Mini “Watermelon” No Bake Cheesecakes for Two

I honestly can’t believe I actually managed to share this recipe as I’ve been putting it off ALL month 🙈

I’ve had this idea brainstormed forever as Daniel loves both cheesecake AND watermelon – and you all know how much I love making things look like other things – but I wasn’t really looking forward to making this.

Since I don’t like cheesecake, I hate having to smell the cream cheese whilst I’m making them, AND I don’t know if they turn out okay because they all taste bad to me 😅 and Daniel will eat almost anything so the fact that he LIKES the cheesecakes I make doesn’t really say much! Haha!

watermelon cheesecake thesmalladventurerchefmaster gel food colour daiso decorating pen thesmalladventurer

I decided to go ahead and make them anyway as it’s really the decorating part that make this recipe unique.

Since the decorating portion of this post is made with just whipped cream and chocolate, you can easily use your favourite cheesecake recipe for the base, then follow my instructions to decorate if you think this particular cheesecake sounds boring! 😂

Personally, I don’t think any cheesecake I make will ever beat the Rick and Morty “Portal” cheesecakes that I made last year, so I’m not even going to bother trying 🙅‍♀️ I

t was still fun to play around with a new decorating technique – as I haven’t heard of many cheesecakes being decorating with whipped cream – AND to test out the awesome biodegradable piping bags that Loyal Bakeware sent me, which are awesome because they’re not horrible for the environment AND you don’t have to clean them! 🎉Read More »


Homemade “Junk Food” Sprinkles for Sprinkle Day!

Yep, that’s right: TWO junk food-inspired posts in a row! 😜 Truth be told I had hoped to share a different post in between today’s post and my DIY junk food memo boards from last week, but certain health issues got in the way and that post got put on the back burner, so here we are!

In case this is the first post of mine from this month that you’ve read, I better explain that have a tradition where every July I base my recipes and DIY projects on my boyfriend’s interests, as it is his birthday month and we celebrate birthdays all month long here at The Small Adventurer 🎉

burger pizza sprinkle day thesmalladventurerhomemade sprinkles junk food sprinkle day thesmalladventurer

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Junk food is something we BOTH love a little (okay, a LOT) too much, which is why this theme is popping up yet again 😋 I’m also a big fan of novelty holidays, so when I found out today was Sprinkle Day, I knew I had to make some fun, unique sprinkles for this occasion. I haven’t made my own sprinkles in over a year, so it was well overdue!

You can scroll ahead to find the recipe and tutorial if you wish, but for anyone who is looking at these sprinkles and scratching their heads at the fillings for the burger and hot dog designs in particular, let me explain: piping is hard! 😂 If you accidentally squeeze a little too hard, a simple slice of cheese on a burger suddenly looks like a pineapple ring.

OR, if you don’t squeeze hard enough, you could find yourself with two buns that don’t meet the hotdog in the middle, causing you to pipe an unknown green ingredient (lettuce? Relish?) in between just so everything fits together. I never claimed to be an expert at anything – especially not with piping – so don’t be too harsh on me, please! 🙌Read More »

Rick and Morty “Pickle Rick” Green Apple Marshmallows

If you’re a long timer Small Adventurer reader, you might remember when I first tried making marshmallows a little over a year ago, and how I swore I would never do it again 😂  However, I eventually changed my mind and tested another recipe for them back in February, and here I am testing a new one today!

As I said in both of those posts, Daniel and I are huge marshmallow fans (which is why they always make an appearance during July, the month of my creations being inspired by my boyfriend!) and I am determined to try every recipe that I can find online until I found my favourite one!

This time around I tried this recipe and, honestly, I’m still not super impressed. Just like the second recipe I tried, I found the texture of these far too strange and not like store bought marshmallows. They dissolved in your mouth before you could chew them!

So, I am still on the search for the perfect homemade marshmallow recipe (if you have one you like, link it below! 👇)

green apple marshmallows pickle rick and morty thesmalladventurerhomemade marshmallows thesmalladventurer pickle rick and morty

BUT I can still show you how to turn your homemade marshmallows into tiny Pickle Ricks, which is the main point of this post anyway!

My last Rick and Morty themed recipe were these lemon portal cheesecakes that I made last year. They have been one of my most popular posts of all time.

They even received over 9, 500 upvotes on Reddit , plus they’re one of my most re-pinned and clicked-on pins on Pinterest! So, naturally, I had to make another Rick and Morty themed creation for this year’s July challenge.

Whilst the texture wasn’t spot on with these marshmallows, the new flavour extract that I used was DELICIOUS and I cannot wait to use it again 😋 Keep on reading to find out who made it, and where to buy it from!Read More »