Women’s Weekly Retro Baking Challenge: 24 Recipes Out of 134

Welcome to another update to my Retro Baking Challenge! I can’t believe it’s been over five months since my last one – oops 😅 In case you missed it, the last few months have NOT been kind to my health-wise, so my creating had to be put on the back burner.

BUT, since then, I have been making the most of my “good days” and have more recipes coming for you soon, as well as this update. In case you’re new around here, I set myself the goal of baking my way through the Women’s Weekly Retro Baking cookbook by the time I am 25, which will be in 2021.

I talk a little bit more about what inspired me to do this in my first post, if you’d like to give that a read. Otherwise, all you really need to know is that this cookbook is… not the best. A fellow reader even left a comment saying that the directions in this book are a bit confusing, and are more or less a “mix and dump”, which made me feel a LOT better as I am still a beginner baker and didn’t know if it was just me messing up.

That being said, I am still determined to bake my way through the entire book and continue to learn new things from it – even if it’s just what NOT to do – and I am happy to report that this update is full of mostly wins and great tasting results. Sorry for the spoiler alert 😜 Now enough talking, let me show you what I’ve been making recently!


coffee cake tofee

Recipe #19: Coffee & Walnut Cake With Toffee

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Mwah! Lips-Shaped Raspberry Marshmallows for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is creeping up! Daniel and I don’t usually make TOO big of a deal of this holiday, but a card, present, and fun activity together is a must. Yes, to us, that IS an understated celebration 😂

As introverted as we are, we like to celebrate special occasions. This will be our sixth Valentine’s Day together, which is just crazy. My present will be getting my ears re-pierced as I’ve been making lots of novelty earrings that I am DYING to wear.

I’m sure Daniel will want something for his computer, he just hasn’t decided on what yet. He’ll be working on the actual day, so we’ll go out to celebrate another day (and just wait until you see where we’re going!), but we’ll exchange cards the morning of.


Anyway, about this recipe. If you’re a long-time reader, you might recall the last time – which was also the first time – I made marshmallows, and swore I never would again. However, when I thought of making some fun shaped and uniquely flavoured marshmallows for Valentine’s Day, I just couldn’t put down the idea.

So, I gave it another try. If you’ve read the other post you’ll know that the marshmallows were a strange texture, and not like store bought ones, so I decided to try a different recipe instead. Well, these ones were even stranger! The melt in your mouth before you can even chew them, it’s super weird.

Now, that may be something you enjoy, so I will link the recipe I tried below, but if you have a homemade marshmallow recipe that you already love then I suggest using that one – and then telling me your recipe, as I am determined to find a recipe that tastes and feels like real marshmallows! Okay, enough blabbering, let’s move onto the tutorial.
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The Best Recipes I’ve Found Online

As a home baker who aspires to one day be known for her creations, I am usually working on my own recipes, rather than trying other people’s. Whilst in the beginning I mostly just shared my attempts at recreating someone else’s recipe, I now try to focus on researching the main components of a certain treat – such as cake, cookie, etc – and then alter the ingredients and amounts until I have created a recipe that suits me.

However, always focusing on creating something that is good enough to share with the world can be tough, and often draining. It can take the fun out of creating and make me wonder why I even bother sometimes. It also means that sometimes all I want to do is make something, yet I have no idea what on Earth to make – which is where other creators come in!

Every now and then, I will want to whip up something delicious just for the sake of eating it, rather than posting about it on the internet (revolutionary, I know). I do this so that I myself can try different treats to see if I like them, and to hopefully cross off my life goal of filling up an entire recipe book with recipes that I’ve tried.

YOU are (3).jpg

Sometimes, the recipes I try fail miserably. I usually blame myself, but sometimes I try again multiple times and they continue to fail, and at that point I just exit the browser of that specific recipe and move on. Other times, however, the result is amazing and I am left even more inspired than ever to continue working on my own recipes so that I too can one day share a recipe that makes someone feel as elated as the recipes I’m about to share with you make ME feel!

The recipes I am about to share with you all are ones that I made one day because I was feeling hungry, or just wanted to try something new, and the result ended up being SO good I came back for more – and now, I have to share them with you too! I have made most of these recipes multiple times and have never been disappointed, so I am certain that you won’t be either! I hope you find something you enjoy 😋

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