Starry Night Sky No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

This post features some products that I was sent in exchange for a review. No other compensation was given, nor were any specific links or words requested. 

After a rough few weeks – which I’ll fill you in on in my monthly recap – I finally have a new recipe post for you all, and one I’m really happy with! ☺️ Back in May, one of my favourite baking brands, Dollar Sweets, asked if they could send me some of their products to test out and review which I obviously said yes to!

As you can tell, I took my sweet time brainstorming ideas on what to make 😅 and even longer on actually making one of my ideas, as life in 2020 sure knows how to throw a lot of hurdles at you, which I’m sure you all understand quite well, as unfortunate as that is 🙃 Don’t worry though, because I have finally brought one of my ideas to life (and I have more fun, delicious ideas on their way too!), and at a perfect time too 😋

gold leaf dollar sweets gold spray chocolar mirror glaze thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer chocolate cheesecake night sky gold leaf dollar sweets

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For those who may be new around here, I usually try to base my July content on the likes of my long-term boyfriend Daniel. July is his birthday 🎉 – and we celebrate birthdays all month long around here! – and today’s post will mark THREE years in a row that I’ve shared a cheesecake recipe in July because he loves cheesecake 🍰 This was my first time making a chocolate cheesecake, and I’m super happy with how it came out! Now, enough talking, let’s get onto the recipe 👇



♡ 200g Choc Ripple biscuits
♡ 60g butter, melted
♡ 450g cream cheese, room temperature
♡ 250g milk chocolate
♡ 400g can of sweetened condensed milk
♡ 2/3 cup icing sugar
♡ 1 tsp coffee flavour extract
♡ Edible gold leaf (gifted from Dollar Sweets)
♡ Silver and gold spray (gifted from Dollar Sweets)
♡ Chocolate mirror glaze (I used Dollar Sweets, this was NOT gifted, just something I wanted to try!)Read More »

The Powerpuff Girls’ Iconic Dresses Jelly Cups

I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I’ve shared a post inspired by The Powerpuff Girls! Ever since I started to do character-inspired jelly creations, I knew I had to create the girls’ iconic dresses, but it took me a few times to get it right.

My first try, I included a fourth layer for their hair, but it ended up being too much colour and you couldn’t tell what colour each layer was supposed to be. On my second try, I decided I wanted to make each layer of jelly by scratch so that there wasn’t so much leftover jelly – plus, that way you could make your jelly any kind of flavour that you’d like!

character jelly thesmalladventurer the powerpuff girls

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Whilst I did achieve that, it was a lot of work to create four different flavoured jellies, so I decided to go back to packet jelly mix as I felt that would be easier for those at home who don’t have an extensive range of flavour extracts like I do to make your own homemade jelly.

Also, the middle layer for all three characters are made from cola cordial, and I felt like that went better with regular jelly, rather than “fancy” flavour extracts anyway! I’ll eventually share a recipe here on the blog in the future on how to make homemade jelly from flavour extracts, but for now, let me show you how to make The Powerpuff Girls’ iconic dresses from jelly 👇Read More »

Red, Gold and Purple: Three-Tiered Sailor Mars Cake

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to post this cake on here as this is the first cake I’ve iced with buttercream in a year – and it showssince I recreated Squidward’s Bold and Brash painting in cake form back in May 2019. However, after sharing a little boomerang of it on my Instagram Stories and getting some lovely feedback from my best friend, I decided to go ahead and share it. ☺️

After all, I’ve made a recipe for every other inner Sailor Scout before (although I wasn’t happy enough with Sailor Mercury’s cake to give it its own post, so I put the photos of it inside my post 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long – which became my most popular post of ALL TIME! Its views are almost DOUBLE my next most popular post. Ironic that I tried to hide the photos, isn’t it?). Considering Sailor Mars has always been my favourite, it’s about time she got her own too!

I have plans to make much more intricate and detailed recipes based off the Sailor Scouts’ attack names in the future, recipes that aren’t just cakes decorated in the colours that they wear. But for today, that’s pretty much what this cake is: something simple to help ease me back into baking, as my epilepsy is in another bad stage.

Sailor Mars Sailor Moon anime manga cake thesmalladventurer


This cake has Mars’ two main colours: red and purple. The cake on the inside is red, as is the chocolate shoe on top. I also made a mini red Rice Krispies treat that I then cut out with a lips-shape cookie cutter, and was going to add that to the top of the cake too, but it ended up looking really out of place, so I left it off.

I do wish that the purple chocolate pieces that I added on top had matched the buttercream better, but I did used a different food colour – one that was made for chocolate, obviously – so I didn’t expect them to come out completely identical. I did also use chocolate melts instead of cooking chocolate, which may have affected the outcome.

I chose to cover the outside of the cake in gold star sprinkles as when Sailor Mars “upgrades” to Super Sailor Mars, her choker gets a gold star on it – plus, the more sprinkles I added, the less smooth the icing had to be. So, win-in 😉 Anyway, let’s get onto the recipe!Read More »