Fool-Proof Ways to Bring Happiness Into Your Life | International Day of Happiness

I know we celebrate a lot of holidays over here at The Small Adventurer, but today is a really important one: it’s the International Day of Happiness!

Those who regularly visit our little corner of the internet will know how important happiness is to me, and how it has taken me a long time to find it and learn how to create it for myself.

This is precisely the reason I write these kind of posts; because I don’t want anyone else to spend another moment thinking that happiness is not for them.

I know what it’s like to accept the fact that you just weren’t meant to live a happy life, and I also know what it’s like to find out that I was wrong about that – and I’ve never been happier to be incorrect.


If you think happiness is impossible for you, I beg of you to keep reading. If you feel like happiness seems to be slipping through your fingers, I beg of you to keep reading.

If you have people in your life who are unhappy with their own, I beg of you to keep reading.

There is something in this post for everyone, and I really want you all to see it, and to learn the things that I have learnt over these past few years.

Happiness IS achievable, and I’m going to prove it to all of you. Here are my own fool-proof ways to bring happiness into your life:Read More »


How to Not Hate Your Job || Fun At Work Day

Do you guys know what today is?! It’s Fun At Work Day! At least, I think it is. I’ve seen some conflicting dates for it, but I am pretty sure it’s on the last Friday of January, which is today.

In case you’re a novelty holiday savant like me and are aware of the very similar International Fun at Work Day on April 1st, this is a different holiday – although I’m not sure exactly WHAT the difference between them is, but I digress!

This day is meant to inspire people to have a little fun at work, such as dress up and perhaps act a little silly to relieve some of the stress that comes from work. From what I read, there’s actually quite a few employers and people in charge who encourage celebrating this day, which is wonderful, but as you would have guessed, this post is more focused on encouraging all of you to simply enjoy your jobs more.

If you’re a longtime reader, you’ll already know that I work at a fast food place and love it, which is a difficult pill for some people to swallow. Obviously, every job has its downsides, but that also means that every job has its UPsides, and y’all KNOW we’re all about focusing on the positives in life over here at The Small Adventurer!

So, here are a few ideas on how to start enjoying going to work instead of dreading it, and how to ensure that you’re coming home with a smile on your face, because you all deserve to have a job that you don’t hate!


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10 Things That Made My November Amazing

First off, a little backstory: when I began writing this post at the beginning of the month, I was truly over the moon because SO many good things had been happening. However, the latter half of November was much tougher for me.

With an almost-definite-diagnoses (more tests – this time much more invasive – still need to be done to 100% confirm it) of Celiac disease, I was a little thrown off, even though I had been expecting it.

This newfound realisation that my entire lifestyle had to change really through me for a loop. There were numerous times I wept in a supermarket because I realised I could no longer have so many things I loved, but the pain that occurs whenever I DO eat gluten was just too much to bear, so I sulked. A lot.

Eventually, though, I began to come to terms with things. I tried a bunch of gluten free items – including noodles, pasta, flour, and bread – and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could not taste the difference between them and their gluten-containing counterparts.


I just wanted to add this footnote as most people may be a little confused as to why I sound so happy in this post when my Stories on Instagram have shown me to be the opposite. I WAS happy when I originally wrote this post, and I am once again happy now. I had a rough patch in the middle, but I am now looking forward to trying new things and beginning to live a healthier life. Now, for the post:Read More »