DIY Back to the Future “Hoverboard” Place Cards

It took some time, but I’m finally BACK with a new post! I’ll go into more detail during my end of month recap post, but just to ease all your minds: everything is fine! I’ve honestly just been too exhausted to do much at all this month, which resulted in a huge gap between today’s post and my last one on November 4th 😅

As I mentioned earlier this month, Daniel graduated from university this month 🎉 and to celebrate, I was going to dedicated this month’s creations to him and his interests, as well as throw him a Back to the Future themed party. Don’t worry I’m still going to do both of those things, but they WILL be more spread out since I didn’t really post much at all this month!

back to the future hoverboard DIY project place card thesmalladventurerbttf hoverboard place card DIY project thesmalladventurer

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I’ve got a list of creations (both food AND craftsthat I want to make that are either inspired by one of Daniel’s interests OR are based on a “graduation” theme, so I plan on making my way through that eventually. However, with Christmas coming up so fast, it’ll most likely be into 2020 that I actually finish all my ideas AND manage to throw the BTTF party!

The reason for the delay in the party is the fact that I want more time to come up with fun things to make for it (these place cards, for example) AND Daniel and I are currently watching all the Star Wars movies together, and we want to finish them before we watch a different movie.

To sum up the last four paragraphs quickly: the content I promised is still coming, it just might take some time 🙊 Now, let’s get onto today’s tutorial on how to make the coolest place cards for your Back to the Future viewing party!Read More »

DIY Marty McFly Hoverboard Sunglass Case | Back to the Future Project

In case you’ve missed ALL of this month’s content (whichif you have, you NEED to go back and read them because there has been some super fun creations posted this month!), I base all my July projects on my boyfriend’s favourite things in life as it’s his birthday month – and one of his favourite things in the entire world is the Back to the Future trilogy! 🙌

This time last year, I created hoverboard-shaped sour gummies as Daniel also LOVES sour gummy candies, but they were quickly gobbled up and now only exist in memories and photographs 😅😂 So I decided to make something that would last longer than a day for this year’s BTTF-inspired creation!

heart sunglass case DIY project back to the future hoverboard thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer DIY project back to the future hoverboard sunglass case

As a collector of novelty sunglasses (amongst many other things), I’ve been in the need of a cute n’ colourful case for them so they don’t get scratched when they’re inside my handbag or purse, so this project is just as practical as it is fun!

Continue reading to find out how YOU can protect your sunglasses in the most creative way 👇Read More »

Homemade Sour Gummy Aliens to Celebrate Toy Story 4!

Are you getting sick of seeing and hearing the words “Toy Story” yet? 😜 With the recent release of the FOURTH instalment in this wonderful franchise, I have been seeing Toy Story everywhereBoth online and off it, everyone is super excited for Toy Story 4 – and I am too!

I knew a while ago that I wanted to make something inspired by Toy Story to celebrate the new movie coming out, as the first two were such iconic movies of my childhood. I adored Slinky Dog and the three Aliens in particular, which is why I created a recipe inspired by them 🙌 (Well, that, and the fact that Daiso have these adorable mini cookie cutters shaped like the Aliens, but I digress).

Before I wrote this post, I decided to watch all three Toy Story movies over the weekend to jog my memory of their greatness, so I have to get some things off my chest before we get onto the recipe.

toy story sour lime jelly gummies green aliens thesmalladventurerdisney pixar toy story dvd cookie cutters daiso japan australia

I actually hadn’t seen Toy Story 3 before this weekend just gone, and I was completely gobsmacked the entire time. Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and unexpected and not at all boring, but man, it is SO much darker than the first two!

There’s so much anger, betrayal, and moments of complete and utter despair that I kept crying out “why does the writer of this movie HATE toys?!” My jaw was dropped throughout 99% of the movie because I just couldn’t believe little kids watched this movie without being disturbed by it, when it was affecting ME so much! 😅

I did like the ending though – particularly Woody’s decision, and the whole flip on the iconic “eternally grateful” line – as well as the introduction of Bonnie and her toys. I am still wondering why they got rid of Bo without any explanation, and how/why she’s back in the new one, but I guess I’ll find out the answers once I see the new movie.

Anyway, even after the emotional roller coaster that these movies have put me through, I still love them, the characters, AND the voice actors. Therefore, I need to pay tribute to this wonderful phenomenon with a fun, delicious, and super easy recipe that you can snack on when you’re having your next Toy Story movie marathon 😋 Enjoy!Read More »