8 Days of Summer Pop-up at Eastland Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s East

In case you’ve missed all of my talk about it both on here and on Instagram, IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAAY! Well, technically it was yesterday, but we celebrate all month long around these parts!

My actual birthday was super chill. I spent it editing a heap of photos, writing this post, eating great food, and doing some painting – which is the perfect birthday in my books! I did all my actual celebrating the day before, when I dragged Daniel to Eastland Shopping Centre for the unveiling of their pop-up: 8 Days of Summer! 🏖

rainbow floor eastland 8 days of summer melbourne thesmalladventurer8 days of summer ice cream eastland thesmalladventurer

I practically live at Eastland – I am ALWAYS there – so when I found out they were having this awesome colour-focused and FREE event, I was over the moon! I got up at 7am (yes, on a SATURDAY, that’s how bad I wanted to go!) to ensure that we’d be one of the first ones there for their 10am open.

We got there at 9:30am and there was already another family there, so I am SUPER happy we decided to go so early! If you’re planning a trip, I’d definitely recommend trying to get there before they open to avoid too much waiting in line!Read More »


DIY Cotton Candy Earrings

Hey everyone! Here I am again, ending your week in the sweetest way possible 😉 These super cute cotton candy earrings are such a fun way to show off your love for the most delicious candy around 😋

I got the idea to make these after I saw a pair of similar earrings for way too much $$$ than I would ever spend on a piece of jewellery, then I thought to myself: why don’t I just make my own? – and the rest is history! ☺️

If you’re looking for more ways to show the world you’ve got the biggest sweet tooth ever, then this project would is PERFECT for you, and it’s quite an easy one as well! Remember our motto here at The Small Adventurer: if we can do it, so can you! Now, onto the creating 💕

thesmalladventurer diy project cotton candy earrings
SOURCES: Ice Cream Clutch: Can’t Clutch This (old) / Donut Sunglasses: Kmart Australia (old) / Lipstick Pens: eBay / Rainbow Socks: Savers Australia 🌈 

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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long

It’s my birthdaaaaaay! ✨ Well, it’s my birthday month, but as the title says, here at The Small Adventurer, we celebrate our birthdays all. month. long.

sailor mercury ombre cake mint buttercream thesmalladventurerA cake I recently made in honour of Sailor Mercury birthday.
How gorgeous are the sprinkles that Baking Time Club sent me?!


My boyfriend’s birthday was back in July, and on top of the things on this list, I also dedicated all my recipe and DIY projects to him for the entire month, because that’s my kind of love language (acts of service, that is – but let’s be real, I’m all about each one of the love languages!).

Daniel and I have both been through a lot in life, which is why we are so dedicated to always bringing joy to every single day, and doing things that makes us happy. And, when it’s our birthday months, we enhance our self-indulgence a LOT.

Please don’t think we’re greedy or pretentious people, because we’re not. Daniel is the most hard-working person I know, and I am very humble about all the good around me. Every single day I say to multiple people that I can’t believe how much my life has changed, and how I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am nothing if not grateful to be in a much better place now!

We just believe in doing the things that bring us joy, because we deserve it – AS DO YOU! Which is exactly why I’m writing this post: to encourage you all to celebrate your birthdays all month long, too! Don’t you think you’re special enough that you deserve to celebrated for more than one day?! I sure do! Now, let’s move on to all the fun 🎉Read More »