Fran Fine Outfit Cookies for The Nanny’s 25th Anniversary

Dear readers, I have fallen in love!

With what, you may ask? Well, with TWO things: The Nanny, and painting on fondant!

If you pay any attention to my Instagram Stories (which, for my own nerves, I pretend that no one does… Until I get people responding to my Stories and sending me messages and then I realise OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH ME BLABBER ON ABOUT STUFF?! But anyway), you will be well aware that I have recently started watching The Nanny.

fran fine cookies the small adventurerthe nanny fran fine outfit cookies thesmalladventurer

At the time of writing this I am almost finished with season four, and boy has this show sucked me in! I am addicted to it; I watch it every moment I can. I even bring my laptop into the kitchen with me now so I can watch it whilst I wash the dishes and bake 😅 I have shed many tears over this show, and NEED to know how it ends.

The end of season three/beginning of season four particularly got me (AKA the plane scene, and after it!!!!), but the episode with Nigel and the boat also tugged at my heartstrings furiously – but it’s not just the Fran and Max storylines that I love about this show.


I honestly love all the characters. I think the kids are hilarious and great actors, and I’m really loving the development between Niles and CC. Of course, some of the show’s best lines come from when he’s being mean to her, but I also screamed when they kissed, and teared up when they danced together after attending an event.Read More »


Testing Out Bake It Box’s Raspberry & Yoghurt Ghost Cake Kit

As much as I genuinely love sharing products and services that I personally adore, actual dedicated review posts are few and far here on The Small Adventurer. In fact, I’ve only done ONE before, and it was for the two volumes of the Sailor V manga 😂

But, as soon as I knew I would be trying out one of Bake It Box‘s kits, I knew I would be writing a post about it as I just LOVE the concept so much! Before I get onto the kit itself and my experience with it, I want to explain what Bake It Box is, and how I came to be aware of its existence.

This is not sponsored by them at all – in fact, they have no idea I’m even writing this post! – I just really love this small business and want more people to know about it.

A little while ago I won a giveaway on Instagram for a free baking it from Bake It Box, but I didn’t win it directly from Bake It Box themselves. I actually won it from a fellow Melbourne baker (and one of my biggest baking inspirations!), Hannah from Storytale Cakes.

bake it box thesmalladventurerghost cake bake it box the small adventurer

She loved Bake It Box’s products so much that she purchased multiple gift cards to give away so that other people could test out their kits, and I was over the moon when I had found I won one of them!

I started following Bake It Box on Instagram as soon as I found out, and it instantly felt like I had made a friend. I could see straight away how supportive and motivational they were to all of their customers; always sharing other people’s results from using their baking kits, and filling their captions with the sweetest, most heartfelt words of encouragement. It was truly wonderful to see.Read More »

Women’s Weekly Retro Baking Challenge: 18 Recipes Out of 134

Welcome to the second update for my Women’s Weekly Retro Baking Challenge! You can find the first update – as well as the explanation of what the challenge is, and why I’m doing it – over here.

Last time I checked in I had made 8 out of the 134 or so (I say “or so” because I don’t trust my counting, and there’s some things in there that I wouldn’t really count as a recipe, but I’ll go more into towards to the end of the challenge), and this time ’round I made TEN. That’s TWO more than last time, go me! 😜

Even though there’s been a few hiccups along the way with this challenge, I am still really enjoying it. I like being able to alter some of the recipes to make them into something more “me” so I can share them on my Instagram, but I also like just being able to whip up something just because I want to give it a go, even if it only gets seen in one photo in these updates ☺️Read More »