Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Introverted Couple

Even though this blog started as a way to share our fondest memories of the adventures we go on, Daniel and I are not very going out people. We’re quite introverted; we only have a few close friends, and we rarely go out – even with our friends – but that’s just how we prefer to spend our time.

Daniel doesn’t have many interests that he can’t indulge in whilst at home (apart from animals, we don’t have pets so we love going to the zoo and aquarium together!), and my fear of crowds and unknown places keeps me happily at home most weekends.

However, there are certain times of the year where even we think: well, we better do something special, because it’d be a shame to have an ordinary night on an occasion like this. This led to a few uncomfortable (for me) and disappointing dinners at restaurants where the food is overpriced and doesn’t even taste good, until we realised that the whole fancy dinner thing just isn’t “us”.

love valentine.jpeg

So, we compromised: we’d still celebrate the special occasions, but our way, not how other people think we should celebrate. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this got me thinking about all the other introverted couples out there who feel obligated to go out to fancy dinners purely out of peer pressure, not because they genuinely want to. This post is for those couples.

The couples who just enjoy being together, and don’t need to spend a heap of money, or do something elaborate to show the other people how much they care for them, but who still want to do something to mark a special occasion.

These are just some of mine and Daniel’s favourite things to do together during a special occasion, or even just for a regular date night. Let me know which activity is your favourite at-home date ideas!Read More »