Top 5 Things To Buy From Thrift Stores – That AREN’T Clothes!

I shop almost exclusively at 5 different places. I am confident that if you were walking through my house, or even browsing through my Instagram, I would be able to say that 99% of my belongings came from one of these five shops: Daiso, The Reject Shop, Kmart, eBay, and thrift stores.

The reason that I constantly go back and spend all my money at those five stores is because they all cater to my very particularly sense of style, which can be summed up in two words: unique and affordable.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m the only one who knows how great thrift stores are, because we all know that’s not true. I honestly don’t know many people who don’t love thrift stores – and if I did, I’m not sure I would WANT to know them for much longer, to be honest!

Thrift stores are truly wonderful places. They help eliminate a ton of waste that would otherwise go to landfill by giving people a place to donate their unwanted goods, and they give those who don’t earn a lot of money the chance to get basic household items at great prices. I honestly love the feeling of both giving to thrift stores AND shopping at them.

I think we can all agree that the most commonly thrifted items are clothes. I know I personally own quite a few thrifted dresses that I adore, as well as various handbags, and heels that actually fit me – the latter item is practically impossible for me to find in other stores as I have child-size feet (not kidding at all; my work boots are children’s size 4 and cost me $4!).

However, clothes are not all I look for in thrift stores, and you all know that The Small Adventurer is far from a fashion blog, so let’s get into all the things that I personally love to scour all my local thrift shops for! 🙊

thrift shop books thesmalladventurer

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DIY Lucky Charm Marshmallow Nail Decals for St. Patrick’s Day (FREE GRAPHIC DOWNLOADS!)

Here it is, just as promised, a DIY project involving my Cricut machine! Last week I shared a post of all the signs that you should get your own Cricut machine, and a lot of you said you’d like to see more DIY projects using my Cricut machine, and I am nothing if not accommodating 😉

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own nail decals for a while now. Nail art has always been an interest of mine, and now with the combination of a Cricut machine and the wonderful material that is vinyl, I knew a whole new world of nail art was right around the corner!

DIY project lucky charms vinyl nail decals thesmalladventurer

Before we jump into the tutorial, I want to talk about my design inspiration for these decals: Lucky Charms marshmallows! As you may know, I’m from Australia, so we don’t have Lucky Charms here 🙁

BUT I do see this cereal all over social media quite often and have always been in love with the tiny marshmallows that come with it, and when I realised St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, I knew it was the perfect time to make something inspired by them 🙊

So, if YOU want to find out how to make your own Lucky Charms-inspired nail decals with your Cricut machine, keep reading! And yes, I HAVE included the exact graphics that I personally made for my decals as a free download for all of you who wish to give this a try ☺️ Happy crafting!Read More »

How to Organise Your Collections in a Small Living Space

I think true organisation is a journey, not a destination. I’ve read a million and one “organise your life/house/blog” posts – and written a couple myself, too – and have come to the conclusion that organising is not a task with an end date. Rather, it’s something that grows as you do.

You don’t have to know me very well to know that I am a collector of collections themselves. When you add in the fact that I live in a tiny unit with Daniel, I’m sure it won’t be surprising to discover that clutter is a part of my daily life, but I am always working on making sure it doesn’t take over my life.

Clutter is not a good thing. Both Daniel and myself cannot focus on anything if we feel too crowded in, or if the space around us is messy, so we’re always discussing ways to better organise where we live.

organising collections using items thesmalladventurer

This post will be about some the latest changes we’ve made, but don’t expect your usual “get rid of everything that doesn’t serve a purpose” kind of post, because that’s not what you’re going to find.

The truth is, I do own a lot of useless items, and I intend to keep them all because they make me happy. So this post isn’t about decluttering, it’s about how to survive with a lot of belongings in a small space, and how to figure out the best organisational techniques to suit your stuff – because there’s nothing wrong with loving the things you own ☺️Read More »