DIY Marty McFly Hoverboard Sunglass Case | Back to the Future Project

In case you’ve missed ALL of this month’s content (whichif you have, you NEED to go back and read them because there has been some super fun creations posted this month!), I base all my July projects on my boyfriend’s favourite things in life as it’s his birthday month – and one of his favourite things in the entire world is the Back to the Future trilogy! 🙌

This time last year, I created hoverboard-shaped sour gummies as Daniel also LOVES sour gummy candies, but they were quickly gobbled up and now only exist in memories and photographs 😅😂 So I decided to make something that would last longer than a day for this year’s BTTF-inspired creation!

heart sunglass case DIY project back to the future hoverboard thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer DIY project back to the future hoverboard sunglass case

As a collector of novelty sunglasses (amongst many other things), I’ve been in the need of a cute n’ colourful case for them so they don’t get scratched when they’re inside my handbag or purse, so this project is just as practical as it is fun!

Continue reading to find out how YOU can protect your sunglasses in the most creative way 👇Read More »


DIY Box of Fries Place Cards

Happy FRY-day! 🍟 I am so happy that this post was ready to go today, or else I would have missed out on that awesome pun opportunity 😂

I’ve actually had the words “fries place cards” scribbled on my never-ending list of post ideas for AGES, but I couldn’t decide what medium to use.

I actually considered making small, 3D fries boxes made of clay, and engraving the initials into the clay – but then I realised how incredibly tedious that would be 😅

Whilst I’m all for trying new things and challenging myself, I am also adamant on keeping the aspect of FUN in the world of crafting, so I turned to one of my favourite craft materials: foam sheets! I am so happy I did, too, because I really like how they turned out ☺️

place cards DIY project fries box thesmalladventurerplace card DIY project fries box thesmalladventurer

In case you missed my earlier posts this month, I dedicate all my creations in July to my boyfriend as it is his birthday month, and we’re all about celebrating birthdays all month long here at The Small Adventurer!

Fast food is something he and I like a little too much and often indulge in together, so it’s only fitting that it made its way into one of this month’s creations 🙊

I’m also personally obsessed with the endless amount of designs you could use for place cards. Honestly, I thought I was a genius when I realised you could substitute the very iconic yellow “M” with people’s initials instead!

I’m not sure what kind of party theme these place cards would go with (Take out? Retro/50’s diner? Treat yourself?), but I know I would DEFINITELY attend whatever event that requires something this quirky 🙌 Now, onto the tutorial!Read More »

Minimalistic South Park Character Jelly Cups

Happy “Hump” Day! I never use that saying, but I actually think it’s perfectly fitting for this recipe as these jelly cups were a LONG time coming, so I’m super glad now that I’m finally over the “hump” 😅 If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that on the weekend I made, like, 10 or 11 batches of jelly for ONE very over-the-top recipe – and this is it!

That’s not even including the test batches I made the week before, but I’ll talk about them in a post at the end of the month where I show you the behind the scenes planning stages of this month’s creations. I am just SO glad that this recipe ended up working out!

There was so much boiling water, measuring, mixing, waiting, and repeating those things all over again a million times for this one recipe, but it was also a lot of fun too. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I dedicate all my creations in July to my boyfriend and his interests, and today’s recipe actually features two things he likes.

Jelly is one of Daniel’s favourite treats in the world, so naturally it was one of the first things I noted down when brainstorming this month’s content. Then, a few months ago, we found the first 20 or so seasons of South Park at a Cash Converters – which Daniel immediately bought and binge-watched – so I knew I had to create something inspired by this show, too!

south park character jelly cups thesmalladventurersouth park kyle layered jelly cups thesmalladventurer

Before we move onto the recipe I need to emphasise that this is really about creating a work of food art, rather than something that is actually feasible. This recipe took weeks of preparation, days of actual creation, and it resulted in a LOT of unused jelly. Don’t worry, we ate all the leftover stuff, I just want to warn you all that this is a real labour of love, but I really did love creating it! Now, onto the recipe ☺️Read More »