed it, I have already shared my novelty bags on the blog, which I update the photos of as needed), and how I wanted the same bag in at least one more colour – can you say #privelegedAF with me? – and then my best friend almost instantly proceeded to buy the bag and have it shipped to me, so you know, I am the luckiest person in the world and do not deserve her at all ❤️

♡ Speaking of that best friend, I actually got to see her just before this month ended! Once the restrictions here in Australia got lifted a bit more – and the two of us were at the end of our ropes in terms of mental health, and really needed some human interaction – we decided to catch up. She actually drove me to another shopping centre that’s not near either of our houses so I could buy the rest of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs (pictured below) toys that the Reject Shop had on clearance for 50c and I was SO happy that I found them all! She is an absolute angel 🙌Read More »

My Unique Novelty Plate Collection

It has been FAR too long since I’ve shared a good collection post! Considering how many things I collect, I honestly don’t post about them very much on here at all.

All three collection posts from last year were all baking themed – which is certainly appropriate – but I mostly collect things that don’t get used, such as home decor items that are more to LOOK at, not touch 🙊

So, I finally rounded up all my novelty plates, dusted them off, and spent one afternoon last weekend figuring out just how the heck I was going to photograph them all and put this post together!

I eventually decided to split up all my plates into the stores that I bought them from so you can keep track of where they’re from. If they’re still available, I’ll link directly to them. If not, I’ll just link to the store itself. I always recommend checking in-store anyway, as you never know what you might find!

dusk travel plate collection series thesmalladventurer

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These are definitely the most expensive plates of my collection, even though I got them on clearance. I saw these plates every. single. day. after work as I would pass Dusk, and my heart would ache for the Paris plate. Paris has always held a large piece of my heart, despite the fact that I’ve never been there. I’ve always owned many home decor items with the Eiffel Tower on it – I still do, in fact – and when they finally got marked down, I bit the bullet and went in.Read More »