A Moment of Appreciation

Long-time readers, and those that know me in real life, know that I am usually a very happy person. Heck, I feel so passionate about positivity that I made it one of the main topics of this blog. But this week has been even more amazing than most, and I want to take some time out to truly appreciate it.

In case you missed the excitement over on Instagram, one of my biggest idols in the world (Studio DIY) re-posted one of my photos of some cookies that I made inspired by their line of clutches called Can’t Clutch This, on their shop account – and they were SO nice about them!

I had actually made these cookies weeks ago. I spent one Saturday afternoon – from 12pm until after 7 – colouring fondant all the different colours that I needed and shaping it into various shapes and sizes to replicate past clutches in Can’t Clutch Thisand then taking photos of them all.

After all that, I decided not to share them, because I didn’t like them. I don’t usually like most of what I make unfortunately, as I set myself completely unrealistic standards, but that’s something I am trying to work on. A few weeks passed and I needed something to post on Instagram, so I decided to bite the bullet and share them.

Boy, am I glad I did! The things that the team behind Studio DIY said about these cookies actually made me tear up in the food court where I was when I read them 😂 Not only that, but countless others commented and even messaged me to let me know how much they liked my cookies, and to congratulate on being featured on the Studio DIY shop account – and their Instagram Story, AND the main account’s Instagram Story, too!

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Look Forward to the Little Things || Happiness Happens Month

People always ask me how and why I am so happy. Some people admire it, whilst others are quite annoyed by it. Either way, it doesn’t phase me, because I know I am living the best life I can be right now.

As for the how, wellit has always been my viewpoint (for the last few years anyway, after my life became exponentially better than ever before) that life is amazing. Wonderful. It is full of countless opportunities that so many people overlook. I truly believe that’s why there’s still so many people who are discontent with their lives: they don’t see how awesome being alive really is.

There is an endless amount of magic within the smaller, day-to-day activities that we take for granted so much that we actually consider them to be inconveniences. Merely waking up in the morning, and going to sleep at night in a warm bed, is enough reason to love life itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to the big things too: Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, etc. But I’m nothing if not the kind of person who sees something small as colossal. Whilst some people see that thinking as over-the-top, I know how great it is for my happiness.

You see, if we only focus on the big things, then the rest of our lives seem dull and boring, and that’s just a waste of time that could be spent feeling happy.

Every single day has the potential to feel like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or any other day of the year that you deem special; you just need to have the right mindset.

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Why My Most Important Goal In Life Is To Have Fun

One of my biggest goals in life is to be happy.

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do as a career – and, to be honest, I’m still not really sure – but I did know that I wanted to be happy.

I didn’t want to let little things get me down, or hate the world around me.

I saw firsthand what that was like, by having a mother who blamed every one of her problems on anyone but herself, and I knew that wasn’t going to be me.

And it isn’t.

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