In February…

And just like that, another month of the year is gone! This month went extra quick since it’s such a short one, AND Victoria – the state I live in – was put in another lockdown briefly due to some ongoing COVID outbreaks.

The lockdown was only for five days, but my work closed down for a little bit longer, and then I didn’t have work for a few more days after that because of the weekend, so I was stuck at home for what felt like forever and yet also made the month go by really fast – now here we are.

It’s really weird to think that earlier this month there were rules forbidding me to even leave my house, now we can have up to 30 people in our house if we want to (not that our tiny unit could fit that many, it can barely fit us! πŸ˜‚). It sure has been a strange month. We’re already two months into 2021; I’m only seven months away from turning 25, which is just insane to me.

This month wasn’t as great as I had hoped it would be, to be honest, but it wasn’t awful either. We had some things change – that I’ll go onto explain soon – in our day to day life that we are still adjusting to, that got changed again, and will be changed yet AGAIN in the future, but that’s just life. I’ll stop rambling now and get onto this month’s tidbits!



β™‘ Daniel started this new, full-time job on the first of this month, which was very exciting. It was quite a change adapting to a 6am-10pm sleeping schedule (for the both of us) instead of our usual 12am bedtime, then awake whenever we need to. Due to him starting so early, I get dropped off at my work sometimes a couple of hours early, so I’ve been getting a lot of reading done. That is, until he switched to working at home until further notice due to COVID and other reasons, so now we still get up early, but I don’t need to leave for work so early, so it’s even stranger being awake and at home without having anything to do πŸ˜… but Daniel is enjoying his job, which is good. He does miss actually going into work, but he won’t be working from home forever, so that’s good.

β™‘ This month’s seizure tally is really good! I only had 7. I was actually just about to write how over the moon I was because I thought that was the lowest it has been in years, but it turns out I had seven back in November.. πŸ˜• But, it’s still five less than last month, so that’s something.

β™‘ On the topic of seizures, my neurologist and some other people at one of the hospitals I go to have asked me if I want to sign up for a trial as it’s been almost three years now of trying medications and having no luck, and I have been on the waiting list to get the ball rolling for brain surgery and still haven’t even BEGUN to see if that is a possibility, so a trial is another option. I always said I’d be up for it, but now that I’ve been asked and they’ve told me more about it, sent me the information and a consent form, I’m not so sure about it.

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10 Super Sweet Recipes & Crafts to Make this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day 2021 is almost here, and we all know it’s going to look a lot different this year than usual, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special! ✨

No matter how you’re going to celebrate it – or WHO you’re going to celebrate it with/for: whether it be for a partner, friend, family, or yourself – these super fun recipes and crafts give you the chance to do something unique without even leaving the house ☺️

This list includes something for those with a big sweet tooth like me πŸ™ˆ and something for those who like to get creative no matter what occasion, which is also like me βœ‚οΈ so you’re sure to find something you like!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lips-drink-stirrer-diy-thesmalladventurer.jpg

DIY Red Lip Drink Stirrers

Even though I can’t drink, drink stirrers are fun because they can dress up any drink and add a bit of flair. This DIY was the first time I played around with any kind of polyurethane. Despite what mostly comes up when you Google this product, the one I used is NOT a clear resin.

It is a hard, white product when dry that can be sanded, painted, amongst other things. Another project I have shared on the blog using this product is my donut door hanging, but these red lips really scream “Valentine’s Day” to me 😍

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In January…

Wowee, what a full on first month to the year! I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open whilst typing this, honestly. I know I’ve been super absent from the blog and my Instagram, and the last time I did that life wasn’t going so well, but this time it’s because it IS.

First of all, before I talk about what I got up to this month, I just need to explain that where I live COVID is practically eradicated – but we didn’t get there easily. We had a harsh 2020. We lived under very, very strict rules and could barely leave our houses for most of the year, but now the only cases of COVID are people who are under strict hotel quarantine to ensure that they don’t leave.

And the rest of us aren’t living normally either. We still have rules in place in terms of mask wearing, social distancing, limited number of people in one space, “checking in” wherever we go so if anyone DOES get sick, people know who was there and when, and a lot more – so keep in mind that when I talk about what I got up to this month, it was all under the laws of each place I was at!

After finishing off 2020 with an actual New Year’s Eve party – which seemed completely unachievable after spending the rest of the year locked indoors – that seemed to spark quite a social month for January. Daniel and I were both able to see some family members that we never get to see. We went and visited my dad at the beach and saw his partner, my brother and my sister as well.



β™‘ We were FINALLY able to meet Daniel’s brother’s daughter, who was born six months ago, which makes Daniel an uncle for the first time! That was the first time Daniel was able to see his brother – and his cousin too, who also came along – in over a year. We met up in the city and had lunch, and did more walking in one day than we had done in months.

β™‘ Despite the NYE party giving me three seizures the next day, and two the day after that (as, for some reason, flashing lights give me DELAYED seizures), I went back to the same place for another party πŸ˜… but this time around, I had ZERO seizures! I’m not sure if that’s due to my new medication – as I am still having seizures, they are just random – or if I am just becoming used to being around flashing lights.

β™‘ More information, but less clarification on that matter: I also went clubbing this month and had zero seizures at all! Amelia and her uni friend found a club that was having an emo night (think Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Paramore, etc), and there was *no way* we could resist, so we put on our black boots and plaid skirts and screamed until 4am. It was magical. There were NO bad songs played.

β™‘ Speaking of seizures, I just checked the tally for January for the first time and it’s not too good… 13 😳 Perhaps if I didn’t go to that NYE party, I would have had been under last month’s number, which was only 10, but there’s no way to really know for sure. My seizures really are very random. I have now stopped one medication, and have just finished increasing another one, and won’t be able to increase it again until March, so this will probably be my average until then.

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