Homemade Musk “Stick” Candy Hearts

So, I have made a couple of boo-boos recently. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them mistakes; they are more so just little oversights on my behalf.

You see, I didn’t realise my last THREE recipes – my fairy bread cake pops, my Allen’s Strawberry and Cream cake, and these guys – are all AUSTRALIAN recipes. That itself isn’t such an issue, except most of my readers are from America or elsewhere, and have told me that they’ve never heard of fairy bread, or Allen’s lollies. Oops.

As for these musk sticks, whilst I THINK they’re somewhat more well known than my last two recipes, according to Wikipedia they are mostly popular here, in Australia. Once again, this was something I realised AFTER I had already made them. D’oh! 🤦‍♀️

heart shaped homemade musk sticks thesmalladventurer

If you’ve never had musk sticks before, just know that they are DELICIOUS – they’re my all-time favourite candy! – and also quite unique. I honestly don’t know how to describe the flavour, but the actual candy is a slightly-soft-hard candy with a chalky texture that has been piped out with a star piping tip.

They usually comes in sticks (hence the name “musk sticks”), but you all know I’m not about doing things the “normal” way, so when I decided to try my hand at making them, I made them into hearts – because we’re always full of love over here at The Small Adventurer 😜💕 Anyway, let’s get onto the recipe!Read More »


Fairy Bread Cake Pops

I finally did it! I made “real” cake pops! You know, the ones that the Queen of Cake Pops – AKA Bakerella – created! 😄 I have posted two cake pop recipes before (my favourite being the disco ball ones I made back in January) but they were just regular cakes that I baked in a cake pop mould, unlike these guys!

Today’s adorable tiny treats are the real crumbled, mixed, and chilled cake pops that are (STILL) all over the internet. And you know what? I prefer this version! Mixing the cake with buttercream makes it SO much easier to mould into whatever shape you desire, so expect to see cake pop recipes on here more often from now on 😋

Of course, I had to shape these pops into something that was close to my heart, and fairy bread is actually a big part of my life! Believe it or not, I only learned that this is apparently an Australian treat within the last few years, even though I have it as least once a week! Considering how often I indulge in this treat, it seemed only fitting that I create something inspired by it. I hope you love these as much as I do! ☺️

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Women’s Weekly Retro Baking Challenge: 8 Recipes out of 134

Welcome to the first update on my project to cook my way through the Women’s Weekly Retro Baking book! In case you missed my post on here or Instagram, I set myself the challenge of cooking through an entire cookbook – except, since I only make sweets, I chose a baking cookbook.

There’s a chance you will have heard about Julie & Julia – the book or the movie – which is about someone cooking their way through a book of over 500 recipes in one year, which is insane. Believe it or not, this project wasn’t inspired by either of those. This has been something I’ve wanted to do years before I started baking, but I have since read the book and loved it, which is also why I am giving myself until September, 2021 to finish this project, rather than 365 days. So, you know, it doesn’t ruin my life.

On September 16th, 2021 I will turn 25, so I thought that would be a good time frame to aim for. Plus, I still want to create the same amount of recipes and projects that I do now for this blog, so this project isn’t my only focus. I’ll be sharing regular updates on here under the ‘Retro Baking Challenge‘ tag about all the recipes that I try and how they turn out, plus anything that I learn throughout the process. Now, onto the first batch of recipes that I tried!

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