My Colourful Home Office Room Tour!

I know I love a LOT of things, but one of my all-time favourite things is being at home. That means quite a lot to me since, as a child, I hated being at home and would do everything in my power to be anywhere else or to have someone come and visit me.

Now I love being at home, and I love putting lots of time into making our space a happy, colourful, fun place to be, which means both decorating and organising have become some of my favourite hobbies ☺️

donut memo board diy project thesmalladventurerdessert pink home office decor thesmalladventurer

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I got the idea for this bowl of confetti from this post on Aww Sam where she says she has a drawer full of confetti. My desk doesn’t have any drawers, so I made do with a fish bowl instead. It’s SO much fun to look at! ✨

Our office has always been my favourite room of the house, but it is tiny so I have to do most of my DIY projects in the lounge room instead.

Due to its small size – and the fact that is houses my collections of mugs, Pokemon items, hole punches, books, ALL my craft supplies, stationery, and more – it is almost ALWAYS cluttered, so I’ve never shared many photos of it.

Until now! I’ve been working hard on making better decisions in terms of what to keep around the house, where everything should be, how to organise everything, and more – and now I finally have an office space that I am happy enough with to share with you all!Read More »


DIY Sweet Treats Pillows – FOUR Different Designs!

For those who might be new around here, I’m OBSESSED with anything sweet! It is my life dream to have a house that can accurately described as a “dessert museum”, and I am slowly working my way towards that dream with super cute DIY projects such as this one.

Home decor items are something I absolutely adore, but because of my very specific style needs (AKA things shaped like food, food, and more food), it’s often hard to find the right thing for my taste – which is why I make my own!

Pillows are actually the first thing I ever learnt how to sew, and are still my favourite sewing craft so far. Even though I got my first sewing machine for Christmas last year, I still love hand sewing so I chose to hand sew ALL FOUR of these pillows – and yes, it took quite a long time! 😅

choc chip cookie donut dessert pillows DIY project thesmalladventurerchoc chip cookie pillow DIY project thesmalladventurer

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There are SO many ways to incorporate your own personal style wishes and wants into your decor through the magic of DIY, and homemade pillows are definitely one of the best options.

The materials needed are super cheap and easy to find (especially if you use the fabric from thrifted clothes, like I do!), the design possibilities are endless, AND they are the perfect beginner’s sewing project. Don’t forget what our motto is here at The Small Adventurer: “if I can do it, you can too!” 🙌 Have fun creating!Read More »

How to Make Your Own Accessories From (Almost) Any Item

If you follow me over on Instagram, chances are you’ll know that I’m currently OBSESSED with making my own jewellery! I am constantly searching for new items to turn into earrings, collar clips, necklaces, or charm bracelets. I am having so much fun with this new hobby of mine that I knew I had to share my tips and tricks with you all on here ☺️

Whilst MY personal style (which can be accurately summed up with the words “sweet”, “cute”, and “novelty”) may not align with yours, you can still take the methods I use and apply it to your own homemade jewellery.

In this post, I will share with you the kind of items I usually use for my accessories, ideas on how to make your own items/pendants if you can’t find the design you want, AND the actual tools and equipment that help me make those ideas real.

thesmalladventurer craft DIY project accessories homemade earringsmake your own jewellery accesorries thesmalladventurer DIY project

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As long-time readers will know, I pride myself on being #thrifty, so this hobby – including the equipment required – is not expensive at all, which means anyone can start making their own accessories NOW 😊



The majority of my accessories are made from fun-shaped erasers, and there’s a few reasons for this. One being that they are really easy to find as almost everyone is a proud stationery lover these days. They’re also really cheap, and often come in packs of different designs for only a few dollars.

Due to their small size, they’re relatively light in weight, which means they won’t be too heavy on your ear lobes if you choose to turn them into earrings. Plus, since they’re so soft, it’s easy to insert an eye pin into them with minimal effort!

If you’re wondering where I bought the erasers that I used, the macaron ones are from Kmart, the NON-waffle cone ice cream ones are from The Reject Shop, and the rest – including the waffle cone ice cream, biscuits, fast food, sushi, and donut designs – are from Daiso Australia.Read More »