The Revelation of Being Kind | World Kindness Day

Did YOU know that November 13 is World Kindness Day?! Because I didn’t when I first started to write this post, but I love that it worked out that way!

I actually got the idea to write this post because of something that keeps happening to me over and over again, both online and in real life: people are frequently surprised and taken aback by my kindness.

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Whilst it’s great to know that I’m making people happy, it’s also kind of worrying me about how the other people in their life are treating them, if one simple comment from me is enough to make their day.

Is kindness REALLY that hard to come by these days? Do other people NOT offer up advice or a compliment as soon as it pops into their head? Am I WEIRD for trying to be nice?

I am so surprised at what a revelation a simple act of kindness is to some people, and that in itself is kind of concerning.


Honestly, all I really do is offer a better alternative to my customers who are unsure of what to order at my work, or leave a nice comment on a blog or Instagram post, but the way some people have reacted to those things has left me stunned.Read More »


The #1 Thing That Helps Me Stay Positive At All Times

The other day I put up a question on my Instagram Stories asking what kind of posts you’d like to see from me other than recipes and DIY projects, and someone asked me to write about how I managed to stay so positive and happy all the time, so here it is!

I’ve written about positivity and happiness a few times in the past, as it is a topic I am passionate about.

For someone who didn’t want to live to see another day a mere 5-6 years ago, and now hates going to sleep at night because it means I’m missing out on precious hours that could be spent being awake and in love with life, I feel like it’s almost my duty to talk about positivity, and help others become happier – but it’s also something I’ve been hesitant to do.

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Why? Because I know what my number one piece of advice would be, and I know how people would react to that advice.

Because I’ve been those people. I’ve heard all the advice. And I know most people won’t believe it’s possible, or even worth trying, but I’m going to share it anyway.Read More »

A Moment of Appreciation

Long-time readers, and those that know me in real life, know that I am usually a very happy person. Heck, I feel so passionate about positivity that I made it one of the main topics of this blog. But this week has been even more amazing than most, and I want to take some time out to truly appreciate it.

In case you missed the excitement over on Instagram, one of my biggest idols in the world (Studio DIY) re-posted one of my photos of some cookies that I made inspired by their line of clutches called Can’t Clutch This, on their shop account – and they were SO nice about them!

I had actually made these cookies weeks ago. I spent one Saturday afternoon – from 12pm until after 7 – colouring fondant all the different colours that I needed and shaping it into various shapes and sizes to replicate past clutches in Can’t Clutch Thisand then taking photos of them all.

After all that, I decided not to share them, because I didn’t like them. I don’t usually like most of what I make unfortunately, as I set myself completely unrealistic standards, but that’s something I am trying to work on. A few weeks passed and I needed something to post on Instagram, so I decided to bite the bullet and share them.

Boy, am I glad I did! The things that the team behind Studio DIY said about these cookies actually made me tear up in the food court where I was when I read them 😂 Not only that, but countless others commented and even messaged me to let me know how much they liked my cookies, and to congratulate on being featured on the Studio DIY shop account – and their Instagram Story, AND the main account’s Instagram Story, too!

bright-colorful-colourful-347735.jpgRead More »