The Best Recipes I’ve Found Online

As a home baker who aspires to one day be known for her creations, I am usually working on my own recipes, rather than trying other people’s. Whilst in the beginning I mostly just shared my attempts at recreating someone else’s recipe, I now try to focus on researching the main components of a certain treat – such as cake, cookie, etc – and then alter the ingredients and amounts until I have created a recipe that suits me.

However, always focusing on creating something that is good enough to share with the world can be tough, and often draining. It can take the fun out of creating and make me wonder why I even bother sometimes. It also means that sometimes all I want to do is make something, yet I have no idea what on Earth to make – which is where other creators come in!

Every now and then, I will want to whip up something delicious just for the sake of eating it, rather than posting about it on the internet (revolutionary, I know). I do this so that I myself can try different treats to see if I like them, and to hopefully cross off my life goal of filling up an entire recipe book with recipes that I’ve tried.

YOU are (3).jpg

Sometimes, the recipes I try fail miserably. I usually blame myself, but sometimes I try again multiple times and they continue to fail, and at that point I just exit the browser of that specific recipe and move on. Other times, however, the result is amazing and I am left even more inspired than ever to continue working on my own recipes so that I too can one day share a recipe that makes someone feel as elated as the recipes I’m about to share with you make ME feel!

The recipes I am about to share with you all are ones that I made one day because I was feeling hungry, or just wanted to try something new, and the result ended up being SO good I came back for more – and now, I have to share them with you too! I have made most of these recipes multiple times and have never been disappointed, so I am certain that you won’t be either! I hope you find something you enjoy 😋

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12 Unique Ways To Spice Up Your Hot Chocolates

I am a hot-chocolate-every-night-all-year-’round kind of girl, but there’s something about the month of December that makes my nightly hot chocolates extra special. I guess it has something to do with Christmas being associated with Winter, even over here in Australia.

We are less than a week away from Summer, yet I am currently surrounded by Christmas decorations that consist of many snowmen-shaped items and snow-covered house figurines.

Of course, it has been so cold over here in Australia that I’ve had the heater on every night, and Sydney just had three months worth of rain within a few hours, so it certainly FEELS like Winter, even though it isn’t.

Regardless of the temperature, I can never turn down a good hot chocolate. My favourite drinking chocolate powder is by Cadbury (pictured below), and I was OVER THE MOON when I realised it was gluten free, so I didn’t have to cut it out of my diet.


Considering what a magical time of year it is, I can’t just have any ol’ regular hot chocolate (even though the ones Daniel makes for me are SO perfect – especially since we got a coffee machine so he can add frothed milk!) so I like to mix it up a bit throughout the month of December, and I thought I’d share some of my favourite flavour experimentations with you all.

Most of these just came to mind to me as I browsed through my pantry and baking shelf and decided to try adding in new ingredients to my hot chocolates, and boy did some of them surprise me!

I love trying new things and I am so glad I gave so many of these a try because they really are delicious, but I’ll stop teasing you now. On to the recipes!Read More »

Fran Fine Outfit Cookies for The Nanny’s 25th Anniversary

Dear readers, I have fallen in love!

With what, you may ask? Well, with TWO things: The Nanny, and painting on fondant!

If you pay any attention to my Instagram Stories (which, for my own nerves, I pretend that no one does… Until I get people responding to my Stories and sending me messages and then I realise OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH ME BLABBER ON ABOUT STUFF?! But anyway), you will be well aware that I have recently started watching The Nanny.

fran fine cookies the small adventurerthe nanny fran fine outfit cookies thesmalladventurer

At the time of writing this I am almost finished with season four, and boy has this show sucked me in! I am addicted to it; I watch it every moment I can. I even bring my laptop into the kitchen with me now so I can watch it whilst I wash the dishes and bake 😅 I have shed many tears over this show, and NEED to know how it ends.

The end of season three/beginning of season four particularly got me (AKA the plane scene, and after it!!!!), but the episode with Nigel and the boat also tugged at my heartstrings furiously – but it’s not just the Fran and Max storylines that I love about this show.


I honestly love all the characters. I think the kids are hilarious and great actors, and I’m really loving the development between Niles and CC. Of course, some of the show’s best lines come from when he’s being mean to her, but I also screamed when they kissed, and teared up when they danced together after attending an event.Read More »