Colourful Baking Shelf Reveal (+ Must-Have Organisational Items for Small Spaces!)

It’s finally here: my baking shelf reveal!!! If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that Daniel and I completely re-did my baking shelf set up for my birthday in September.

We had always talked about changing things or redoing the furniture items that we currently had, but after receiving a HUGE package of sprinkles and other baking items from Dollar Sweets, we realised it was no longer something we could put off.

I had no room for all the things I had, and the shelves we were using at the time were no longer practical. Enter: Kmart! I’ve talked about my favourite finds from Kmart before, which included their shelving.

fairy floss machine thesmalladventurerchocolate fountain mckenzies products sifter

These shelves are only two of seven shelving units that we have from Kmart, and I LOVE them because they are so crisp and white 😍 (Unlike the walls behind them, as I am sure you’ll all notice 😩)

Don’t worry, they’re not just pretty, there’s also practical too! The shelves themselves are quite deep, so you’re able to fit a lot on each shelf, which was very important to me as my collection is always growing.

BUT, without the right organisational pieces, any shelf can easily turn into a chaotic mess, so I made a list of what items I had the most of (ie: food colours, sprinkles, cake pans, and utensils) and figured out what products would help keep everything well organised AND easily accessible.Read More »


5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long

It’s my birthdaaaaaay! ✨ Well, it’s my birthday month, but as the title says, here at The Small Adventurer, we celebrate our birthdays all. month. long.

sailor mercury ombre cake mint buttercream thesmalladventurerA cake I recently made in honour of Sailor Mercury birthday.
How gorgeous are the sprinkles that Baking Time Club sent me?!


My boyfriend’s birthday was back in July, and on top of the things on this list, I also dedicated all my recipe and DIY projects to him for the entire month, because that’s my kind of love language (acts of service, that is – but let’s be real, I’m all about each one of the love languages!).

Daniel and I have both been through a lot in life, which is why we are so dedicated to always bringing joy to every single day, and doing things that makes us happy. And, when it’s our birthday months, we enhance our self-indulgence a LOT.

Please don’t think we’re greedy or pretentious people, because we’re not. Daniel is the most hard-working person I know, and I am very humble about all the good around me. Every single day I say to multiple people that I can’t believe how much my life has changed, and how I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am nothing if not grateful to be in a much better place now!

We just believe in doing the things that bring us joy, because we deserve it – AS DO YOU! Which is exactly why I’m writing this post: to encourage you all to celebrate your birthdays all month long, too! Don’t you think you’re special enough that you deserve to celebrated for more than one day?! I sure do! Now, let’s move on to all the fun 🎉Read More »

A Moment of Appreciation

Long-time readers, and those that know me in real life, know that I am usually a very happy person. Heck, I feel so passionate about positivity that I made it one of the main topics of this blog. But this week has been even more amazing than most, and I want to take some time out to truly appreciate it.

In case you missed the excitement over on Instagram, one of my biggest idols in the world (Studio DIY) re-posted one of my photos of some cookies that I made inspired by their line of clutches called Can’t Clutch This, on their shop account – and they were SO nice about them!

I had actually made these cookies weeks ago. I spent one Saturday afternoon – from 12pm until after 7 – colouring fondant all the different colours that I needed and shaping it into various shapes and sizes to replicate past clutches in Can’t Clutch Thisand then taking photos of them all.

After all that, I decided not to share them, because I didn’t like them. I don’t usually like most of what I make unfortunately, as I set myself completely unrealistic standards, but that’s something I am trying to work on. A few weeks passed and I needed something to post on Instagram, so I decided to bite the bullet and share them.

Boy, am I glad I did! The things that the team behind Studio DIY said about these cookies actually made me tear up in the food court where I was when I read them 😂 Not only that, but countless others commented and even messaged me to let me know how much they liked my cookies, and to congratulate on being featured on the Studio DIY shop account – and their Instagram Story, AND the main account’s Instagram Story, too!

bright-colorful-colourful-347735.jpgRead More »